Tuesday, July 31, 2007

US - The Koran Complaint

As I regularly note, the Saudi backed Wahabi jihad plan is to infiltrate America's organizations, such as Universites, media, security services and the police. From there they can spread their propaganda and attack the US from within. Here's a good example of that.

Why are we so scared of offending Muslims?

Good question.

US - CAIR Vice-Chairman on the Ropes?

Glad to see America waking up to CAIR's terrorist connections.

Iran - Ahmadinejad’s Murder Machine

And the left want him to have nukes.

Monday, July 30, 2007

US - How our universities aid jihadists

But we're fighting back.

Cuba - More Cubans leaving

But the BBC keeps reassuring us that Cuba is such a wonderful place. So why do so many Cubans want out?

"So far this fiscal year, 2,819 Cubans have made it ashore in Florida, compared with 3,076 in all of last year, said U.S. Customs and Border Protection spokesman Zachary Mann."

With 5 months left in the year, they'll break last years record.

"The number of Cubans intercepted in the Florida Straits are still below -- but likely to exceed -- last year's 2,810, according to the U.S. Coast Guard.

That was the highest number since the 1994 exodus when the Coast Guard picked up more than 35,000 people floating off Cuba in all kinds of rafts when Castro opened the doors briefly."

Remember this next time the BBC puts out a rosy picture of Cuba.

US - Ward Churchill's "cleansing" effect on campus

Let the cleansing begin.

"True to form, the leftist academic establishment rallied to his side. In all, 199 of his colleagues signed a letter calling for the university to end not only any investigation of his free speech (a proper request) but also any investigation of his academic misconduct. Interestingly enough, these same 199 defenders of academic freedom were nowhere to be found when - months before - an angry campus mob vandalized a conservative affirmative-action protest. To these academics, free speech protects radicals only. "

Well, only the left at any rate.

Those 199 would be a good starting place for more cleansing. This is very encouraging for it shows that, at least Americans and waking up to the left wing professors who enable the jihadists.

"That will be Ward Churchill's lasting legacy. He was the tipping point. Now, it's not just leading conservatives who view the academy as an out-of-control, disconnected bastion of petulant entitlement. In a recent Zogby poll, 58 percent of Americans reported that they now believe that political bias of professors is a "serious problem." Even more, 65 percent, viewed non-tenured professors as more motivated to do a good job in the classroom.

These are not isolated findings. A survey by the American Association of University Professors found that 58.4 percent of Americans had only some or no confidence in our colleges and that 82 percent want to modify or eliminate tenure. "

US - Jihad in the classroom

This is just another way the jihadists are infiltrating America.

UK - British Asians fear British culture

I bet the BBC reporter, Liza Booth, never batted an eye when she wrote this.

"But the trend is worrying many Asians. Three quarters of those polled were concerned Asian culture was becoming increasingly diluted by British culture. Yet more than a third said they did not feel British. "

Hello. You came to this country and it is you who are suppose to assimalte into this culture. Not the other way around.

Academics oppose Israel boycott

A defeat for the jihadists. It's important to remember where this idea started.

"Thousands of academics from around the world have condemned plans for a UK boycott of Israeli institutions over its treatment of the Palestinians.

More than 10,000 academics have signed a declaration saying they would not join any project which barred Israelis."

Seeing this great defeat for the jihadists, the BBC comes to the defense.

"The UK's University and College Union voted in May to debate a boycott, and suspects this has been misunderstood."

Oh, there's no misunderstanding here as the BBC would have you believe. The fact that UCU even wants to debate the issue is bad enough but that's not what the UCU is talking about. The UCU is talking about debating how to bring about the boycott. This from their own website.

"That interim report accepted by the union this afternoon says: 'The commission believes, after careful consideration, and noting that we are not capable of policing the academic world in a pro-active way, that triggers for actions leading to greylisting and boycott can only result from a request from a legitimate organisation within the state, or within the occupied territory or institution in question. Legitimate organisations would include a trade union movement, a recognised higher education union or other representative organisation. Exceptionally, a decision to impose greylisting or boycotting might be taken following consultation with Education International in circumstances where legitimate organisations cannot be lawfully established within the state or institutions in question, or in circumstances where institutions or branches of institutions, are established in territories under unlawful occupation as defined by UN resolutions."

Things like this and not British foreign policy are what's behind British homegrown terrorists.

United Nations Human Rights Council failing

Just like the one before it. Another body the jihadists are behind.

Iraq - BBC falsely claims US killed journalists

This is a great example of the lies the BBC puts out.

First the BBC makes this false claim. "Two of them, Namir and Saeed, were killed by the US military during what it says was a battle with insurgents."

But then buried deep down in the story the BBC reports the truth but still blames America. "It is known they were injured after the Apaches opened fire, but it is still not clear exactly how the two men died."

Then why the ealier claim that the two were "killed by the US Military"? Because the BBC is anti American, that's why. Tons more evidence of that here.

Israeli raid 'hits Gaza vehicle'

How does the BBC know any of the details in their report?

"Three suspected militants have been injured in an Israeli air strike on a vehicle in Gaza, witnesses say."

Would that be Hamas then? Then the BBC just throw this out without attributing it to anyone. "At least two civilians were also hurt in the attack."

But the BBC report that Israel is not the source of their reporting.

"The Israeli military said it had carried out a raid but gave no details, saying it was part of operations against "terrorist activity".

So, who is the BBC's source for their claims? Hamas?

Iran - "halfway house to an atomic bomb"

Mmmm. Are there some sane people left at The Guardian?

"The rush to process uranium is to generate electricity, officials tell Julian Borger in Isfahan. But there are no power stations."

Oh, silly little details like that shouldn't matter.

"But there is another huge question mark hanging over Isfahan and Natanz: why is the government in such a rush to enrich fuel, when it has no nuclear power plants in which to use it?"

US - jihadists conquering from the inside

The Saudi backed Wahabis plan to defeat America is subtle and brilliant. Fund large Middle East "study" centers on the largest American universities, force them to hire professors sympathetic to the Wahabi cause, which produce students who go on to join the government and media and thereby spread the Wahabi message. The Washington Post and Newsweek have been infiltrated by the jihadists.

So has the LA Times.

Official: U.N. troop standards too low

The Left's favorite institution.

Brazil - Cuban athletes defect

Surprised the BBC even ran this since it doesn't fit the BBC's narrative that Cuba is a paradise.

"Cuban athletes have made a hurried departure from the Pan-American games in Brazil, apparently amid fears of possible mass defections.

The delegation was rushed at short notice to Rio de Janeiro's airport, leaving the men's volleyball team no time to collect their bronze medals.

The athletes were said to have been ordered to leave the games before the finishing ceremony on Sunday.

It follows the defection of four Cuban athletes earlier in the tournament."

Well gee BBC, if things are so great in Cuba as you maintain, why are these athletes defecting? And why are all those Cuban doctors defecting?

Iraq - We're winning!!

Wow! Just wow! That's according to the New York Times! Yes the New York Times. The Left is going to go ballistic when they read this.

"Here is the most important thing Americans need to understand: We are finally getting somewhere in Iraq, at least in military terms. As two analysts who have harshly criticized the Bush administration’s miserable handling of Iraq, we were surprised by the gains we saw and the potential to produce not necessarily “victory” but a sustainable stability that both we and the Iraqis could live with." ... As a result, civilian fatality rates are down roughly a third since the surge began."

And the Iraqis are stepping up to the plate.

"We traveled to the northern cities of Tal Afar and Mosul. This is an ethnically rich area, with large numbers of Sunni Arabs, Kurds and Turkmens. American troop levels in both cities now number only in the hundreds because the Iraqis have stepped up to the plate. Reliable police officers man the checkpoints in the cities, while Iraqi Army troops cover the countryside. A local mayor told us his greatest fear was an overly rapid American departure from Iraq."

