Thursday, November 30, 2006

US - Muslims unhappy over YouTube exposure

It seems some Muslims are not happy at having the abuses of Islam exposed on YouTube and are mounting a campaign to have the videos removed. Of course, they don't seem to mind jihad videos being shown.

Iraq - Iranian Weapons Arm Iraqi Militia

ABC act as if they're surprised by this.

UK - BBC apologises to Taliban

Speaks for itself.

Africa - 'I thought Islam told us to do so'

Female circumcision isn't the only thing many Muslims are misled about.

UK - Immigration sparks white exodus

Britain is following the path of Europe.

UK - Number of Asian youngsters not in work doubles

We're facing the same disaster as France.

UK - Illegal immigrants freed

after setting their detention center on fire. Not a good precedent.

It gets worse.

In a second twist, it emerged immigration staff have been told not to detain any new suspected illegals or failed asylum seekers for the next 48-hours. Officials say it would be pointless as there is nowhere to put them.

Vienna - St. Nick Banned

because of Muslim appeasement.

Morocco - Imam arrested for recruiting suicide bombers

for Iraq.

US - New York Times reporters going to jail?

Let's hope so.

Morocco jails German for trying to convert Muslims

The left's religion of peace and tolerance at work.

RABAT (Reuters) - A Moroccan court jailed a German tourist for six months for attempting to convert Muslims in the southern resort of Agadir, officials said on Wednesday.

The court in Agadir, Morocco's main tourist destination, found the 64-year-old man guilty of trying to "shake the faith of a Muslim," they added.

What exactly was he doing you ask?

Court officials named the German of Egyptian origin as Sadek Noshi Yassa, who was arrested last week as he was distributing books and CDs about the Christian faith to young Muslim Moroccans in the street, the officials said.

Now, if you dare criticize this barbaric act by Muslims, the left will call you a racist or bigot.

Iraq - AP stands by phantom source

Glenn has a round up and AP has some explaining to do.

Lots of explaining.

More backgroud here with plenty of links.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

UK - Licence fee blow as BBC reels at Grade defection

Let's hope they end this extortion.

Ministers are said to be poised to issue a real-terms cut in the TV licence, rather than handing the broadcaster the above-inflation deal it says it needs.

Good! Cut the whole damn thing! If the BBC is so damn good, it ought to be able to compete in the market place like everyone else.

Cuba - Swiss banks cut ties

Missed this last month.

Geneva - Switzerland's two biggest banks, UBS and Credit Suisse, have stopped all transactions with Cuba, they both said on Sunday.

Spokespeople for the banks said they now consider Cuba to be a "sensitive" country, confirming a report by the Swiss German weekly SonntagsZeitung.

UBS, Switzerland's largest bank, also stopped business with Cuban companies and people living on the communist island.

Christoph Meier, UBS spokesperson, said it costs too much to ensure that Cuba respects and conforms to legal and financial regulations.

Cuba joins a number of "sensitive" countries with which UBS has no business relations, including Iran, Myanmar, North Korea, Sudan and Syria.

via Biased BBC

Australia - Simulating jihad in high school

More brainwashing of kids by the left.

Europe - Failing to confront the Islamists.

Victor Hanson has some thoughts.

Just imagine in our present year, 2006: plan an opera in today's Germany, and then shut it down. Again, this surrender was not done last month by the Nazis, the Communists, or kings, but by the producers themselves in simple fear of Islamic fanatics who objected to purported bad taste. Or write a novel deemed unflattering to the Prophet Mohammed. That is what did Salman Rushdie did, and for his daring, he faced years of solitude, ostracism, and death threats--and in the heart of Europe no less. Or compose a documentary film, as did the often obnoxious Theo Van Gogh, and you may well have your throat cut in "liberal" Holland. Or better yet, sketch a simple cartoon in postmodern Denmark of legendary easy tolerance, and then go into hiding to save yourself from the gruesome fate of a Van Gogh. Or quote an ancient treatise, as did Pope Benedict, and then learn that all of Christendom may come under assault, and even the magnificent stones of the Vatican may offer no refuge--although their costumed Swiss Guard would prove a better bulwark than the European police. Or write a book critical of Islam, and then go into hiding in fear of your life, as did French philosophy teacher Robert Redeker.

But to the left, Islam is the religion of peace and tolerance.

Read the whole thing.

UN - Annan Criticizes Human Rights Council's Resolutions on Israel

Annan? Koffi Annan?

UNITED NATIONS — The U.N. Human Rights Council passed a resolution on Darfur yesterday, its first on the region in its five-month existence. The resolution faulted no one for violating human rights and was so noncommittal that Europe and Canada opposed it. On more familiar ground, the council also passed two new anti-Israeli resolutions.

The Geneva-based rights council's record — six resolutions condemning Israeli violations; none criticizing any other country — was criticized even by Secretary-General Annan yesterday. Human Rights Watch, Amnesty, and other independent organizations have also expressed disappointment with the council recently.

Human Rights Watch and Amnesty complained as well? I'll be darned.

Annan, the master of the understatment.

"Obviously not everyone is entirely happy with the way they have started," Mr. Annan said. "Since the beginning of their work, they have focused almost entirely on Israel, and there are other crisis situations, like Sudan, where they have not been able to say a word."

