Saturday, July 28, 2007

UK - "trust in BBC has plummeted"

What took you so long? I've been documenting the BBC's fabrications and bias for years.

These are encouraging. "Fifty-nine per cent of those questioned say they now trust the BBC less than before." and "Older viewers in particular have lost faith, with 67% of over-65s saying that they now trust the BBC less than they used to."

That's fantastic! Now we need to get the rest of the public to wake up and force the much needed changes at the BBC.

I'd like to know what the Guardian means by this:

"Heads rolled at the BBC after it was revealed that Children in Need, Comic Relief and Sport Relief had all featured fake competition winners and that during an episode of Blue Peter a studio guest had posed as a competition winner."

No they didn't. Some middle manager types were told to "step back" from their jobs but to my knowledge no one has been fired, certainly not any "heads". And this is priceless: "Last week its director general, Mark Thompson, said the organisation had experienced "a rude awakening". And he promptly jetted off on holiday leaving his second in command to face the commons.

The government needs to step in and week out the far left wingers, jihadists that permeate the BBC and scrap the TV tax.

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