Thursday, January 25, 2007

US - Wife of imam tells of persistent abuse

The religion of peace at work.

Germany - Muslim women should not wear the veil

This German minister gets it.

Australia - Muslims have Greater Rights

That's according to this Imam.

Thailand considers Sharia law

Letting the terrorists win.

UK - Police to tip off Muslims

The BBC reports.

The police are considering proposals to share intelligence and information with Muslims before launching anti-terror operations. Wouldn't that be warning the cimminals before you go after them?

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


No surprise there.

UK - Turning a blind eye to Islam

is suicide.

UK - Muslim Groups Campaign to Silence Critics

It's what Islam fears the most - criticism.

US asks Lashker founder's brother to leave

and 29 others. Good.

UK - Muslim WPc refused to shake Met chief's hand

They will want to wear the burqha next.

Australia - Sharia law for Sydney

This is the same group the UK refuse to ban.

UK - Homophobic Muslim Preacher Faces Police Probe

About time too.

US - Standing up to Muslims

Glad to see it.

Australia - No support for sheik from Muslim group

Or anybody else I should think.

India - Call To Burn The Burkha Upsets Islamists

Nice to see some Muslims pushing back against the Burkha.

UK - Muslim majority schools pose security threat

No one should be surprised by this.

The Face of Islam - Malak’s Story

The true face of Islam, that is.

Iraq - al Qaeda sought student visas

They're still trying.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Lite blogging

Sorry about the lite blogging but I'be been busy in the real world. Never seen so many post Christmas computer problems, it seems most people got laptops and are having trouble setting up their wireless networks.

I had a real tough one yesterday. It was like doing 15 rounds with a boxer. A family gave their teenage daughter a laptop which came with a free trial version of Norton's Internet Security. Unfortunately, they didn't install it and she's been on broadband since Chirstmas with no protection. She had 14 viruses which infected over a hundred files and took nearly 6 hours to fix. I suggested restoring it to factory settings or wiping it and starting over, but they didn't want to do that.

Hopefully things will quite down this week.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

dUS - Hezbollah Inside America

Fox News reports.

UK - Behold the super-mosque

for radicals.


Good luck with that. The police and the government are too afraid of upsetting Muslims to protect us.

UK - American-Born Imam Spews Message of Hate

Fox News reports.

NEW YORK — A New Jersey-born Muslim cleric with links to a suspected Al Qaeda operative who surfaced at a college not far from the cleric's Peoria, Ill., mosque the day before the Sept. 11 attacks has found a new home.

The imam now is spewing his message of hate to a growing group of followers at a mosque in Birmingham, England.

His target: the United States, the United Kingdom, Christians and Jews.

So why doesn't the UK deport him?

U.K. `Honor Killings,' Cloaked in Family Silence

And the silence from the civil rights people is deafening.

Jan. 17 (Bloomberg) -- Samaira Nazir rejected Pakistani suitors chosen by her family and planned to elope with her Afghan boyfriend. The penalty for her defiance: death from 18 stab wounds inflicted by her brother and cousin at the family home in Southall, England.

More than a dozen women are killed for violating community standards each year in the U.K., according to police. While Nazir's killers were jailed for life, U.K. police ignore hundreds of ``honor crimes'' to avoid inflaming relations with Muslim enclaves as they work to head off homegrown terror plots, say lawmakers and women's rights advocates.

``There is a kid-gloves approach on the basis that you don't want to offend these communities,'' says Usha Sood, a lawyer and lecturer at Nottingham Trent University who specializes in forced marriage cases. ``If you take into account the whole range of honor offenses, the number runs into the thousands.''

There is something seriously wrong in Britain.

Australia - Police probe Muslim sheik's DVDs

More from the religion of peace and tolerance.

Saudi Arabia's Export Of Radical Islam - Part Two

Here's part two of the series.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Antwerp bans Muslim head scarves

Good for them.