Tell that to the Democrats who want to cut and run.

"In war, sometimes it’s important to pick the right adversary, and in Iraq we seem to have done so. A major factor in the sudden change in American fortunes has been the outpouring of popular animus against Al Qaeda and other Salafist groups, as well as (to a lesser extent) against Moktada al-Sadr’s Mahdi Army."

Again, tell the Democrats who claim al Qaeda isn't in Iraq.

I never thought I'd read this in the New York Times.

"These groups have tried to impose Shariah law, brutalized average Iraqis to keep them in line, killed important local leaders and seized young women to marry off to their loyalists. The result has been that in the last six months Iraqis have begun to turn on the extremists and turn to the Americans for security and help. The most important and best-known example of this is in Anbar Province, which in less than six months has gone from the worst part of Iraq to the best (outside the Kurdish areas). Today the Sunni sheiks there are close to crippling Al Qaeda and its Salafist allies. Just a few months ago, American marines were fighting for every yard of Ramadi; last week we strolled down its streets without body armor. "

Let that soak in for awhile. Oh, and tell that to the cut and run Democrats. They and the Left are going to choke on this next part.

"But there is enough good happening on the battlefields of Iraq today that Congress should plan on sustaining the effort at least into 2008."

Reid and Pelosi, call your offices.

Iraq - BBC shills for terrorists


"Clashes between Shia militiamen and a joint US-Iraqi force have left nine people dead in an Iraqi holy city. ...

Several civilians were reported to have been killed in the clashes, which saw helicopters called in to support the US troops. ...

The US military, which usually stays out of Karbala, has not commented on the incident. "

Nine people killed - terrorists or civilians? "Several civilians were reported to have been killed" - reported by whom? US Military has not commented - See here.

From the US report we learn:

"As the team defended itself with well-aimed fire, killing five insurgents, rogue JAM militants fired on a helicopter assisting the team in the operation. U.S. Special Forces called in precision aerial fires that resulted in approximately a dozen insurgents killed.

No Iraqi civilians were present in the area while the strike was performed. "

Just add it to the list. Man, that training al Jazeera gave the BBC is sure paying off - for the terrorists.

via Biased BBC

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Islam - Umma.com: It's ok to kill children and rape women

The religion of peace at work.

UK - Abu Hamza bullied in prison, says wife

Boo freking hoo!

"In a letter to a London-based Islamic organisation, Nagat Mostafa, 46, said her husband claimed to be the victim of racist bullying and Islamophobia in Belmarsh jail. "

Remind us again why he's in prison. "Hamza, 49, dubbed the "preacher of hate", is serving seven years for inciting the murder of non-Muslims. "

There is a reason she choose the al-Maqreze Centre to send her letter to. See here.

"Director of London's Al-Maqreze Centre for Historical Studies Hani Sibai: There are No 'Civilians' in Islamic Law; The [London] Bombing is a Great Victory for Al-Qa'ida, Which ‘Rubbed the Noses of the World's 8 Most Powerful Countries in the Mud’"

Cry me a river lady.

Watch the MAB and MCB jump on this.

Poll: Britons have lost faith in the BBC

About time too!

"Nearly 60 percent of viewers polled said they trust the corporation less than they did before two widely-publicized recent scandals,"...The over-65 group showed the biggest decrease in trust, with 67 percent saying they had lost confidence in the BBC.

Lots more reasons not to trust the BBC here.

BBC may be prosecuted

You and I will pay the fine. The BBC should be prosecuted for this as well.

BBC admit faking another program

By now the public realize that most of the BBC is fake. Something I've documented for years.

UK - Queen has no confidence in the BBC

About time! She and the entire country have no confidence in the BBC. One look at this and who can blame them.

"It led to a major confrontation between the Corporation and the Palace and triggered a crisis about faked BBC programmes. (note the plural)

The BBC said it would ensure the final edit of the programme, A Year With The Queen, would not mislead viewers, but indicated it would still be broadcast as planned in the autumn.

But the Palace is believed to have protested, arguing that neither they nor the viewing public could have any confidence in the film, and called for it to be cancelled."

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Islamic states urge UN boss be quiet on rights body

See how it works? The jihadists infiltrate organizations and immediately set about blinding the world to what they're up to.

"Islamic states said on Wednesday that U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon should avoid criticising the world body's Human Rights Council where they and their allies hold a majority."...

It also followed a decision by the body -- which some Western countries and independent campaigning groups argue is even less effective in defending rights than the Commission -- to stop reporting on alleged abuses by Cuba and Belarus."

Cuba, also on the Council, generally lines up with the OIC and African members, together with Russia and China.

Now that's how you stack the deck. No wonder the left love the UN so much.

US - School Stops Class Time For Muslim Prayer

Fantastic! We need more roll back of this Muslim appeasement.

US - Charity or Terror?

Newsweek isn't sure and leaves out some important details so you won't be either. For the missing details See here. As I've said many times, the jihadist plan is to infiltrate our schools and universities, spread their jihadist message and then have those graduates go on to spread it to the wider public. This case illustrates that perfectly.

"Noor Elashi wants to "shatter stereotypes" about Muslims and Arabs. It's one of the reasons she pursued a career in journalism."

Er, no. She wants to blind the public to the jihadists here and spread the Wahabi message. And the left wing Newsweek is only too happy to help. As you may recall, it was Newsweek that fabricated the burning of the Koran story that sparked anti American riots around the world and killed several people.

UK - Muslim-only jail on the way?


This is insane.

"One option would be to designate a Muslim- only prison where inmates, including convicted terrorists, would be less at risk of attack because of racial or religious tensions.

It would also be easier to cater for their religious needs in terms of diet and prayer. "

Great, then the terrorists can recruit the other Muslims. And we have to cater for their diet because of human rights lawyers. Speaking of which...

"Lawyers acting for suspected and convicted Islamic terrorists have already called for fanatics to be granted special status in jails as "prisoners of war"."

Really? I didn't see any of them wearing a uniform. Not only are we paying to house them and carter to their "needs", listen to this:

"Last week the controversial solicitor Mudassar Arani, whose firm has been paid more than £1million in legal aid to represent extremists, said her clients feel it is unfair that they must undergo frequent searches and curbs on meeting other imprisoned radicals."

We pay for their lawyers to as they try and get even more benefits for them. Which has resulted in this:

"The number of Muslim inmates has more than trebled in the last decade.

By the middle of 2005 there were around 7,500 Muslims behind bars - around 12 per cent of all UK prisoners. "

They know they can committ atrocities, get free legal aid and if convicted, get special treatment in jail - a jihadist dream.

Army Private Discloses He Is Scott Thomas

Nice to see the Washington Post catch up to the story.

The details in the story give an insight into how the left wing media think.

"The magazine's editor, Franklin Foer, disclosed in an interview that Beauchamp is married to a New Republic staffer, and that is "part of the reason why we found him to be a credible writer." Foer also said Beauchamp "has put himself in significant jeopardy" and "lost his lifeline to the rest of the world" because military officials have taken away his laptop, cellphone and e-mail privileges."

Foer found him credible simply because he was married to one of his staff? Oh, and Thomas has ""has put himself in significant jeopardy" has he? What about all the other soldiers in Iraq his unsubstantiated claims slander? As far as his privilges go, that's what you get for not reporting gross miscounduct and possible war crimes as Thomas alleges. Either Thomas is lying, in which case he should lose his privilges and be prosecuted, or, he's telling the truth, in which case he should be prosecuted for not doing his duty. Either way he's screwed.

As for Foer, he believed Thomas' story because he wanted to believe it.

"As both the military and the magazine investigate Beauchamp's allegations, a personal blog surfaced in which Beauchamp said last year that each morning he feels "retarded for joining the army," "a little more liberal than the day before" and "a tool for global corporations."

