Tuesday, June 27, 2006

UK - No shows at rendition protests

Earlier today I posted about the no shows at protests surrounding alleged CIA rendition flights at Scotland's airports.

I had this to say in that post.

"the BBC reports that no one showed up to protest at Edinburgh or Prestwick and that only 6 showed up at Glasgow."

True to form my resident leftist troll, Sonic, chimed in with an I gotcha and challenged me to read the BBC article again. I did and here is what it now says:

"Police said about six campaigners joined a protest at Glasgow Airport. Demonstrators said that 30 people staged a protest at Edinburgh Airport. "

Notice it says "Demonstrators said..."

So, what happended? Stealth editing by the BBC of course.

Here is what the original BBC report said.

And here is the new stealth edited version.

Why did the BBC change their story? The BBC tell you why.

"Demonstrators said that 30 people staged a protest at Edinburgh Airport. "

So, the BBC takes the words of protesters now does it?

My guess is, judging from the time of the first BBC report at 3:45 pm, the BBC were just late to the story and the protesters had already left.

Now, Sonic being a troll is none to bright. To prove his point he gives us a link to some photogrpahs by his leftist pals. Some protesters may have eventually shown up but does this look like 30 protesters to you?

Even if we give him 30, not much of a protest now is it?

What this shows to me is that the BBC need to stop using stealth edits and use updates instead.

While it's still available here's the cache copy of the original BBC story.

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