US - Muslims voice concern over portrayal of terrorists on ‘24’

The truth hurts.

UK - Muslim centre plan hitch

Looks like Britain may be starting to push back.

UK - Mosque claim over planned madressah

What's up with the 24 hours a day?

UK - Mosque allows terrorist to escape police

This is what police "sensitivity" training leads to.

The man, who is of Pakistani origin and lives in Manchester, was only placed under the control order this month. But within four days he disappeared. Police sources say that the man failed to show up at a local police station to surrender his passport. He was traced to a nearby mosque, where community leaders say he had sought sanctuary. Police rarely enter a mosque: they began discussions with both local community figures and leading officials connected to the mosque.

It is understood that while these talks were taking place, the young suspect was helped to escape through a back entrance while officers from Greater Manchester Police were stationed outside.

UK - CNN Investigates muslim extremism

They need to talk to London's mad mayor while they're at it.

UK - Brum's extreme Muslims exposed

Nice to see people reporting on this.

Saudi Arabia's Export Of Radical Islam – Part One

When is the US government going to do something about this?

UK - Mosque launches probe after TV claims

Claims? The video is pretty damning.

Which is why on of the imams in the video wants to "clarify" his speeches. Oh, I'd say he was clear enough on tape.

Preaching hate is happening at mosques around the world as this and other undercover investigations have proven. Not only that, there are videos of taped TV broadcasts preaching the same thing. Time the world faced the truth, Islam is a violent and intolerant religion.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Saudi Arabia -Saudis Want to Ban the Letter ‘X'

Because it looks like a cross. Think about that for a moment and then tell me why we should be tolerant of Islam.

German schools ban Muslim head scarves

Good to see more people standing up to Muslims.

Of course this could all change if Muslims become the majority.

And this will not help.

US - The AP is caught lying


UK - Preaching hate in the mosque:video

Similar undercover investigations prove this happens around the world and is far more common than uncommon.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Thailand - Muslim Beheads Buddhist in Thailand

The religion of peace and tolerance at work.

Israel - Deported imam rejected by 72 nations

Smart countries.

Australia - How Australia confronts militant Islam

Britain seems to be taking the opposite approach.

Ireland - al Qaeda in Ireland

Yes, even in Ireland.

UK - Islamists use raid to stir up UK Somalis

And the government refuses to ban them.

UK - Muslim preacher in secret web call for jihad

So much for the government's promise to deport these people.

UK - Muslim mums told to speak English at home

It would help their children integrate.

UK - school bans 13-year-old from wearing crucifix

The Daily Mail reports.

UK - And still they're preaching poison

while the government does nothing.

Actually, it's worse than nothing, as the government is giving them special treatment in hospitals and in jail.

UK - Muslim-only kitchen kit for jails

Next, they'll want their own seperate jails.

And they're demanding special treament from the NHS.

Germany pushes Muslim integration

Too late for that now.

Worse for Britain as the mayor of Londonistan, Ken Livinstone, is pushing multicultralism.

UK - Birmingham mosque leader critical of hate speech

Sure, once they've been exposed.

Iraq - Chemical Rocket Attack Against U.S. Base

At least that's what the terrorists want you to think.

US - Al-Muhajiroun - Islamists In The United States: Part One

They're here.

Part Two is here.

US - "National Security Questions At Stake, And We're Ignoring Them"

Nice to see the left wing media admit that.

UK - 21 July Muslim terror trial starts

Of course that's not the BBC headline. In fact, you won't find "Muslim" or "terror" in their report.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Pakistan - Brother kills sister for working and studying

Islam, the Left's religion of peace and tolerance.

Naheeda Bibi, 22, was shot three times by her brother on Sunday near her village outside Mansehra city, as she went to catch a bus to return to Rawalpindi where she studied and worked.

"The brother, Gul Shahzad, has no remorse and says she defied him and her father," local police officer Mohammad Afzal told Reuters by telephone.