Obviously, Mr. Annan the UN is still clueless.

Separately, the U.N. General Assembly today will hold its annual "international day of solidarity with the Palestinian people," marked symbolically on the anniversary of a November 29, 1947, resolution that divided British-mandated Palestine into two states

Yes, and last year at the annual get together, Annan posed with Palestinian representatives in front of a map of the Middle East that did not conatin the country of Israel - a member state of the UN.

US - Left wing Mob Rule on College Campuses

Even some in California are noticing.

America's college campuses, once thought to be bastions of free speech, have become increasingly intolerant toward the practice. Visiting speakers whose views do not conform to the prevailing left-leaning political mind-set on most campuses are at particular risk of having their free speech rights infringed upon.

While academia has its own crimes to atone for, it's the students who have become the bullies as of late. A disturbing number seem to feel that theirs is an inviolate world to which no one of differing opinion need apply. As a result, everything from pie throwing to disrupting speeches to attacks on speakers has become commonplace.

That's the left for you.

US - Sniffer bees set to snare suicide bombers

Sounds crazy, but what the heck if it works.

Afghanistan - Teacher disembowelled, then torn apart

The Independent reports.

The 46-year-old schoolteacher tried to reassure his family that he would return safely. But his life was over, he was part-disembowelled and then torn apart with his arms and legs tied to motorbikes, the remains put on display as a warning to others against defying Taliban orders to stop educating girls.

That would be the same Taleban the left love to defend.

US - Pelosi Won’t Pick Tainted Lawmaker for Key Post

Even the New York Times dumps on Hastings.

Pelosi's two top picks have now been dumped because they were "tainted". That says a lot about Pelosi and the Democrats. And were still waiting to see what happens to William "Freezer" Jefferson who was caught with $90,000 in marked FBI bills in his freezer.

US - Marshals decry imams' charges

The Wasington Times reports.

Air marshals, pilots and security officials yesterday expressed concern that airline passengers and crews will be reluctant to report suspicious behavior aboard for fear of being called "racists," after several Muslim imams made that charge in a press conference Monday at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.

Which is exactly what the jihadists want.

UK - Prison: Breeding ground for terrorists

It's not just Universities and the Mosque where Muslims are recruited for terrorism, they're recruited in prison as well. Little Bulldogs notes this about Hamza.

Hamza's cell is 4 away from Dhiren Barot, the man sentenced to 40 years in prison for plotting to kill thousands of people in the UK and US. The two men are apparently spending lots of time together and with the other terrorists. A source told the newspaper:

He and Hamza are very close. They’re allowed together for Friday prayers and get the chance to speak with all of the other terror suspects. There’s nothing the prison can do to stop them.

Now, read this from Western Resistance. As you read, note the reference to Croydon mosque. Interesting how often it keeps cropping up in these stories.

"Winston" was not happy at being denounced by the Brixton mosque. He told the Evening Standard reporter: "Fucking cheek!" he said. "Mocking us. There be retribution for this!"

He described his religious beliefs: "I converted when I was in prison. I found it relaxing, we got better food. Now we all go to mosque together. If I refuse, they blow [shoot] me, innit. I pray twice a day: before I do crime, and after. I ask Allah for a blessing when I'm out on the street. Afterwards, I apologise to Allah for what I done."

Prison seems to attract a lot of converts to Islam, and many converts join because from the example of early Muslims, their activities of robbery and killing do not differ too widely from the behavior of the founder of Islam and his followers. Replace "caravan-raiding" with " raiding drug-dealer's apartments" and "attacking infidels" with "anyone outside one's gang" and a simplistic interpretation of Islam appeals to disaffected, violent youth, who do not need to radically change their mindset to call themselves religious.

In prison, the "Muslim Boys" have been responsible for maintaining their religious beliefs through forced conversions.

US - Two Muslims admit helping Taleban

Pakistan connection.

Europe's tolerance finds its limit

Or, the death of multiculturalism.

Tolerance may have died in Europe the day Mohammed Bouyeri murdered Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh.

Obviously tolerance died before that, since Van Gogh was murdered by Muslim fanatics for making an accurate movie critical of Islam's treatment of women. Europe's tolerance of Muslim intolerance may have ended that day.

UK - Another MP who gets it

Too bad more of them don't.

Iraq - AP's credibility called into question

If you're new to the story start here and follow the links.

Story updated here and here.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

France - Civil war

That's what this sounds like.

Reuters calls it a "guerrilla war ".

UK - BBC would like to slience blogs

The BBC's afraid it will lose its rattle.

US - The dagger at their throats

Debra J. Saunders reviews Daveed Gartenstein-Ross's book "My Year Inside Radical Islam" and has a warning for the left. A warning I've been sounding for years and Saunders has the answer to why the left isn't listening - to their peril.

In a fascinating memoir due in stores in February, "My Year Inside Radical Islam," Gartenstein-Ross describes how he was drawn to Islam because he saw it as a religion of peace.

Over time, however, he watched himself and those around him seduced into a fanaticism that required them to loathe not only non-Muslims, but also Muslims who belonged to the wrong sect, listened to music or shaved. He had expected an open, accepting religion, only to hear sheikhs arguing that Muslims who leave the religion should be killed, that it is acceptable to kill civilians for jihad and that good Muslims should work to replace democratic governments with Shariah law.