Right up Foer's alley. Which is why Foer ignored this: "Beauchamp did not provide any documentation for his three published columns. He is married to a reporter-researcher at the New Republic, Elspeth Reeve."

Caught out and on the defensive, Foer offers this: "Foer said the magazine is attempting to confirm every detail. "We are trying to be as deliberate and meticulous as we possibly can," he said. "We're not going to be rushed into making any sort of snap judgment."

But that's exactly what Foer did when he published Thomas' unsubstantiated claims without confirming every detail.

Thomas "...said he did not use his full name "because I wanted to write honestly about my experiences, without fear of reprisal."

What did he have to fear in reporting a mass grave?

U.S. Set to Offer Huge Arms Deal to Saudi Arabia

We need to stop this.

More here.

This is the old enemy of my enemy is my friend and is a bad idea.

BBC out of touch with the public

Victoria Derbyshire of BBC Radio 5 thinks so. She's right.

"Perhaps because they have a perception that some parts of the BBC are, as they put it, liberal, chattering class types, based in London, who don't know about the real world."

Worse, the BBC are too busy fabricating stories to make the world fit its left wing agenda.

There is something revealing about the BBC management in her statements as well: "Greg Dyke once said, 'If you don't like the BBC then I'm sorry it's time to go." Jeff Randall, the BBC's business editor from 2001 to 2005, hinted at the same. "I left because I feared that my role as "an agent of change" (Dyke's term, not mine) had run its course." Clearly Dyke discouraged any form of criticism at the BBC. That explains a lot.

BBC needs management clear-out

Jeff Randall, the BBC's business editor from 2001 to 2005, says. He's right.

"That said, it is an institution with a thick layer of egregiously poor management. For every journalist foot-soldier, gamely filing reports from war zones, there is, back at HQ, a battalion of worse-than-useless, middle-ranking meddlers with only one aim: to survive long enough to draw a pension.

These are what a news editor described to me as "creatures of the corridors". Many are failed broadcasters.

They exist in a parallel universe of meetings about meetings. They are masters of work creation, digging holes in order to fill them in, communicating largely by sanitised memos. They know every BBC guideline on race, gender, equality, diversity, health and safety.

Yet when required to take a decision, they refer up, delegate down or, better still, go missing. They abhor accountability."

And as for those training courses the BBC keeps putting its staff on everytime they get caught faking it...

"In addition, there will be a raft of new courses and training for all editorial staff to teach them the merits of veracity, plus the establishment of a standards panel.

This is meat and drink for the Jobsworths. You can almost hear them cheering. It is what they live for: awaydays, flip charts, presentations, focus groups and feedback sessions. Opportunities to appear busy and important. Trebles all round."

Then back to the old fabrication mill.

US accuses Saudis of telling lies

This has been too long in coming. Nice to see the Guardian reporting it.

The Wahabists, with Saudi backing, are behind jihadists world wide.

UK - "trust in BBC has plummeted"

What took you so long? I've been documenting the BBC's fabrications and bias for years.

These are encouraging. "Fifty-nine per cent of those questioned say they now trust the BBC less than before." and "Older viewers in particular have lost faith, with 67% of over-65s saying that they now trust the BBC less than they used to."

That's fantastic! Now we need to get the rest of the public to wake up and force the much needed changes at the BBC.

I'd like to know what the Guardian means by this:

"Heads rolled at the BBC after it was revealed that Children in Need, Comic Relief and Sport Relief had all featured fake competition winners and that during an episode of Blue Peter a studio guest had posed as a competition winner."

No they didn't. Some middle manager types were told to "step back" from their jobs but to my knowledge no one has been fired, certainly not any "heads". And this is priceless: "Last week its director general, Mark Thompson, said the organisation had experienced "a rude awakening". And he promptly jetted off on holiday leaving his second in command to face the commons.

The government needs to step in and week out the far left wingers, jihadists that permeate the BBC and scrap the TV tax.

US - Jihadists on campus

This is one area of the war on terror that needs far greater attention. This jihadist apologists are allowed to have their own political views but they are poisoning our young minds with this jihadist apologist nonsense.

Qatari royals halt British flight

BA kicked them off eventually. But they should have done it sooner.

"A British Airways flight was delayed for several hours after women members of the Qatari royal family objected to sitting next to men they did not know.

The three wives of Sheikh Badr Bin Khalifa al-Thani refused take up their seats on board Flight 563 from Milan's Linate airport to London Heathrow. "

Good for BA for standing up to them.

This incident raises an interesting question. Polygamy is illegal in the UK, if a Muslim enters Britain with more than one wife, could they be arrested?

Friday, July 27, 2007

Hundreds of "Sicko" Doctors Flee Cuba

As is often the case, the truth is often the opposite of what the left would like you to believe.

America's goal is genocide

That's what Denis Halliday, former assistant Secretary General of the U.N. and former head of the U.N. oil for food program, seems to be saying.

"I think the goal of Bush and the hawks at his administration is to decimate Iran, to diminish the Iraqi people, to allow millions to become refugees or million Iraqis to die."

And the typical left wing mantra that American's are stupid.

"First of all they do not understand the need of education in this country, in the U.S. which is very poor. Many Americans are not literate. They don’t have access to good media, they don’t hear the truth from Al Jazeera or BBC or overseas radio, television programs."

That would be this BBC.

Red Mosque Redux (Update: Explosion Kills Several)

Is the world ever going to learn appeasement does not work.

al Qaeda "un Islamic"?

This jihadist seems to be saying that.

"Sharif recently gave an electrifying foretaste of his conversion by condemning killings on the basis of nationality and colour of skin and the targeting of women and children, citing the Qur'anic injunction: "Fight in the cause of God those who fight you, but do not transgress the limits; for God loveth not transgressors." Armed operations were wrong, counterproductive and must cease, he declared sternly.

Zawahiri, evidently rattled, rounded sarcastically on him in a video message broadcast after Sharif's statement - faxed from Torah prison to an Arabic newspaper - announced not only his change of heart but a book-length repudiation endorsed by hundreds of other former militants, and which is due to be published soon."

Other former jihadists are coming to the same conclusion.

A lot of this may be prompted by ordinary Muslims rejecting the terrorists.

What we must all bear in mind is that there is still a huge number of would be bombers out there. More importantly, suicide bombers and other types of terrorist attacks are but one method of jihad. Just because jihadists maybe abondoning one tactic doesn't mean the war is over - not at all.

UK - BBC in crisis

Something I've been saying for years.

BBC and "The war within the west"

Britain better wake up soon to the danger the BBC poses - if it's not too late already.

True to form the BBC trot out a jihadist apologist, in this case, David Livingstone. Here's what he had to say: "There was no evidence that they would have been drawn into terrorism, he said: they were merely five young men who had ‘some sort of unhappiness with the society in which they lived’. "

This despite one of them leaving a note which said, in part: ""PS just in case you think I am going to do something in this country, you can rest easy that I am not - the conventional method of warfare is safer. " And despite "The four students did however have plans to go to Pakistan." And despite the fact that the jury found them all guilty.

You should have no doubts that the BBC has been infiltrated by jihadists and that the BBC, due to its far left leanings, is aiding their cause. Wake up Britain.

Saudi jihad in the Classroom

While this is worrying the fact the the blindness that effected America prior to 9/11 is waning is encouraging.

This Saudi jihad infiltrating our schools and universities is happening in most if not all western countries. As such, this should be one of our top priorities in the war in terror for it is the fountainhead of jihadism.

Conclusion: "That’s the good news. The catch is that even — or especially — if reform does pass, it’s still going to take tremendous effort to counteract the growing Saudi use of Title VI as a lever to gain influence over how America teaches its children about the Middle East. The creation of a grievance procedure for public-outreach programs in no way guarantees the outcome of any grievances that might be filed. This battle isn’t over, it’s only just begun."

Losing My Jihadism

The world needs a lot more of this. This former jihadist calls for an Islamic reformation and notes how he began his jihadism. There are some lessons here we must learn.