"He kept on screaming after he surrendered to the police that she met the destiny willed for her by God," he said.

Germany - As a mosque rises, a dispute flares in Berlin

Germany is waking up to the danger within.

Last week, in a foundation laying ceremony that faced protests, members of the small, conservative Ahmadiyya Muslim group watched with pride as a patch of concrete was poured on the site of a razed sauerkraut factory in Heinersdorf, a neighborhood of modest businesses and tidy houses where no one is Islamic. The Ahmadiyyas picked the 5,200-square-foot lot because it was cheap. Members will commute to worship services from elsewhere in Berlin.

US - Democrats Place National Security Initiative In Hands of UN

No one should be surprised by this.

Somalia - Islamists backed by British money and men

The Times reports.

A number of young people from Somali families living in Britain are among the international brigade who have volunteered to fight with the country’s Islamic militia.

What do you think they are doing here in Britain?

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Australia - Local push for Islamic state

This same group is doing the same thing in the UK but the UK refuses to ban them.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

UK: British Muslim is Al-Qaeda banker

It's why it's called Londonistan.

Australia - Canberra vetoes mosque

Good for them. Here's why.

ISLAMIC leaders are demanding an explanation from Foreign Minister Alexander Downer after plans for the Saudi Government to invest in the construction of an Adelaide mosque were vetoed by Canberra.

The Foreign Minister revealed yesterday that the Government objected to a proposal for Saudi cash to be injected into development of the new mosque, which is believed to be located at Park Holme in Adelaide's southern suburbs.

Mr Downer said federal authorities had also been investigating broad concerns on funding sourced from the Middle East after concerns that mosques could become breeding grounds for extremists.

Undercover investigations around the world bear that out.

US - What Americans MUST Know About the Incoming Senate Intelligence Chairman

It's too late. Americans voted them in and now they will have to live with the consequences.

Iraq - Democrats Make Preparations for Iraqi Killing Fields

Just like they did in Vietnam.

Iranian brain drain

If Iran is such a wonderful country to live in, as the BBC's Tehran reporter keeps saying, then do so many want to leave? And if the US is such the great Satan as Iran and the BBC make it out to be, how come so many want to live there?

So, just how bad are things in Iran?

A year ago, the International Monetary Fund said Iran had the highest rate of brain drain of 90 countries it measured.

And how are things since then?

The figures have increased two-and-a-half times this year over the same period last year, according to the Australian administrators of the test.

Clearly Iran is not the rosy place the BBC's reporter makes it out to be. But before you thinks that Frances Harrison has finally had a dose of reality, look what she blames the brain drain on.

"And the cost to Iran of not stemming this brain drain - one government estimate put it at nearly $40bn a year.

It is a terrible indictment of Iran's economic planning that it is educating millions of its youth, but cannot offer them a future worth staying for."

Sure Frances, it has absolutely nothing to do with Islam and the governments imposition of its strict brand of it. Or the crackdown on free speech, attacks on universitites, banning of satelite tv and a general crackdown on freedoms.

Well, at least this time she didn't blame the crash of a Russian plane on the US embargo of spare parts.

US - Rep. Keith Ellison’s Excellent Opportunity

Watch for Ellison's response.

You can contact him here and find out.

The Hon. Keith Ellison
250 Marquette Avenue, Suite 225
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55401
Phone: (612) 664-8000
Fax: (612) 664-8004

Mail to Congressman at their offices in Washington is slowed considerably due to the anthrax quarantine. However, phone calls and faxes are effective; use the numbers below.

Phone: (202) 225-4755
Fax: (202) 225-4886

US - Not Muslim, No Taxi

Muslim taxis drivers who refuse fares in this manner should have their permits pulled.

US - A Disputed A.P. Source Turns Up, but Bloggers Are Not Appeased

Interesting how the New York Times picks up on the story after he was found. And just to make sure they circle the wagons for the AP, the Times leaves out the fact that, even though the AP's source may have been found, the AP's report is still incorrect. Beyond AP's dubious source, no one has confirmed 4 mosques were torched and no one can confirm that anyone was burned alive.

