Friday, July 27, 2007

Suicide Reversal? Polling the Muslim world

Here's Daniel Pipes take on the Pew survey. He points out four things from the survey, better economic conditions lead to less suicide bombings, as does better democracy, as more and more Muslims themselves become victims they reject the tactic and Muslims are seeing democracy works better than bin Laden's way. All of which vindicates Bush's policies.

But before everyone breathes a shigh of relief, think about this. Even though the percentages of Muslims who support suicide bombings is falling, those percentages represent hundreds of thousands of Muslims who still support it. There is still a huge threat out there from suicide bombers.

Secondly, even if all Muslims rejected suicide bombing and they stopped completely that isn't the end of the war. The Saudi backed Wahabi jihadists will not stop trying to reestablish the caliphate and expand Islam to the whole world. This is what the world needs to focus on - the ideology behind jihadism and not the just one tactic.

The world must first recognize the enemy which is the jihadist; be they Saudi backed Wahabis or the Iranian brand. The world must realize how the jihadists are infiltrating our universities via Saudi backed programs and professors. These teach the Wahabi world view which in turn produces graduates with their view. These graduates then join professions such as the media which spreads the Wahabis message. Other graduates infiltrate the government, military and security agencies.

This is the real danger, the danger from within. We see this all over the world now. Witness left wing jihadist apologist professors, media presenters and journalists, Muslim members of the military turning on their fellow service men and Muslim students carrying out attacks on their country men. The British universities boycott of Israel is a product of this Saudi backed Wahabi lobby.

We need to examine the Saudi funded education programs, be they in universities or other leaning centers, and shut down any Wahabi schools. Then we need to weed out any existing Wahabi professors. We must dry up this pool of poison that continues to spread jihad in the world.

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