She has this to say to the left.

Islam's approach to homosexuality is another area that the left ignores in deference to multiculturalism. (Think of Bay Area liberals who voice outrage at the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy, but are silent about the Shariah policy on homosexuals -- 100 lashes or death.) Ditto the status of women.

And for those hypocritical leftists she has this warning.

There are forces in this world that would kill these elites for the apostasy, but elites are so blinded with their sense of superiority over their political enemies -- like President Bush -- that they can't even see the dagger pointed at their throats.

I don't care if the left want to committ suicide, I just don't want them to get me killed in the process.

Saudi play causes brawl as Islamists storm stage

The religion of peace and tolerance at work.

UK - The end of one law for all?

More like the end of Britain.

Ethnic and religious courts are gaining ground in the UK. Will this lead to different justice for different people?

Aydarus Yusuf has lived in the UK for the past 15 years, but he feels more bound by the traditional law of his country of birth - Somalia - than he does by the law of England and Wales.

Which is another reason they're not integrating.

So how did this court come about? Some academic lawyers see these alternative legal systems as an inevitable - and welcome - consequence of multiculturalism.

Those wackademics and the BBC might welcome it but multiculturalism is dead. That doesn't stop the BBC from championing Islamic law.

Amongst the UK's Muslims there are sharply contrasting views about Sharia or Islamic law in the UK. Sharia is the historic legal foundations of the Islamic world - like English law, it has developed over centuries but is based on simple principles.

Yes, like death to gays, stoning of women, requiring rape victims to have four witness and if they can't, punish the victim, death to those who leave Islam, just to name a few.

Then the BBC turn to their go to Muslim organization, the Islamists front group, The Muslim Council of Britain.

The UK's most prominent Muslim organisation, the Muslim Council of Britain, opposes the idea, saying it will not support a dual legal system.

And why would they not support a dual legal system, Auntie? Because they want one legal system - Islamic.

UK - Abu Hamza loses incitement appeal

Great news!

And this is icing on the cake.

Legal Aid officials say they will now seek to recover some or all of the costs incurred by the defence team.

US - Festival Nixes 'Nativity Story' Ads Over Fears of Offending Non-Christians

What about offending Christians for taking Christmas out of Christmas?

CHICAGO — A public Christmas festival is no place for the Christmas story, the city says. Officials have asked organizers of a downtown Christmas festival, the German Christkindlmarket, to reconsider using a movie studio as a sponsor because it is worried ads for its film "The Nativity Story" might offend non-Christians.


Venezuela - Corruption Hits Record Levels Under Chavez

According to the Cato institute.

Dubbing Chavez's government "hypercorrupt," Coronel identifies four main reasons for the nation's rapid decline to the bottom of global corruption and economic freedom indices. Misused oil income, mediocre management, Chavez's determination to play a "messianic" role in world affairs, and political populism designed to garner the affection of the people rather than promote the creation of new wealth have also contributed to the rise of graft.

Coronel classifies Venezuelan corruption into three categories -- grand corruption, bureaucratic corruption and systemic corruption -- and details disturbing examples of graft, incompetence and flagrant disregard for both the rule of law and the welfare of Venezuelans. For example, the operations of at least two state-run financial institutions are completely opaque and the institutions spend funds at the discretion of Chavez alone. The management of national funds is done in secrecy and without accountability to the people.

One of those benefiting from Chavez's corruption while the people of Vnezuela suffer, is none other than London's mayor, Red Ken Livingstone.

UK - BBC "incandescent with rage" at Grade departure

Sky News reports.

Now the BBC knows how we feel when we have to read the BBC's propaganda.

Iraq - Who is SAMEER N. YACOUB?

A propaganda source the media love.

Islam - Terrorists launch Google guide

The Jawa Reports.

US - New York Times forced to turn over phone records

by the Supreme Court.

The one-sentence order came in a First Amendment battle that involves stories written in 2001 by Times reporters Judith Miller and Philip Shenon. The stories revealed the government's plans to freeze the assets of two Islamic charities, the Holy Land Foundation and the Global Relief Foundation.

Actually, the reporters tipped off the two charities that were the target of the terrorist funding investigation.

The Tribune leaves out some important facts in their reporting. Namely, that the two charities were shut down for funding Muslim terrorism.

Then there's this:

Like the CIA leak investigation into who in the Bush administration revealed the identity of Valerie Plame, the current Justice Department probe is being conducted by Patrick Fitzgerald, who is prosecuting Vice President Dick Cheney's former chief of staff in the Plame case.

The Tribune knows full well that Richard Armitage of the State Department and not Bush's administration, has confessed to leaking Plame's name.

Iraq - AP busted for using fake sources

See here, here and here.

The left wing media were caught lying in their coverage in Lebanon.

The far left wing BBC are caught lying all the time.

What a sad and sorry state today's media is in.


The Washington Post joins in the false reporting from Iraq.

It's clear to see whose side the media is on in this war.

US - How the imams terrorized an airliner

This looks like a set up by the Islamist front group CAIR.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Iraq - Getting The News From The Enemy

is what the left wing media does.

Be sure and read all the updates as there is important information in them.

