Thursday, July 26, 2007

UK - jihadist students are sentenced

The BBC prefers to call them extremists.

"Four Bradford University students and a schoolboy who planned to fight British soldiers and die as martyrs have been sentenced by a court at the Old Bailey."

Like the 7/7 Muslim terrorist and the faild 21/7 Muslim terrorists, all were born here in Britain. They're what's called second generation jihadists. There are many more out there.

"Raja had been recruited by the students on the internet - Zafar, of Rochdale, Lancashire, Malik and Iqbal, of Bradford, and Butt, of Southall, west London. "

This is happening on campuses here and in America.

This is encouraging. "According to the prosecution, the group were all planning to go to Pakistan for training before going to fight jihad." This is what the world has to wake up to. Jihad, unlike what jihadist apologist and some Muslim leaders would have you believe, is not a personal, internal struggle. Jihad is a holy war designed to return former "Muslim lands" to Muslims as Islam requires. Once that's done, the rest of the world must be converted to Islam - by force if necessary.

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