"I didn't always think this way. Once, I was one of the extremists who clung to literal interpretations of Islam and tried to force them on others. I was a jihadist.

I grew up in Saudi Arabia. When I was 16, I found myself assailed by doubts about the existence of God. I prayed to God to give me the strength to overcome them. I made a deal with Him: I would give up everything, devote myself to Him and live the way the prophet Muhammad and his companions had lived 1,400 years ago if He would rid me of my doubts.

I joined a hard-line Salafi group."

It's important to note the Saudi and Salafi comments for this is where the Wahabi brand of jihadism comes from. These are the ones who are funding the jihadist professors in our universitites and jihadist immans in mosques.

Read the whole thing.

via Harry's place.

U.S. Tracks Saudi Bank favored by jihadists

Follow the money.

UK - Still blinded to the threat of jihad

The question surrounding the Muslim terror attacks of 9/11 that is asked the most is "why didn't we see it coming". The simple answer is we were blind to the threat. That begs the question "how were we blinded". We were blinded by the Saudi Wahabists who had infiltrated our universities and left wing media in order to demonize Israel, the UK and the US. This took the focus off the real threat - the jihadists. Today, 6 years on, we are still blind.

So blind is The Guardian that it writes with glee the union of Hugo Chávez and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in standing up to America.

"They make for an odd couple. Hugo Chávez, big and bear-like, is a radical socialist who quotes Marx, leads a largely Catholic country and has a habit of breaking into song. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, bird-like in comparison, is a radical Islamist who quotes the prophet Muhammad and is not readily associated with fun or secularism. Yet the two presidents have forged a personal and strategic relationship, and hold hands while touring joint ventures. They are linked by oil - Venezuela and Iran are big producers - and aversion to the US, which both regard as a hostile, predatory empire. Building economic and political ties, they calculate, will buttress Caracas and Tehran against Washington, the Great Satan."

An odd couple that links up due to a common enemy on the surface doesn't sound out of the ordinary. But if one of those in the couple is a radical Islamist, a jihadists, then there is great cause for concern for all of us. Sooner or later the jihadists will turn on his partner and he will convert to Islam and become part of the caliphate or die.

But, like most leftist who seek to advance their agenda regardless of the cost, Chavez and the Guardian are blindling walking into the trap. The Guardian even notes it without comment.

"There is now a weekly flight between Caracas and Tehran, with a stopover in Damascus, operated by the Venezuelan state-controlled airline Conviasa and Iran's national carrier, Iran Air. New mosques are popping up across Venezuela and universities are teaching Farsi."

Yes, and just what do you think those radical Islamic funded Mosques and Farsi speaking professors are preaching, said the spider to the fly.


The Saudi Wahabi jihadist plan is to infiltrate Western universities and have left wing professors spread their terror message. That way jihad graduates will go on to join the media, government, military and security services. The BBC is a prime example of the success they've had in the media. Ward Churchill is a good example of their infiltration of our universities. Listen to his own words about the 9/11 Musilm terror attacks.

"Question from audience: You mentioned a little bit ago, ‘Why did it take a bunch of Arabs to do what you all should have done a long time ago,’ that’s my question....

Churchill: I’m gonna repeat that, tell me if I got that right: Why shouldn’t we do something and how do you you move so they don’t see you coming.

As to the first part, not a reason in the world that I could see. I can’t find a single reason that you shouldn’t in a principled way—there may be some practical considerations, such as do you know how (laughter from audience)—you know, often these things are processes. It’s not just an impulse. And certainly it’s not just an event. And the simple answer, although it probably should be more complicated, but I’m not being flip and giving the simple answer, is: You carry the weapon. That’s how they don’t see it coming."

Ward is not the first professor to spread jihad on our campuses and he won't be the last. As a critcal part of the war on terror, all western governments should be purging our universities of these professors.

Iraq - Scott Thomas in trouble either way

Jack Kelly reports.

The fact that the left wing media didn't jump on this should have told TNR something.

Exposing CAIR

By the way, CAIR is an unindicted co-conspirator in a terrorism case. CAIR has many connections to terrorism.

UK - New phone-ins row hits ITV

The hits keep on coming.

Zimbabwe - Babies abandoned as police beat mothers

Where's the left's vaunted UN?

UK - Lawyers sap our will to combat terrorism

This happens all over the Western world.

Hezbollah has completely rearmed

Israel should have finished the job last time.

Suicide Reversal? Polling the Muslim world

Here's Daniel Pipes take on the Pew survey. He points out four things from the survey, better economic conditions lead to less suicide bombings, as does better democracy, as more and more Muslims themselves become victims they reject the tactic and Muslims are seeing democracy works better than bin Laden's way. All of which vindicates Bush's policies.

But before everyone breathes a shigh of relief, think about this. Even though the percentages of Muslims who support suicide bombings is falling, those percentages represent hundreds of thousands of Muslims who still support it. There is still a huge threat out there from suicide bombers.

Secondly, even if all Muslims rejected suicide bombing and they stopped completely that isn't the end of the war. The Saudi backed Wahabi jihadists will not stop trying to reestablish the caliphate and expand Islam to the whole world. This is what the world needs to focus on - the ideology behind jihadism and not the just one tactic.

The world must first recognize the enemy which is the jihadist; be they Saudi backed Wahabis or the Iranian brand. The world must realize how the jihadists are infiltrating our universities via Saudi backed programs and professors. These teach the Wahabi world view which in turn produces graduates with their view. These graduates then join professions such as the media which spreads the Wahabis message. Other graduates infiltrate the government, military and security agencies.

This is the real danger, the danger from within. We see this all over the world now. Witness left wing jihadist apologist professors, media presenters and journalists, Muslim members of the military turning on their fellow service men and Muslim students carrying out attacks on their country men. The British universities boycott of Israel is a product of this Saudi backed Wahabi lobby.

We need to examine the Saudi funded education programs, be they in universities or other leaning centers, and shut down any Wahabi schools. Then we need to weed out any existing Wahabi professors. We must dry up this pool of poison that continues to spread jihad in the world.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

UK - Jihad on Campus

is worse than you think. Not only have the jihadists infiltrated our universitites, they've infiltrated the BBC as well.

"It is, to say the least, unusual in Britain to interview a convicted felon about his crime before he has even been sentenced. Nobody explained why the authorities had permitted an exception in this case, but the Today program gave its prime breakfast time slot at 8:10 a.m. to one of the students, in order that he might explain why the jury had been wrong to convict him. The student was handled very gently by the interviewer, a Muslim woman, who seemed to assume that he was just a kid who had gotten mixed up with the wrong crowd. The interviewer did not challenge the student’s claim that he had not actually seen or read the violent material, including terrorism manuals, found on his computer. Unfortunately for the BBC, the young man did not quite follow its script: he insisted that he still believed he had a duty to fight those who “invaded Muslim lands.”

See how jihad works? They infiltrate our universities, which in turn produces jihad jounalists who then infiltrate the media. To be fair, jihadists don't have to infiltrate the BBC, the BBC openly recruits them, going so far as to hire the editor in chief of al Jazeera to train its editors.

Read the whole report.

Scott Thomas revealed

Now the investigation can really begin.

Turns out his wife worked for TNR.

More to come.


losing in Washington.

UK - Army succeeded in southern Iraq

The BBC reports. Excuse me while I wipe the coffee off my screen.

"The head of the armed forces has told the BBC that the British military has "succeeded" in its mission objectives in southern Iraq.

Air Chief Marshal Sir Jock Stirrup said the army had "very nearly" reached its target of allowing Iraqis to run that part of the country."

Do tell. Wonder why this wasn't on the front page?