It's been said that terrorism is a propaganda war disguised as military one. As usual, the left wing media is providing the propaganda megaphone.

Islam - al Qaeda's new front:video

You can watch it here.

US - What is Russia's Real Game?

Same as it ever was.


Nice to see people wanting to stand up to the spread of Islamism. But, as the lastest US elections show, it may be too little too late.

UK - Racist Cranks

Harry's Place wants to know why there are so many of them in the left and why RESPECT promotes them. Good questions.

A good question for the Democrats in America who seem to be infested with racists.

India: Law now lets Muslim women initiate divorce

A little progress in bringing Islam out of the dark ages but progress none the less.

UK - Filth and shame in an NHS hospital

The London Times reports.

Twenty-four hours to save the NHS! I wonder how often that promise comes back to haunt Tony Blair 10 years later. Week after week reliable reports and the government’s own figures tell a disgraceful story of incompetence, debt, misery and filth in the National Health Service. That story is supported, week after week, by heart-rending personal accounts of horrors on the wards.

The broken new Labour promise that caught most public attention last week was the failure to abolish mixed-sex wards. Janet Street-Porter, the ferocious media personality, wrote about the misery of her sister when dying of cancer in a mixed-sex NHS ward. Plenty of other people have tried to draw attention to this disgrace and Baroness Knight, the Conservative peer, has been campaigning about it for years but — such is the spirit of the times — it takes a loud-mouth celebrity to get public attention.

I've recently had several friends, male and female, who had short hospital stays and were on mixed wards. That raised a question in my mind and I asked each of them, where did Muslim women stay? They have their own ward came the reply. Now, I don't know how widespread this is, but if true and I have no reason to doubt these people, it's wrong and should be stopped.

UK - MPACUK Encouraging Terrorism?

This sure sounds like it.

Islam - Quartet of ladies shows where we're headed

Mark Steyn has some thoughts.

Iraq - Bring back Saddam Hussein

That's what Jonathan Chait says in the LA Times. I'm not kidding and neither is he. His conclusion:

I know why restoring a brutal tyrant to power is a bad idea. Somebody explain to me why it's worse than all the others.

As they saying goes, "if you have to ask...".

Now you see why the LA Times, like most of the left wing media, is in such steep decline.

This is the same LA Times that spreading propaganda for terrorists in Iraq.

It's pretty clear whose side the LA Times is on.

Indonesia - Euro MPs warn over introduction of Sharia law

EU getting a spine?

Nassauer said a religious legal system must not influence the state legal code.

"According to our conception of most fundamental human rights, the liberty of... faith is one of the most important ones. It includes the right to live without faith and consequently you do not have to obey a faith which is not yours," he said.

Nassauer said restrictions on women introduced under Sharia were "not acceptable".

"From our point of view it's not acceptable to forbid women to leave the house alone after eight o'clock in the evening," he said, citing one example delegates heard about.

Why aren't we hearing this louder and more often?

UK - Muslim Terror Trial Traces a Path to Militant Islam

Unlike the BBC, The New York Times identifies the terrorists as Muslims. It's a long article but well worth the read as it contains lots of disturbing facts. What stands out for me is that the evidence suggests that there are many more like this group.

Mr. Babar said Mr. Khyam told him that he and other “brothers” from Crawley were not just a local operation but reported to a man called Abdul Hadi, described by Mr. Khyam as the “No. 3” in Al Qaeda.

In mid-2003, the prosecution said, the Crevice suspects began coming together in Pakistan where Mr. Babar’s home in Lahore was a haven for young, radical Britons of Pakistani descent.

And this is worrying.

They found the cookie tin containing aluminum powder behind a shed at Mr. Khyam’s family home in Crawley. They also found a dozen CD-ROMs giving detailed plans of Britain’s electricity and gas systems that they charged had been stolen from the National Grid Transco utility company by an employee, Waheed Mahmood. At 34, Mr. Mahmood, a father of four, is the oldest Crevice defendant.

It would be very interesting to see who published this.

Investigators also found instructions for how to react if contacted by counterterrorism authorities.

I'm betting the MAB or MCB.

And this isn't comforting.

“Counterterrorism efforts haven’t been able to penetrate the process of radicalization and recruitment,” said Sajjan M. Gohel, director for international security at the London-based Asia-Pacific Foundation. “For every individual captured or killed, there are at least five more coming down the assembly line.

But hey, according the left wing media, we're all just Islamophobes.

US - Imams Skip Baggage-Check: BBC Skip Reality-Check

More and more people are noting and reporting the bias at the BBC. And that's a good thing.

More here.

This may have something to do with it.

Pakistan: Two Christians Jailed Under Islamist Blasphemy Laws

There's a lot more to this story.

Thailand to close all 944 schools in Muslim south

Still don't think the terrorists are winning?

UK - Muslims oppose vast mosque plan

As should we all. Here's why.

The concern is not the building, but the activities of Tablighi Jamaat, the ultra-orthodox sect that is behind the huge mosque.

A petition against the scheme, organised by Muslims in the East London borough of Newham, attracted 2,500 signatures in only ten days and is continuing to draw support. It says that allowing Tablighi Jamaat to build the mosque would aggravate community tensions.

Europe - The bomber's privacy is paramount

It would seem so.

