Friday, June 23, 2006

Britain Extradites al Qaeda Convicted in France

But it took two years!

PARIS -- A man convicted in 2004 by a French court for his role in a plot to attack a crowded Christmas market on New Year's Eve 2000 was extradited Thursday from Britain, the Justice Ministry said.

Rabah Kadri, sentenced in absentia to six years in prison, has the right to oppose the verdict in France and be retried or complete his prison term.

Kadri, of Algerian origin, was among 10 people, Algerian or French-Algerian, convicted in December 2004 in France for their roles in the plot to attack the market in the eastern French city of Strasbourg [at Christmas] . Four others, also Algerians, were convicted in Germany in March 2003.

And Kadri was arrested for terror offenses here in Britain.

Kadri was arrested in November 2002 in London and charged there with possessing material that could be used to commit terror attacks, then charged again in February 2003 for an alleged plot to concoct a chemical weapon.

So, why wasn't he tried here in Britain?

Kadri's connections and plans are a lot more sinister than this report lays out. For more see Michelle.

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