The southern Philippines' uneasy truce

The lesson all governments should learn from this is, a jihadist truce is designed for one purpose, give them time to choose when best to strike you. "The Philippine military has been searching for him since his disappearance, as has the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), a rebel group that has signed a truce with the government. "

In fact, the Philippine government has ceded part of their country to the Islamic jihadists. Once land is given to Muslims, it must forever remain Muslim land.

""The battle was a legitimate fight... We acted in self-defence. [The marines] were in a territory that belongs to us, a place where they should not have been.

"We have an agreement whereby they are supposed to tell us of mass troop movements. They did not do this."

Ponder that for awhile.

Fewer Muslims 'support bombings'

Terrorist bombings that is. I wonder if the BBC thought about that headline. Fewer Muslims support it means more used to and many still do. And while some will jump on the small percentage figures, remember those percentages still represent hundreds of thousands of Muslims who still support terrorist bombings. It is progress but we've a long way to go yet.

I like this bit: "And it suggested that people viewed the US as the most friendly country in the world and the most feared. " Could that be because in those countires that interact with Americans they find that they are not at all like how the left wing media portrayed them?

Now this is priceless: "The survey also suggests that as countries and families grow richer, optimism increases, as well as support for ruling governments." Well duh. The BBC seemed to miss this quote. ""It's a pro-globalization set of findings," Kohut said." I bet the BBC reporter choked on that one.

UK - Students who descended into jihadism

Of course Dominic Casciani toes the BBC line and calls them extremists.

There are some revealing bits of information in this story. One of the men left a note for his parents which said, in part: ""PPS if you want to keep my letter then cut from the dotted line, as these people (of UK) use everything against you."

Sounds like despite having been born and raised here in the UK, he had not integrated into UK society.

Then there's this: "When Raja decided he wanted to move beyond being sympathetic to jihadism,"Brother" Ali in New Jersey had pointed him in the direction of the Bradford four. They were planning to go to Pakistan to train to fight in Afghanistan, he was to learn. "

Here again, we see that jihadism is not, as Muslim leaders and jihad sympathizers would have you believe, an internal, personal struggle.

Then there's this bombshell:

"Back home questions were being asked about how Irfan Raja had got involved in this ideology. Irfan, the court heard, had been depressed and lonely.

The family were not the source of the ideology: Irfan's grandfather had proudly served in the British India police force. His medal, pinned personally on his chest by Lord Mountbatten in 1944, is a family heirloom. "

There's your key to the war on terror. The big question is, what is the source of the jihad idology? It comes from the Saudi funded Wahabbis.

This is something we see repeated time and again. "The five had all spent hours online in their respective bedrooms, or at college, talking to other radicalised youngsters in areas of the internet completely unbeknown to their parents."

How many jihadists have our universities already churned out? How many jihadists went into the media, Armed forces, government and security services or became university professors themselves? A quick study of the BBC shows they've been heavily infiltrated. The Guardian hired a jihadist sympathizer to write an article sympathetic to the 7/7 Muslim terrorists.

And what of this man? "Their key contact was another British man called Imran. In one online chat, Imran explained how they could come to his home in Pakistan's North West Frontier Province unnoticed. He also advised them on how to shake off any surveillance."

Who and where is he?

Most great countries are not defeated head on from outside but are brought down from inside. Britain and America, indeed many western countries, have been heavily infiltrated by jihadists; largely funded by the Saudi Wahabbis.

UK - jihadist students are sentenced

The BBC prefers to call them extremists.

"Four Bradford University students and a schoolboy who planned to fight British soldiers and die as martyrs have been sentenced by a court at the Old Bailey."

Like the 7/7 Muslim terrorist and the faild 21/7 Muslim terrorists, all were born here in Britain. They're what's called second generation jihadists. There are many more out there.

"Raja had been recruited by the students on the internet - Zafar, of Rochdale, Lancashire, Malik and Iqbal, of Bradford, and Butt, of Southall, west London. "

This is happening on campuses here and in America.

This is encouraging. "According to the prosecution, the group were all planning to go to Pakistan for training before going to fight jihad." This is what the world has to wake up to. Jihad, unlike what jihadist apologist and some Muslim leaders would have you believe, is not a personal, internal struggle. Jihad is a holy war designed to return former "Muslim lands" to Muslims as Islam requires. Once that's done, the rest of the world must be converted to Islam - by force if necessary.

Mosque Terrorist Cell Broken Up in Italy

This is happening all over the world.

"According to a police report, the small mosque was used to train jihadists on how to use explosives, pilot a Boeing 747, safely reach conflict zones, and to write encrypted messages. Fighting techniques were also taught, while propaganda videos were shown to children attending the mosque. "

AP shills for Ward Churchill

In fact, Dan Elliott outright lies.

"DENVER - A professor who was fired after comparing some Sept. 11 victims to a Nazi sued the school Wednesday, saying officials retaliated against him for exercising his right to free speech."

That is simply not true and Elliott notes it in the very next paragraph.

"Ward Churchill was ousted by the University of Colorado's governing Board of Regents after three faculty committees accused him of plagiarism, fabrication and other research misconduct."

And they didn't just accuse him Elliott, they found him guilty of those charges. Further, the Regents stated his firing had nothing to do with his comments.

"The Regents said his dismissal was based on other writings and that his firing was unrelated to his Sept. 11 comments. The academic investigation did not include the Sept. 11 essay but began after university officials concluded it was protected by the First Amendment and that he could not be fired for writing it."

And yet Elliott writes "A professor who was fired after comparing some Sept. 11 victims to a Nazi...".

That's the left wing media for you.

San Diego Public School Bows To Sharia

Normaly the ACLU would be all over this but since they're Muslims, the ACLU is silent.

CAIR Goes After Rudy Giuliani

CAIR doesn't like when you call a spade a spade.

Public relations coup for Castro government

That's how the Guardian sees the story.

"Eight American students have graduated from a Cuban medical school after six years of free tuition, giving a fresh boost to the reputation of the communist government's health care system."

Meanwhile, in the real world Cuban Doctors defecting to the United States. Why you may ask.

"The policy offers the Cubans a tempting opportunity. Back home they face a life of poverty under a Communist regime that offers few political rights, whereas in the USA, because of their professional skills, they have a chance to move quickly into a comfortable middle class life."

Impeachment call cancels ski trips

Like the Dixie Chicks with their, we're ashamed of Bush comment, I bet these folks didn't see this coming.

"TELLURIDE — A backlash quickly emerged after the Telluride Town Council adopted a resolution last week calling for the impeachment of President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.

“It’s huge, unbelievable,” said Telluride Mayor John Pryor. “Ski groups are canceling for the winter. Hundreds of people are bailing. The (town) Web site is flooded with people saying they’re canceling their vacations here.”

Skiers for Bush. Who knew?

‘Loose Change’ Producer Arrested for Desertion

Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

BBC apologises to Treasury over Newsnight film

Kinda, sorta, maybe...nah.

"After the Lords committee hearing, a BBC news spokeswoman said the apology Ms Boaden had been talking about was "not a formal apology".

"It's an apology but not a formal apology. Helen was referring to the letter sent to the Treasury, in response to their complaint, which said Newsnight was sorry if Belshan Izzet felt she had been treated unfairly," said the spokeswoman."

Typical BBC.

Hamas leader claims UK has widened links

This caught my eye in this Guardian report.

"The British government has sanctioned unofficial visits to the UK for senior Hamas officials in Gaza over the past 18 months. In one of the first Ghazi Hamed, the former editor of Al Risala, the Hamas newspaper, visited the BBC and the Guardian. Ahmed Yusef, an adviser to Mr Haniyeh, has also visited the UK."

Now doubt to discuss how all three could better demonize Israel and praise Hamas.

Pressure mounts for BBC DG to quit

And so he should.

Even BBC employees are calling for him to go. This however, from that link, is priceless.

"Nick Serpell of BBC News wrote: "There will, we're told, be 'zero tolerance' in the future with regard to this sort of deception. Most of us have been practicising zero tolerance throughout our BBC careers."