Afghanistan’s new army will see the world

and pay the world back for helping restore democracy.

"The reason was that we really envisaged that in the future, once we are well-trained and well-equipped, we will be able to pay some of our debt to the international community by participating in peacekeeping operation or taking on the operation of shared interest and shared goals and to be also a permanent part of war against terrorism."

UK - Journalists have no morality, PM's wife

The left wing media certainly doesn't.

Mrs Blair had been invited to join the university chancellor, John Simpson, as the BBC's world affairs editor addressed a small group of journalism students. One student, Lya Pfaffli, said: "I think we were all quite taken aback at her complete lack of tact and diplomacy... she was in a room with at least three, reputedly ethical, journalists.

Yes, "reputedly". And that would be the same John Simpson who called the 7/7 Muslim terrorists "misguided criminals", who called al Qaeda the "resistance" and who works for this BBC.

But who does the PM's wife attack? The Daily Mail. The newspaper that revealed the BBC's admission that they are a far left wing rag.

Iran - Plane crash: BBC - America not to blame

At least as of this writing, the BBC is not blaiming America for this crash. Ususaly, the BBC blames all airplane crashes on US sanctions even when the plane is Russian and the cause of the crash is a burst tyre. It's early yet and maybe the editors didn't catch the "error" yet.


Not to worry, the International Herald Tribute picks up the slack.

Ok. Let me get this straight. The Iranians can build nuclear reactors, nuclear bombs and all manner of high tech military gear, but they can't do simple airplane maintenance. That's what the left wing media want you to believe.

US - Top Democrat says our troops are stupid

Hot Air has the story with video.

I want to make it abundantly clear: if there’s anyone who believes that these youngsters want to fight, as the Pentagon and some generals have said, you can just forget about it. No young, bright individual wants to fight just because of a bonus and just because of educational benefits. And most all of them come from communities of very, very high unemployment. If a young fella has an option of having a decent career or joining the army to fight in Iraq, you can bet your life that he would not be in Iraq.

Unfortunately for Rangel, the re-enlistment figures are the highest for combat units in Iraq. Add to this the fact that our all volunteer force met or exceeded its recruiting goal. And Rangel needs to read up on the Myths about our soldiers More here and here.

Rangel is the Democrat pushing to bring back the draft.

As I keep saying, all those who voted for the Democrats are getting exactly what they deserve - a mess.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Venezuela turns against Chavez

Gateway Pundit has some amazing photos and reasons not to believe the polls you may be reading about how far ahead Chavez is.

Just think, if they through Chavez out they'll get two for one as London's mad mayor, Red Ken Livingstone, will be out of one of his jobs as well.

US - Terror front group in airport protest

Charles reports.

Islam - Media aiding terrorist propaganda

Charles reports.

Europe - The Islamization of Europe’s Cities

continues at a rapid pace. Here in the UK, the process is being sped up by the BBC.

Japan - Tokyo has frozen 10 billion dollars to Iran

Putting the squeeze on.

Iraq - Four insurgents killed, one cross-dresser captured

From Yahoo news.

"One of the terrorists was hiding in a house dressed as a woman, pretending to nurse a baby," said the statement.

US - Muslim Kicked out of Mosque for Anti-Terror Column

Watch this video.

Besides the obvious, here's something that stood out for me. Listen as the man relates how he was chastised for criticizing Muslims in front of non Muslims. That's one of the many taboos in Islam, Muslims must not speak out against Islam in front of us infidels. As has been said, Islam can take a bullet but it can't take criticisim.


More here.

UK - BBC "Hamas activist "

To the BBC they're not terrorists, radicals or even militants. Now they're just activists.

This isn't surprising as the BBC calls the 7/7 Muslim terrorists "misguided criminals" and al Qaeda is the "resistance". Typical left wing BBC propaganda.

US - Muslims protest with prayer at airport

The Seattle Times reports.

"We are asserting the right of Muslims to be free of fear, free of apprehension, to take an equal seat at the table," said Jafar Siddiqui, a member of American Muslims of Puget Sound.

OK. How about some mass protests outside mosques around the world by non Muslims asserting our right to be free of fear from Muslim terrorism and to demand that Muslims fix their problem. As Sir Steven said, this is a Muslim problem, they own it and they need to fix it.

As usual, MSM leave out the terrorist connections.

More here.

Morocco - City said to be terrorist breeding ground

UPI reports.

TETOUAN, Morocco, Nov. 25 (UPI) -- A Moroccan seaport 3,000 miles from Iraq has become one of the world's most fertile recruiting grounds for jihadists, U.S. officials say.

In the past eight months a group of young men, all worshippers at the same mosque, have left their homes in Tetouan, a few miles from the Strait of Gibraltar, to become suicide bombers in Iraq, The Daily Telegraph of London reports.

US - The left's moral equivalence problem

Glenn explains. And, as Glenn points out, it's sad to have to point this out.

Islam - Outlawing female circumcision

A little progress but progress none the less. Islam will only come out of the dark ages kicking and screaming.

Philippines nabs a big catch in the War on Terror!

You gotta love the irony of the guy's tee shirt.

Iraq - Salvation vs Scholars

Here's a prime example of a blogger doing a far better job at reporting than mainstream media - and for free.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Iran - 4,000 Gays Executed

Gateway Pundit reports.

