Thursday, June 22, 2006

Iraqis take lead in northern Baghdad

Here's a report on more transfer of power to the Iraqis.

CAMP TAJI, Iraq (Army News Service, June 22, 2006) – In a show of continued confidence in the skills of its Iraqi counterparts, Multi-National Division – Baghdad transferred authority for a major portion of the northern Baghdad region to the 9th Iraqi Army Division during an “Iraqis in the Lead” ceremony June 19.

Maj. Gen. J.D. Thurman, the commanding general of MND-B, spoke about the preparedness and skills of the 9th IA Div. before transferring responsibility for an area of more than 615 square kilometers to Maj. Gen. Mahmoud Bashar, the commander of the 9th IA Div.

It's interesting to note that the BBC reported on the transfer of control to the Iraqis in the "peaceful" south but not on the "violent" north.

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