So, the fact remains, the AP invented a story, using a dubious source, to inflame the situation in Iraq. Worse, they've possibly done it in a further 60 stories.

Iraq - Why it's important

While much of Wretchard's post deals with Iraq, it points out the larger global war we are in. Read the whole thing and follow the links but here's the conclusion where he quotes Deputy Assistant to the President Peter Wehner.

"It is the fate of the West, and in particular the United States, to have to deal with the combined threat of Shia and Sunni extremists. ... The war against global jihadism will be long, and we will experience success and setbacks along the way. The temptation of the West will be to grow impatient and, in the face of this long struggle, to grow weary. Some will demand a quick victory and, absent that, they will want to withdraw from the battle. But this is a war from which we cannot withdraw. As we saw on September 11th, there are no safe harbors in which to hide. Our enemies have declared war on us, and their hatreds cannot be sated. We will either defeat them, or they will come after us with the unsheathed sword."

Those that want to withdraw from the battle would be the Democrats and those Americans that voted them into office should be ashamed for as Wretchard notes:

"We will either defeat them, or they will come after us with the unsheathed sword." That concisely expresses why the current debate over a "surge" or a withdrawal will never be the final word on the subject. The conflict is a condition of history, from which there is no escape."

Iraq - Anti war crowd spreading terrorist propaganda

When the left aren't busy making their own fake military anti war movies, they help spread Muslim terror propaganda.

U.S. Strikes al-Qaeda in Somalia

Looks like they got some big fish.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

UK - Top Muslim officers turn on ‘racist’ Met

The Times reports.

UK terror threat of 100 British Muslims

fighting in Iraq war.

A secret list of young Britons who have left to join the Iraqi terrorists' cause has been drawn up by MI5.

Now the security service is preparing for a 'backwash' of highly trained guerrilla fighters returning to Britain.

Meanwhile the UK does very little to stop the recruitment here.

UK - Waking up to the threat of Islamism

I'd like to think so but it sounds more like political talk to me. Listen to the double talk as first we are told this:

"The Government is launching a multi-million-pound package to help local authorities tackle Islamic extremism.

Communities Secretary Ruth Kelly also wants local councils to work with the Muslim community to combat Islamophobia."

It's all in our heads. But then we're told:

The scheme, which will be announced later this month, is reported to be worth £5m.

It follows intensive discussions with local authorities on how they can respond to the threat posed by violent extremists.

Ms Kelly told the Daily Mirror: "Extremism is an issue for all of us. Local authorities must rise to the challenge too.

"They have a pivotal role in winning the battle of hearts and minds in local communities.

So, we've gone from it's in our heads to "an issue for all of us" an if it's just islamophobia why this:

A spokeswoman said the announcement was part of a "huge" programme to tackle extremism.

She said this includes schemes to deal with radicalisation in institutions such as prisons, universities, colleges and schools.

Other plans to tackle extremism are to work with law enforcement agencies to improve intelligence-gathering, and supporting civic and theological leadership.

Got that? "Prisons, universities, colleges and schools" In other words Muslim extremism is everywhere. So much for islamophobia, eh?

And while the government is set to spend 5 million pounds to fight Islamism in schools, Scotland's Salmond pledges to fund Muslim schools. That should be a killer for any hopes of the SNP.

You'll hear cries from the left that Muslims are the victims and that Islam, a peacful and tolerant religion, is under attack. I've documented numerous times the undercover investigations into mosques which proves, one thing is being said by Islamic leaders in public and the opposite to Muslims. Here's another.

An undercover investigation has revealed disturbing evidence of Islamic extremism at a number of Britain's leading mosques and Muslim institutions, including an organisation praised by the Prime Minister.