US - CAIR's Five-Year Propaganda Push Continues

Terrorists know how to play the propaganda game.

UK - BBC is a poison to the world

and we pay for that poison. At the very least the BBC should be forced to drop the "British" from their name.

UK - Soldiers turned away from bar after funeral

What has happened to Britain? I don't know how widespread in the UK this is, but it's sad if it is widespread.

This reminds me of the recent incident in one of my locals, here in Scotland, when 3 RAF men in uniform asked the bar staff if they were allowed in in uniform. The bar staff looked mystified and said but of course. Whereupon the locals paid for all their drinks.

US - Imposing Islam on Americans

Sadly, not enough Muslims speak out against this. When they do, the left wing media tend to ignore it.

Thailand - Muslims shut some 330 schools

The religion of peace in action.

BANGKOK : Thailand will close some 330 public schools in the country's restive Muslim-majority south after two teachers were killed by suspected Islamic militants this week, an official said Saturday.

The decision will affect all 334 schools, ranging from elementary to high schools, in Pattani, one of three violence-torn southern provinces bordering Malaysia, the official said.

New Zealand - Soldiers get guns

for the first time in 50 years.

Philippines - al Qaeda threat growing

That's what it looks like judging from this.

MANILA. — Suspected allies of international terrorist leader Osama bin Laden were able to enter the Philippines using fake visas and other forged travel documents, Philippine Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez said yesterday.

and this.

The Justice Department has received intelligence reports that four international airlines are being used for human trafficking to Manila by emissaries of Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden.

A focus of surveillance is being made on foreigners from Pakistan, Afghanistan and India who are arriving under suspicious circuumstances.

US - N.Y. Times Asks Court to Limit Probe

The Times is always calling for people to be prosecuted for allegedly leaking Plame's name, until they found out it was Armitage, but when it comes to prosecuting Times own leakers then it's a different story.

Germany - Berlin Paranoid of Terroism: 32,000 Muslims Monitored


Fear of terrorism, which has seized Europe after the Sept. 11, Madrid and London attacks, has put more pressure on Muslims, who are now being treated as “potential terrorists.”

Oh, I think we're leaving out one or two, don't you?

But hey, why blame Muslims for Muslim terrorism when you can blame the press for reporting on Muslim terrorism?

Speaking to Zaman, Wolfgang Weber, Chair of the Bavaria Office for Protection of the Constitution, said that the terrorism threat had been exaggerated by the media. Noting that the point of view and the degree of exaggeration varied according to the channel and newspaper, Weber said they mostly focused on Islamic radicalism and extreme right wing groups, and further confessed that they had intelligence agents inside the Muslim associations.

If anything, the left wing media are downplaying the threat.

UK - how many paedophiles can there be?

Boris Johnson relates his recent experience flying BA and how our fears are harming our children, affecting their education and, ultimately, our society. I'm reminded of Pink Floyd's song "Momma" and the words "did you have to build it so high".

As a parent of 3 young children, two boys and a girl, I have to confess to having some of these fears. I'm sorry but as a parent of young children you can't be too careful in this day and age. You can't undo what's done.

My wife and I talk about this often and we try and balance our fears with rational thought. Still, depending on the situation, the radar is on and the defenses go up depending on the situation.

While the numbers of paedophiles may be small and the number of teachers or other adults in positions of authority who molest young children is likewise small, no parent wants their child to be the one in the news. Everytime there's a newsreport about such incidents, the report usualy talks about how surprised everyone is that it happened in their town or how they never suspected so and so.

With increased awareness, improved police investigative techniques and more people willing go come forward, we've discovered in the last few years that the paedophile problem is much worse than we thought. We now know that our old sterotype of what a paedophile looks like was totally wrong. A paedophile can be young, old, male, female, professional, doctor, lawyer, teacher or doctor, to name a few. This is what makes defending your child so difficult. As with most things, authorities differ on what the profile looks like, or indeed, if you can profile a paedophile. But from what I've read this one sounds close.

No doubt people will have their own views and ways of handling the situation. All I know is that I would never forgive myself if I didn't do all I could to protect my children. That doesn't mean we build the wall so high, that means we educate our children about the dangers, provide them with the tools to stay safe, keep our ears and eyes open, talk to our neighbours, teachers and the police and keep abrest of the news on the subject. We owe it to our children to give them at least a start in life.

Having said all that, BA's policy, if it is a policy, seems a bit overboard. I've never heard of a child being attacked on a plane.


Case in point.

A COUPLE let their 12-year-old son help an arthritic grandad with gardening — not realising the pensioner was a paedophile.

Kenneth Tracy, 76, repeatedly sexually abused the lad — and took him to meet a fellow pervert who raped him, a court heard yesterday.

Pakistan hands over Taliban suspects to Afghanistan

Reuters reports.

Salman Syed, a senior police official in Quetta, said over 240 suspects handed over to the Afghan authorities this week were arrested over the past two months.

"They were real Taliban fighters. They could not speak Urdu and had no knowledge where they are," he said referring to the language commonly spoken across Pakistan.

US - 'Merry Christmas' theme returns to stores

Is this a sign we may be starting to turn the tide on Islamists? It's a small step but a step in the right direction.