Most of you Nick? Sadly Nick, as you can plainly see here, most of you have not. That may be the biggest problem at the BBC - they just can't tell the difference any more from right and wrong or truth and lies.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New York Times comes to Scott Thomas rescue

but retreats when caught red handed.

John Kerry and Genocide Denial

Typical for Kerry. The question is, why does anyone pay attention to John flipper Kerry?

Head to Head on British Muslim Integration

The original post is here but Harry's has some good snippets.

Cuban Doctors defecting to the United States

Oh dear, things are not as rosy in Cuba as the BBC would have you believe.

"The policy offers the Cubans a tempting opportunity. Back home they face a life of poverty under a Communist regime that offers few political rights, whereas in the USA, because of their professional skills, they have a chance to move quickly into a comfortable middle class life."

Press One For English

Muslims Around World Rejecting Islamic Extremism

Pro-globalization is credited with the drop in support for terrorism!!

"A wide ranging survey of international attitudes in 47 countries by the Pew Research Center also reported that in many of the countries where support for suicide attacks has declined, there has also has been decreasing support for Al Qaeda leader Usama Bin Laden...."It's a pro-globalization set of findings," Kohut said."

Way to go McDonalds!!

Somehow the BBC missed that part.

Egypt’s religious adviser says Muslims can change religion

But as usual, there is a get out of jail free clause in his pronouncement.

"Gomaa warned however that if the conversions undermine the “foundations of society” then it must be dealt with by the judicial system, without elaborating. In September, Egypt’s Supreme Administrative Court is to hear the case of 12 Copts who converted to Islam and have been prevented by the state from reverting to Christianity on the grounds that it is apostasy."

Typical Islamic double talk.

Saddam Hussein offered bin Laden asylum

A blast from the past courtesy of CNN.

"Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has offered asylum to bin Laden, who openly supports Iraq against the Western powers."

CNN was for the connections before they were against them.

Iraq - Airports warned about terror dry runs

Wonder why they didn't report if they were Muslim or not?

Iran - On patrol with Iran's fashion police

If the left aren't careful this is what we're all in for.

""Our youth have no peace of mind. They are afraid to go out, they are afraid that if they go out they will be taken to the police. Aren't they saying that there is freedom?"

That's what you get with an Islamic state. Not a pretty picture is it?

Iraq - The surge is working

You wouldn't know that from the left wing media. Thankfully, the truth will get out. See here and here.


"Everyone was friendly. No one shot at us or even looked at us funny. Infrastructure problems, not security, were the biggest concerns at the moment. I felt like I was in Iraqi Kurdistan – where the war is already over – not in Baghdad. . . .

“This is not what I expected in Baghdad,” I said.

“Most of what we’re doing doesn’t get reported in the media,” he said. “We’re not fighting a war here anymore, not in this area. We’ve moved way beyond that stage."


"The surge has basically been chasing the terrorist and criminal gangs around the suburbs of Baghdad, or even into northern or western Iraq. This has taken its toll. Time spent in flight cannot be spent planting IEDs or killing people. Putting all these guys on the road, also makes them more susceptible to capture. A lot of important terrorists have been captured this way. The chief liaison between al Qaeda headquarters and al Qaeda in Iraq was nabbed, as well as many mid-level terrorist cell leaders."

There's a lot more work to be done for sure, but things are better than the left wing media would have you believe.

UK - Muslim students planned terrorism at university

Remember now, according to the left and the left wing media, Muslim terrorists (they don't call them that of course) are poor, alienated youths. Reality is just the opposite.

"Officers found a "profusion of Islamic propaganda" on the schoolboy's computer which showed he had been talking to Bradford University students in a chatroom."...He had become involved with a group of radical first-year students who would allegedly meet at a student house in Bradford."

BBC - Laughing stock of the Nation

Ann Treneman writing in the Times takes the piss out of the BBC. Deservedly so. It would all be funny if the BBC's lies and fabrications weren't so serious.

So, how serious does the BBC take the current crisis and how do they respond to Parliament's request for answers? "Mark Thompson, the DG, was on a “family holiday”,.."

I’ll deport 4,000 foreign criminals by end of year

Gordon Brown promises.

I'll belive it when I see it. And this is very worring: "...the security services were now aware of 400 more terror suspects since last November’s figure of 1,600."

So, the number of terror suspects has gone up by 30% in one year! Why isn't that headline news?

BBC - The "English Broadcasting Corporation"

That's how Magnus Linklater sees the BBC.

"There has been one curious side-effect of the row over the BBC’s doctored programmes, including the faked footage of the Queen. It has revealed the threadbare state of regional broadcasting. Because RDF, the company at the heart of the scandal, has had all its new commissions frozen, independent television production in Scotland has been virtually brought to a halt. So concentrated was the power of this one company that what would have been little more than the flutter of a butterfly wing in London has been an earthquake north of the Border."

Magnus must not know, because he doesn't mention it in this long article, is that the two top men at RDF are ex BBC jounalists.

He does note this however:

"Two years ago RDF bought up the largest independent production company in Scotland – IWC, itself formed from the merger of Wark Clements, owned by Kirsty Wark, of the BBC, and Ideal World, founded by the broadcaster Muriel Gray. "

And Gray also works for the BBC.

In short, there isn't and never was an "independent" production company, it's always been a BBC production company. The result:

"Mark Thompson, the current Director-General, clearly thinks so. At a recent Ofcom conference on public service broadcasting, he commented that Scotland “wasn’t coming up with ideas”,..."

By the way, the head of Ofcom which is the industry regulator, is a former deputy chief executive of the BBC.

One big happy family eh? If Mangus only knew just how rotten the BBC really is.

UK - PM considers 56-day terror limit

And the jihadist sympathizers are not happy.

"He told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "It gives out the wrong signal to the community. What you are saying to the community is...we are going to batter you with legislation, we are going to arrest you, we are going to criminalise you."

Well Imran, if you won't clean up your mess, we will. Notice how he reverses the roles of victims and criminals? We, the victims, are going to make them, the terrorists, the victims - typical jihadist trick.

UK - GMTV boss resigns over quiz row

Good for him. Now, shouldn't all those at the BBC, whose fabrications are far worse, resign or be fired as well?

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

US Treasury bans another Muslim charity

The govenment should be moving faster to shut down these terror fund raisers.

"WASHINGTON, July 24 (Reuters) - The U.S. Treasury Department said on Tuesday it has moved to block financing to Lebanese guerrilla group Hezbollah by banning U.S. transactions with a foundation in Iran and a finance company in Lebanon.

The Treasury said in a statement it was designating the Tehran-based Martyrs Foundation and the Al-Qard al-Hassan finance firm in Beirut as providing financial support to terrorist organizations."

A "guerrilla group"? Leave it to al Reuters to fail to mention Hezbollah is a terrorist organization.

Canadians sent to U.S. for neonatal care

Michael Moore call your office.

Jihadists - The Enemy Within

and what to do about them.

Democrats used state police to spy on Republican

If a Republican did this the left wing media would go nuts.

Judgment day for Ward Churchill today

Another left wing professor bites the dust. Thank God.

"He is charged with academic misconduct, ranging from plagiarism to inventing facts and even entire historical episodes. Among the more unusual charges is that Churchill published essays under the names of other people then cited them in his footnotes as independent sources supporting his views. "

It's a favorite tactic of the left and is called a sock puppet. A well known left wing blogger was caught red handed doing it.


Fired! Great news.

"Last month, an investigative subcommittee concluded that Churchill repeatedly fabricated his research, plagiarized others' work and strayed from the "bedrock principles of scholarship."

"Islamophobic” or Informed?

Islamophobia is a myth created by jihadists and they're sympathizers.