Secret video footage reveals Muslim preachers exhorting followers to prepare for jihad, to hit girls for not wearing the hijab, and to create a 'state within a state'. Many of the preachers are linked to the Wahhabi strain of Islam practised in Saudi Arabia, which funds a number of Britain's leading Islamic institutions.

A forthcoming Channel 4 Dispatches programme paints an alarming picture of how preachers in some of Britain's most moderate mosques are urging followers to reject British laws in favour of those of Islam. Leaders of the mosques have expressed concern at the preachers' activities, saying they were unaware such views were being disseminated.

Sure they were.

Wake up Britain.

Meanwhile, Italy is set to take a look at their Muslim instituions.

US - Media Matters caught lying again

It's what the left does best.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Germany - Row Over Shooting Down Planes

Terror planes that is.

UK - Radical Islam And British Universities: Part One

Similar things are happeining on US campuses.

US - HD on your laptop for free

sounds good to me.

I wonder how this is going to work in the UK as regards the TV license?

US - Sheehan "Moonbatta Non Grata"

Now that they dont't need her, the left abondon Moma Moonbat Sheehan.

The Sheehanoids managed to cow Rep. Rahm Emanuel into shutting down his press conference. And from the Angry Left bloggers who once cheered her on: silence. Browsing the homepages of the Daily Kos, Atrios, Talking Points Memo and the Puffington Host, we can't find a single mention of the erstwhile moonbat heartthrob.

It comes as a relief to realize that many of those who once treated Sheehan as a heroine did so merely out of partisanship, not hatred of country.

Can't say I agree as they put their party before their country.

Iraq - Oh, You Mean That Jamil Hussein!

CQ has a take on the finidng of the AP's Jamil Hussein. Be sure and follow the links to Curt and Michelle for more information.

Stay tuned as this story isn't over yet and the AP, the military and the Iraqi IM still have some explaining to do.

US - Airport Battles Some Muslim Cabbies

Good for them.

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - Officials at Minneapolis-St. Paul International airport are proposing stiffer penalties - including suspension of an airport taxi license - to Muslim cab drivers who refuse service to passengers toting alcohol or service dogs.

I've heard them called seeing eye dogs and guide dogs, but never service dogs.

Thursday, January 04, 2007


and as Glenn notes:

"If these were U.S. troops, it would be proof that Bush is Hitler, and America is evil. Since we're talking about the U.N., though, it's just one of those regrettable incidents that can't be helped, really."


US - AP's credibility problem continues

and will likely get worse.

US - Keith Ellison's Koran problems

aren't going away.

Scroll down Memeorandum for more blog reactions.

US - Anti war protesters protest the Democrats

Hey, they voted them in.

House Democrats tried to unveil their lobbying reform package today, but their press conference was drowned out by chants from anti-war activists who want Congress to stop funding the Iraq war before taking on other issues.

Led by Cindy Sheehan, the mother of a slain soldier, the protesters chanted "De-escalate, investigate, troops home now" as Democratic Caucus Chairman Rahm Emanuel, D-Ill., began outlining the Democrats' plans to ban lobbyist-funded travel and institute other ethics reforms. The press conference was held in the Cannon House Office Building in an area open to the public.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

UK - Muslim cartoon protester urged murder

Over a cartoon! These people are insane.

More here.

US - The AP's Jamil Hussein Scandal

Eason Jordon reports. He should know about such things.

If an Iraqi police captain by the name of Jamil Hussein exists, there is no convincing evidence of it - and that means the Associated Press has a journalistic scandal on its hands that will fester until the AP deals with it properly.

This controversy and the AP's handling of it call into question the credibility, integrity, and smarts of one of the world's biggest, most influential, most respected news organizations, the New York-based Associated Press.

US - Is Pelosi serious about cleaning up the House?

Of course not.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Denmark - Culture Clash

The price of loose immigration and multiculturalism.

Islam needs Enlightenment


Pakistan - Freed jihadis put war on terror 'back to square one'

The Telegraph reports.

