Saturday, July 28, 2007

UK - Muslim-only jail on the way?


This is insane.

"One option would be to designate a Muslim- only prison where inmates, including convicted terrorists, would be less at risk of attack because of racial or religious tensions.

It would also be easier to cater for their religious needs in terms of diet and prayer. "

Great, then the terrorists can recruit the other Muslims. And we have to cater for their diet because of human rights lawyers. Speaking of which...

"Lawyers acting for suspected and convicted Islamic terrorists have already called for fanatics to be granted special status in jails as "prisoners of war"."

Really? I didn't see any of them wearing a uniform. Not only are we paying to house them and carter to their "needs", listen to this:

"Last week the controversial solicitor Mudassar Arani, whose firm has been paid more than £1million in legal aid to represent extremists, said her clients feel it is unfair that they must undergo frequent searches and curbs on meeting other imprisoned radicals."

We pay for their lawyers to as they try and get even more benefits for them. Which has resulted in this:

"The number of Muslim inmates has more than trebled in the last decade.

By the middle of 2005 there were around 7,500 Muslims behind bars - around 12 per cent of all UK prisoners. "

They know they can committ atrocities, get free legal aid and if convicted, get special treatment in jail - a jihadist dream.

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