NEW YORK, Nov. 24 (UPI) -- Bowing to pressure from conservative Christian groups, several U.S. retail stores are reverting to the "Merry Christmas" theme this holiday season.

Imagine that, Christian's pressuring to put Christmas back in Christmas. The UPI just couldn't help themselves and label them "conservative Christian groups", as if all Christians don't want Christmas to be celebrated.

Islam - What is a truly liberal Muslim to do?

Good luck with this.

• Fight for the equality of women and for an end to the use of the Koran as the fountain of the law, especially by eliminating its function as a penal code.

• Face the brutal fatwahs of imams who condemn dissenting writers to death.

• Denounce the warmongering nature of a religious creed that consecrates the virtue of the jihad (at least to the fundamentalists) and separates the world into two halves: the half that already has submitted to Islam and the half that must be conquered.

But not even those heroic battles constitute the hardest part of the immense task facing liberal Muslims. The bitterest swallow, but an inevitable test, is to:

• Lead the defense of Israel's right to exist as an independent and peaceful nation alongside an equally free and peaceful Palestinian state.

Lebanon - Iran and Syria Helping Hizballah Rearm

Now, Israel will have to re-fight the war all over again.

UK - Help catch a criminal in London

Read this story and if you live in London, see if you can help catch this guy. If you have a blog, spread the picture around. Citizens can fight back. In the US several of these types of thugs have been caught using an internet campaign.

Iraq - LA Times spreading enemy propaganda?

Wouldn't surprise me.

Neither does this about the AP.

In fact, the left wing media lie all the time.

But far and away, the largest lying left wing propaganda machine is the BBC.

Australia - Islamic fears kill off children’s thriller.

But as Charles points out, look at what they are willing to publish.

UK - BA backs down over cross ban

Good for them!

Now, let's hope they stand up to the next Muslim woman who wants to wear a veil. The cross is a religious symbol and the veil is not. The veil is nothing more than a radical Muslim statement.

Friday, November 24, 2006

UK - Arranged marriages

This is wrong on so many levels.

The story begins here where a British born Bangladeshi Muslim woman living in Oldham, sets the scene.

LET me first introduce myself before I bombard you with the little details of my life that has so far spiralled out of control and now I have found myself married to a man who does not speak English, who I don't really fancy and who is expected to arrive in the UK in the next couple of weeks!

My name is Rujina Begum. My friends call me Ruji for short. I am a British born Bangladeshi Muslim, living in Oldham.

I am 23 years old and work in PR in Manchester and oh yes I, a well educated modern girl - who always dreamed of marrying a prince riding up in white horse - recently changed my mind and had an arranged marriage in Sylhet, Bangladesh.

Why do you ask did I go and do something crazy like that I hear you say?

Well it’s quite simple, my ex boyfriend decided that he will marry his cousin instead - if three years of being together didn’t mean anything to him then that was fine by me!

But it left me with a broken heart and what better way to mend this broken heart but to get married before he did! Finding a good looking husband from the Greater Manchester region was taking too long.

Ruji is obviously not as well educated as she thinks she is.

She ends her introduction with this.

But anyway that sums me up for the time being - and you'll be hearing from me a lot more as I spend the first couple of months trying to adjust to married life with da husband from Bangladesh who doesn’t speak English and who I don’t fancy!!!

Well Ruji, let's hope you don't end up dead from a so called "honour murder". One things for sure, the minute your new husband arrives we, the tax payer, start paying for your little adventure.

The story continues here and already things aren't looking too good.

Who knows I may even grow to fancy him and he can go and learn English so that I can take him out to meet my friends and we can go to the various parties I get involved in and he communicate with my colleagues - I hope.

Yeah Ruji, who knows, maybe he can go and learn English so he can, you know, get a job and try and integrate into British society. But if you're anything to go by there's not much hope of that. Read on as Ruji relates her nonchalant attitude to marrying a man who doesn't speak English and doesn't even know. Note how there's a hint of bigotry.

I couldn't let my parents down either - though my dad seemed more keen on the match than my mum - she had a problem with short Bengali men - she said they were always up to no good!

What? All Bengali men or just the short ones? It's not just her parents either, just listen as her friends tell her to hide his passport, not disclose her finances and not introduce him to her friends.

In the end Ruji senses everything is not right but she can't just put her finger on what's wrong.

I was off to a great start here - basically I have been told not to trust the guy - but if that was the case why on earth did everyone encourage me when I said I was going to go back "home" to get married. At the time I was told it was the best decision that I had made - I was desperate to get over my ex but at the same time I was a little thrilled - it was a little flutter of excitement in my stomach and that was all. But the signs of encouragement from the very same people that were now telling me to be on my guard was quite disturbing.

Well duh, Ruji, everyone was just glad you were going home to get married. You know, as opposed to marrying an infidel here.

Ruji's last post was on 25 October were she states her new husband will arrive that weekend, the 28th. That was nearly a month ago and no word since. O Dear.

UK - BA faces boycott as travellers get really cross

The Telegraph reports.

The Rev Tony Kelso, from Matchborough, West Midlands, told The Daily Telegraph: "It is ludicrous that British Airways has the Union Flag on their tail fins which is made up of sacred crosses from our United Kingdom and yet it practises this discrimination against Christians.

