Saturday, July 28, 2007

US - Charity or Terror?

Newsweek isn't sure and leaves out some important details so you won't be either. For the missing details See here. As I've said many times, the jihadist plan is to infiltrate our schools and universities, spread their jihadist message and then have those graduates go on to spread it to the wider public. This case illustrates that perfectly.

"Noor Elashi wants to "shatter stereotypes" about Muslims and Arabs. It's one of the reasons she pursued a career in journalism."

Er, no. She wants to blind the public to the jihadists here and spread the Wahabi message. And the left wing Newsweek is only too happy to help. As you may recall, it was Newsweek that fabricated the burning of the Koran story that sparked anti American riots around the world and killed several people.

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