Friday, June 30, 2006

Iraq oil flows as pipeline attacks halt

More progress.

BEIJI, Iraq - For more than two years the attacks came like clockwork. As soon as the military secured and workers repaired the pipelines from Iraq’s northern oil fields, just when the valves were about to open, insurgents would strike.

But roughly three weeks ago they suddenly stopped, letting crude oil flow freely from Iraq’s vast reserves near Kirkuk.

Perhaps insurgents feared reprisals in Salahuddin province, where pipelines from Kirkuk flow to the country’s largest refinery in Beiji. Maybe terror leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi’s death disrupted a chain of command that ordered the attacks, military officials said.

Of course, things like this help.

And then there's the eleven insurgent groups that want negotiations.

Still others point to these success.

This certainly helps.

Then there are these spreading all over Iraq which are helping.

Iraq's taking control certainly helps.

The death of Zarqawi and the capture of a treasure trove of intelligence continues to result in the capture of more al Qaeda. Which has caused the terrorists to flee Ramadi.

The British recently turned over control of a southeren province to the Iraqi security forces.

All of this just in June alone!


Iraq leader meets rebel groups to talk peace

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