Senior officers say they are "back to square one" in their fight against international terrorist groups after the release of dozens of militants by Pakistani courts. High-ranking police officials say that as many as 80 hard-core militants are on the loose after being cleared by the courts or released on bail.

They are believed to have been involved in crimes including the attempted assassination of President Pervez Musharraf and a suicide attack on the American consulate in Karachi.

A memo sent by Pakistan's interior ministry to law enforcement agencies around the country warns of a plot to use suicide bombers to target Britons and Americans, including diplomats, in a coordinated campaign involving some of the country's most notorious terrorist groups. The ministry warned that the bombers were also believed to be looking at high-profile individuals and military installations as potential targets.

France - Hundreds of cars torched overnight

"Youths" at it again.

UK - Terror alert over executive jets

Another loophole to close.

UK - why these leading Muslims won't wear the veil

Because they know the veil is a radical political statment.

Dr Khadiga Safwat is a distinguished Sudanese academic and former director of the Middle Eastern and African Research Centre in Wales. When she speaks about the growing popularity of the veil, she immediately puts it into a political context. "I suspect political Islam of being behind all this. It's a political statement, a reaction to globalisation," she tells me.

All the women believe the veil debate demonstrates the fondness of the media for highlighting extreme views. Women who wear the niqab "represent a fringe", says Amal Ghandour, a communications strategist, "but the media tend to focus on them."

And then when anyone points out that the veil is not a religious symbol but a radical political statement, they're labeled a bigot or racist.

Even al Qaeda admit veiled Muslim women are aiding their cause.

The authenticity of the tape could not be verified, but it was posted on websites used by al-Qaeda and other insurgent groups in Iraq and the voice of speaker sounded like Zawahri's. The statement - said to have been issued by al-Qaeda's "media arm" al-Sahab - praised Muslim women who insist on wearing the Islamic veil despite pressures not to in some Western lands.

He described anyone doing that as "a soldier in the battle of Islam against the Zionist- Crusader attack".

Somalia - Islamist support from Oslo

Norway is paying the price for loose immigration.

ISLAM: What we must know about Islam

Good place to start.

US - Saddam was "assassinated"

That's what one reporter calls it.

US - CAIR award recinded

Nice to see some waking up to the true nature of CAIR.

UK - Muslims 'refuse anti-MRSA gel'

because they contain alcohol.

Then they shouldn't be allowed on the wards.

UK - Channel 4's radical Muslim unveiled.

Last week I posted about the true nature of Channel 4's veiled Muslim woman and criticized the channel for giving her a platform to spread her propaganda. Now, she's been unmasked and she's just what I said she was, a radical Muslim.

She works for the radical Minhaj ul Qur'an group from its UK base at a mosque in nearby Forest Gate - running a "sisters' group" for other female muslims, travelling the country making converts, and broadcasting on Asian local radio stations.

Minhaj ul Qur'an was established in Pakistan, but operates in 92 countries, and aims to convert the whole world in Islam.

In Pakistan the religious group has a political wing - the Pakistan People Movement - which boasts it is "actively working to establish an Islamic state in Pakistan" to ensure "muslims have an international voice and political power to relieve the ongoing oppression and subjugation of muslims around the world".

UK - ethnic minority only swimming sessions

How is this integrating?

A council has been fiercely criticised for holding ethnic-minority only swimming sessions.

Wolverhampton City Council employs special life-guards and instructors for the sessions, which are open to the city's black and Asian residents only.

It claims the weekly periods are for women and children with "religious or cultural issues which would otherwise prevent them from taking part."

But furious pool-users say they amount to racial segregation and claim they are being prevented from using the pool - simply because they may be white.


The Times has more on this insanity.

Lite Blogging

Blogging has been lite because I chipped my ankle bone and have had to put my feet up most of the time.

I managed to get out to a friends for New Years and had a great one. I hope you all did as well and here's to the best for this year.
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