"The prevailing view is that the Islamic Faith of today’s terrorists has nothing to do with their actions, and those who suspected otherwise are simply bigots who are drawing an unwarranted connection between Islam and terrorism. But it is some Muslims who are themselves making that connection, as the recent Pew Research Center poll of Muslims in America revealed: twenty-six percent of Muslims between the ages of eighteen and twenty-nine affirmed that there could be justification in some (unspecified) circumstances for suicide bombing, and five percent of all the Muslims surveyed said that they had a favorable view of Al-Qaeda. Given the Pew Center’s estimate of 2.35 million Muslims in America, and the total of thirteen percent that avowed a belief that suicide bombings could ever be justified, that’s over 300,000 supporters of suicide attacks. And 117,500 supporters of Al-Qaeda."

There have been similar poll results in Britain, France and Germany. The importance of that is, France and Germany oppose the US and Britain on foreign policy. The jihadists and there apologizers would rather you blame it all on the UK and US.

Iran launches moral dress crackdown

Religion of peace at work.

"TEHRAN: Iran on Monday launched a new wave of a moral crackdown against women who “dress like models” and men whose hairstyles are deemed unIslamic, police told local media."

Such is the Left's favorite religion. According to the BBC this is a "subtle" Iran.

Tajikistan foils terror attack plot, arrests 7

I blame Britain and America's foreign policy.

The CIA speaks, with forked tongue

Powerline has the story.

Britain surrenders to Hamas

Sad, just sad.

"British parliamentarians on Monday softened their demands for negotiating with Hamas and said that while it is critical for the group to renounce violence, it does not necessarily need to recognize Israel for preliminary contact to be established with the European Union, The Jerusalem Post has learned. "

Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, charter states it will never recognize Israel.

The Danger Within: Militant Islam in America

This is from November 2001 and while about Militant Islam in America, it applies to Britain as well. Since its writing, things have gotten much worse in Britain where the Police advise Muslim leaders prior to a terror arrest and the MCB and MAB advise the government.

Jihadists have infiltrated our universities, the media, our government and most probably our police and security services both here and in the US. The danger lies within.

More here.


Don't think the jihadists have infiltrated our securtiy services? Think again.

"NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) - A former [US] sailor charged with giving terrorists secret information about the location of Navy ships and the best ways to attack them also discussed attacking military personnel and recruiting stations, prosecutors said Monday.

Hassan Abujihaad discussed sniper attacks on military personnel last year and in 2003 or 2004 discussed attacking recruitment sites, federal prosecutors said. "

antisemitism at Wonkette

and others. Just what we've come to expect from the Left.

Iraq - Doubts Raised on Magazine’s ‘Baghdad Diarist’

Nice of the NYT to finally pick up on the scandal.

For background on the story start here. More here. Follow the links to get the full story.

"Scott Thomas" "Shock Troops" story is fast falling apart. I especially love this bit from the TNR.

"The magazine granted anonymity to the writer to keep him from being punished by his military superiors and to allow him to write candidly, Mr. Foer said. He said that he had met the writer and that he knows with “near certainty” that he is, in fact, a soldier."

Uh oh. Sounds like TNR are preparing for the worst. Shouldn't Foer have made with 100% certainty that "Thomas" was a soldier and if he was reliable or not before running such shocking stories?

All this sound familiar? It should. Remember Jesse Macbeth?

As with that story and this one, it shows the left don't care about the facts and the left wing media are only to happy to run their propaganda and lies.

As for TNR, they have a history of these kinds of problems.

"In the late 1990s, under different editors, the magazine fired an associate editor, Stephen Glass, for fabrications."

Mugabe's economics of despair

The Telegraph reports.

UK - Galloway ordered out of Commons

And that's a good thing. You're time is coming George.

Monday, July 23, 2007

American medias left wing bias

Something I've been saying for a long time.

Cuba is a wonderful place

At least that's what the BBC would have you believe.

No pictures of the prisons holding those who dare speak out against the brutal dictator Castro, eh Auntie?

Perhaps the BBC should take a look the real Cuba.

"Islamist group Hamas"

That's how the BBC described Hamas. Wonder how that made it past the BBC censors? Don't worry though, the BBC soon gets back to form.

Mr Blair's mandate does not allow him to talk to Hamas - which the US blacklists as a terrorist group - even though it was elected to government by the Palestinian people last year. "

Just the US Auntie? Aren't you forgetting a few countries BBC including the entire EU? Even the UK list Hamas's military wing as a terrorist organization. And would it be too much to ask of the BBC to inform its readers of Hamas'sCharter which states, among other things, that Israel has no right to exist and that Hamas is really the Muslim Brotherhood?

Chavez: Critical Foreigners to Get Boot

Does Chavez listen to himself?

""How long are we going to allow a person _ from any country in the world _ to come to our own house to say there's a dictatorship here, that the president is a tyrant, and nobody does anything about it?" Chavez asked during his weekly television and radio program."

To prove he's not a dictator, Chavez immediately announced:

"President Hugo Chavez said Sunday that foreigners who publicly criticize him or his government while visiting Venezuela will be expelled from the country."

That's telling them Hugo.

Remember, London's mad communist, Islamist loving Mayor, works for Chavez.

UK - TV appeal over Afghan rapist cancelled

The Telegraph reports.

"A police force withdrew plans for a televised appeal to help catch an Afghan suspected of sexually assaulting women after a race watchdog warned that it might spark a violent backlash."

Britain is doomed.

Muslim 'honor killing'

Religion of peace at work.

"Honor killings are practiced throughout the Arab world. At least 12 women were killed for honor crimes in the West Bank and Gaza Strip last year, but this is the first time three sisters were murdered together."

As of this writing, their names do not appear in a search of the BBC's news section. Nor is this story in the Middle East section.

Rage boy - Guardian's new victim

It says so in their headline.

"All the rage - victim of US bloggers' cartoon hits back"

Strange, he wasn't a victim when "His constant presence, captured by photographers and beamed across the world..." by the left wing media. But since "right wingers" are now on to him, he's a victim.

"...has caught the imagination of rightwing bloggers who have dubbed him Islamic Rage Boy and turned him into an internet phenomenon."

True to form, the far left Guardian rolls out CAIR for their reaction.

"A spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, Ibrahim Hooper, is unconvinced. Mr Hooper says: "I find the term Islamic Rage Boy offensive, as would anyone who applied the term to their "

The Guardian fails to mention CAIR's terror connections or that CAIR is currently an unindicted co-conspirator in a terrorsim case.

"KILLITARY" - How the Left supports our troops

Daily Kos busted.


Look who's coming to Daily Kos annual convention.

"YearlyKos will be addressed this year House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., and DNC Chairman Howard Dean, as well as Democratic presidential candidates Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY, former Sen. John Edwards, D-NC, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, Sen. Chris Dodd, D-Conn., and New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson. "

BBC fakes Scottish independence survey

Busted again!!

"THE BBC has suffered another credibility blow after admitting that it made up a Newsnight survey suggesting that most of Britain and Scotland's leading businesses were not in favour of independence.

Presenter Jeremy Paxman had told SNP leader Alex Salmond that 'not one' of 50 firms, made up of 25 in Britain and 25 north of the border, supported the party's independence policy on a TV special shown before the Holyrood elections in May....

The BBC's head of editorial complaints, Fraser Steel, responding to the complaint by viewer Chris Hegarty conceded that only seven of the 50 firms approached for their views on independence had replied."

The truth simply does not matter to the BBC. More here.

UK - Veil row woman returns to court

The BBC leave out some important details in their story.

"She said she was "intimidated and deeply embarrassed" after magistrate Ian Murray refused to deal with her case because of identification issues.

Ms Hussain denies the charge and her case was adjourned until 24 July. "

In fact Ms Hussain has already been found guilty and the case is adjourned for sentencing.

As for Ms Hussain feeling "intimidated and deeply embarrassed", the veil is not an Islamic religious symbol but a radical Islamic political statement according to top Islamic scholars. In fact it is banned in several Muslim countries.

