Tuesday, June 27, 2006

UK - BBC fails to inform on CIA flight charges

The BBC continues to leave out important details on CIA rendition flight charges.

The BBC devote an entire article to a report by Swiss Senator Dick Marty on his accusations of secret CIA flights. But the BBC fail to inform the public that two seperate EU investigations found nothing illegal or abusive. One investigation was done by a European rights group.

But so far investigators have not identified any human rights violations, despite more than 50 hours of testimony by human rights activists and individuals who said they were abducted by US intelligence agents, de Vries said.

''We've heard all kinds of allegations, impressions; we've heard also refutations. It's up to your committee to weigh if they are true. It does not appear to be proven beyond reasonable doubt," he said. ''There has not been, to my knowledge, evidence that these illegal renditions have taken place."

If people still want to investigate further and the BBC wants to report that, fine. But the BBC should report the whole story.

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