Muslim women already have to remove their veils for driving licenses.

"Muslim women are having their face veils removed so their identities can be checked before they take driving tests.

The move by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) follows a spate of cases in which bogus learner drivers impersonated friends or relatives and took the test for them. "

The BBC story is nothing more than playing the Muslim victim card and the BBC are happy to oblige.

The Great BBC coverup conspiracy

Ray Snoddy writes in the Independent.

First Ray wants you to know that it's not just the BBC, the whole industry is at it.

"The entire UK broadcasting industry stands condemned of deceiving the audience in the most cynical way. There is no easier way to put it – and an absolute need to say it again and again."

The BBC are doing just that in hopes of taking some heat off them. Let's not forget, this is the BBC we're talking about; the public broadcaster funded by us tax payers.

Ray hammers home the point again "The recent events at the BBC mean that every single terrestrial broadcaster has been caught treating viewers with utter contempt." But not in the scope and scale as with the BBC, Ray.

As a result of the revelations, Ofcom is forced to investigate. But who heads Ofcom?

"Richard Eyre, a former deputy chief executive of BBC News, found that there was a "systemic" compliance failure by broadcasters using premium-rate phone calls and that, at least as far as the commercial broadcasters were concerned, revenue generation was a major driver of premium calls."

A former BBC executive!!

Even though a former BBC executive is going to investigate the BBC, the BBC aren't content with that and have launched an independent inquiry. Guess who's heading up that "independent" investigation? Another former BBC executive!!

"Will Wyatt, the former BBC Broadcast chief executive, will conduct the independent inquiry into the fiasco. The BBC announced the establishment of an Editorial Standards Board to oversee its response to the phone-in scandal."

In full denial mode, Ray offers us this:

"There must be at least one sigh of relief to be heard at the BBC; that its journalism – neither news nor current affairs – has not been dragged centre-stage into the unfolding scandals, at least so far.

Dodgy phone-lines and competitions are shocking and unacceptable, but deceptive news would be quite another, much more serious, matter."

Yes it is Ray and contrary to what you claim, the BBC's news is deceptive.

Ray concludes that it's all over now and we should all move along.

"The wise course now would be to draw a line under such unacceptable behaviour by broadcasters and concentrate on making sure that nothing like it ever happens again."

You and the rest of the BBC would like nothing more Ray. We can only hope that the genie is truly out of the box and the entire BBC will be exposed for the left wing propaganda machine that it is. As for Ray Snoddy...

"Raymond Snoddy presents NewsWatch, the BBC viewer access programme"

And let's not forget, the two top men at RDF, the production company responsible for the fake Queen video, are former BBC men.

BBC: Decline of a great institution

Even the far left Independent rounds on the BBC.

Joan Bakewell blames it all on the pressures of market forces instead of the institutional left wing bias that prevades the BBC. How can she? Bakewell is a former BBC employee.

Bakewell should read this.

Iraq - Al-Qaeda faces rebellion from the ranks

Anyone see this on the BBC?

Fed up with being part of a group that cuts off a person’s face with piano wire to teach others a lesson, dozens of low-level members of al-Qaeda in Iraq are daring to become informants for the US military in a hostile Baghdad neighbourhood.

The ground-breaking move in Doura is part of a wider trend that has started in other al-Qaeda hotspots across the country and in which Sunni insurgent groups and tribal sheikhs have stood together with the coalition against the extremist movement.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Gates shows hurt over Iraq war deaths

And the BBC use the event as a backdrop for an anti war report. Sheesh.

"Robert Gates almost broke down as he gave a speech at a Marine Corps dinner.

The moment came as he described writing notes to the families of soldiers who had died in the conflict, calling them "our country's sons and daughters".

It was an unusual display of emotion from a senior official within the administration of George W Bush. "

Bad old uncaring Bush. To hone home the point...
"President Bush faced criticism in 2004 for not having attended the funerals of any of those killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. "

The BBC are always quite happy to cite Bush's critics but as you can see, most President's don't attend military funerals. Notice that Carter and Clinton attended memorial services.

I suppose it's too much to ask of the BBC to point out that Bush met with his most outspoken war critic, Cindy Sheehan. Sheehan remarked at the time.

" She also stated that President Bush was "... sincere about wanting freedom for the Iraqis… I know he's sorry and feels some pain for our loss. And I know he's a man of faith."

Here's a picture of that meeting.

You see, reporting that doesn't fit the BBC's left wing agenda.

What's Happened to France?

Anybody see this reported by the BBC?

UK - The BBC's great wind scam

The Telegraph reports.

Scroll down to this.

"Another tireless promoter of the wind scam is Sarah Mukherjee, the BBC's environmental correspondent, who recently reported on the Government's energy White Paper standing in front of the 36-turbine Gallow Rig windfarm in Dumfriesshire, which she excitably claimed produces "enough power for around 18,000 homes".

In fact, thanks to the Renewable Energy Foundation's website, we can now see exactly how much (or how little) energy is produced by every turbine in the land. This shows that claims such as this exaggerated Gallow Rig's output by about 400 per cent.

Because this sort of telltale error is so persistent in the BBC's coverage of wind power, perhaps it is time for the corporation to tell us exactly what it is up to."

Oh, I think we know the answer to that.

UK - MCB was "hindering the fight against terrorism.

That would be the Muslim Council of Britain.

"Lord Ahmed spoke out after a meeting with Muhammed Abdul-Bari, the head of the Muslim Council of Britain. Mr Bari gave evidence this month to Lord Ahmed and other Muslim politicians as part of the All Party Parliamentary Inquiry into Tackling Extremism. Mr Bari said he did not recognise the problem of non-English speaking imams. He defended all-male mosques, and said the Government "could not ignore" the impact that its foreign policy had on creating home-grown terrorists.

Khalid Mahmood, the Muslim Labour MP who is the chairman of the inquiry, said that he was "deeply disappointed" with Mr Bari's comments and claimed the MCB was "hindering the fight against terrorism.

"Mr Bari's stance in blaming -foreign policy and domestic -conditions simply antagonises the situation. We are trying to move -forward and get a solution to this issue, while he is reverting to the same tired, old arguments," he said."

Nice to see the government stand up to the MCB for a change.

BBC's 'Queen' production firm in fresh row

More BBC fakery.

The BBC was quick to put the blame on the production company RDF and then there's this: "BBC broadcaster Esther Rantzen blamed staff inexperience."

Erm, sorry Esther but the two top men at RDF are old BBC hacks. From RDF's website:

David Frank | Chief Executive
David founded RDF in 1993. Before this he was a journalist and a BBC business reporter on programmes such as Newsnight, Panorama and the 6 O'Clock News.

Stephen Lambert | Chief Creative Officer
Stephen joined RDF in 1998 after 16 years at the BBC where he worked as an executive producer and editor of various strands and series including BBC2's principal documentary series, Modern Times.

As the BBC put the blame on RDF, which really is just an extension of the BBC, Auntie announced an independent inquiry into the phone in scandal. Guess who's heading the "independent" inquiry. The BBC!

"Will Wyatt, the former BBC Broadcast chief executive, will conduct the independent inquiry into the fiasco. The BBC announced the establishment of an Editorial Standards Board to oversee its response to the phone-in scandal."

The Fox investigates the hen house break in.

George Galloway faces new funds investigation

The noose is tightening George,slowly, but it is tightening.

"American investigations into Mr Galloway's connection with the oil for food scandal, which were put into abeyance while British authorities made their own inquiries, are now expected to consider whether - in the light of Sir Philip's conclusions - the MP's responses to the Senate committee fall foul of American law."


"But a source close to the Senate committee and familiar with the investigations said American prosecutors were waiting to see whether British authorities pursued any case against Mr Galloway before deciding their own course of action."

Your time is coming George and you'll face justice yet.
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