Watch for BA to give in to Muslim appeasement and drop the Union Flag. The prison service had to because it was deemed offensive to Muslim prisoners.

If anyone tells you it's hypocritical to be against the veil but for the cross, remind them that the cross is a religious symbol while the veil is not. The veil is a radical Muslim statement.

Iran - Russian rocket deliveries started

Not a good sign.

UK - School sacks Muslim woman after veil row

Good for them!

In October, a tribunal dismissed her claims of religious discrimination and harassment on religious grounds.

Which was the correct decision since the veil is not a religious symbol but is in fact, a radical Muslim statement.

Mrs Azmi had said she was willing to remove her veil in front of children, but not if male colleagues were present.

And yet when she was interviewed by the male head of the school she wore no veil and failed to mention she would be wearing it in school. Mrs. Armi is nothing more than an agent provocateur.

The dispute was brought as a test case under new religious discrimination regulations, the Employment Equality (Religion or Belief) Regulations 2004.

Which is what this case is really all about.

Now the courts need to reverse Mrs. Tony Blair's famous veil case.

At the time of the tribunal, she criticised government ministers who had intervened in the case, saying it made her "fearful of the consequences for Muslim women in this country who want to work".

You mean for those Muslim women whose male relatives will let them work, don't you? Here again, since the veil is not a religious symbol, Muslim women, those that are allowed to work by their male relatives, should have no fear of going to work. Just don't show up in a radical Muslim costume.

And what about the fears of those school children who were being taught by someone who looked like Darth Vader.

Mrs Azmi's case became a central part of a national debate on multiculturism in Britain.

As did UK Muslims fanatical reaction to the Muhammad cartoons.

Glad to see people in this country waking up to the danger of appeasing Muslims and standing up to them.

More here including this:

This site reported on her links to the extremist group Tablighi Jamaat. And it then turned out that she'd been told to wear the veil by one of their preachers.

Israel - Qassam rockets "pathetic things"

That's what Channel Four's, Jon Snow, thinks. Harry's Place explains.

Canada - Anti-War Movement's Islamist allies

Canada's progressive Muslims wonder why left would embrace theocrats.

With communism defeated, the left needed a new partner to restore their power base. With Muslims as thier new victims to defend, the left alligned themselves with Muslim terrorists.

Much of what's described in this article is happening all around the world. Many on the left have sold the world out and they will pay a heavy price for that.

Belgium - Miss Brussels wants to wipe Israel off the map

You'll have to wait your turn sweetheart. See what else she's involved in.

US - Imams kicked off flight for good reason

IBD has more facts about this case that the left wing media ignore.

France - Paris football fan shot dead by policeman

The policeman was protecting and Israeli fan from about 150 French supporters. Watch for the "youth" riots to begin.

Islam - Shariah rising in the West

while the West sleeps.

Increasingly, Muslim restrictions on alcohol and dogs also effect Western non-Muslims: Somali cab drivers in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minn., Pakistani minicab drivers in London, England, and Muslim taxi drivers in Melbourne, Australia, refused to transport blind passengers with guide-dogs only after the Saudi religious police issued a ban on dogs. They also refuse passengers suspected of carrying duty-free sealed alcohol bottles to avoid "cooperating in sin," emulating Iran's president Mahmoud Ahamadinejad's well-publicized refusal to attend a lunch at the United Nations in New York because alcohol was served. [...]

In Melbourne, Australia, the Victorian Taxi Association spokesman Neil Sach's reaction was even more telling. "Muslims are good people and the community has to realise that the days of the white Anglo-Saxon Protestant are well and truly over," he concluded.

He may be right. The petrodollar-backed Islamists are on a fast track to subvert democracies from within. With the best PR money can buy, they use media and communication outlets to popularize and legitimize the Islamist agenda, while deceiving the public as to its very nature. Under the guise of personal freedom, so cherished in the West, they introduce conservative Muslim restrictions on private and public life.

The left, aided by the left wing media, are speeding up the process.

Islam - Why do Muslim men fear women so much?

Think about it.

Gaza - near-daily rocket attacks on Israel

Nice to see AFP reporting this.

The mother of nine and grandmother of 41 became the oldest Palestinian suicide bomber at the age of 57, selecting as her target troops operating near her northern Gaza home in Jabaliya, seeking to curb near-daily rocket attacks on Israel.

Islam - Forced female genital mutilation

Islam is such a beautiful religion.

In Indonesia, the Lashkar Jihad Islamists forced 3,928 non-Muslims on six islands in the Moluccas to become Muslims. This involved forcibly circumcising the men and women without anesthetics, according to the Sydney Morning Herald of January 27, 2001:

Islam - Religion of intolerance

Did you know it's against the law to leave Islam in Malaysia? Worse, tyring to leave can get you killed.

Conversions from Islam are forbidden by law in the country. Those who have chosen to go to the courts to proclaim their desire to convert from Islam to Christianity, such as Lina Joy, have been threatened with death.

But according to the left, Islam is the religion of peace and tolerance.

UK - BBC hiding The Balen Report

What are you afraid of Auntie?

Australia - Mainstream Muslims warn of radicals' splinter

Things must really be bad in Australia if the media refer to Wahhabists as mainstream.

ULTRA-RADICAL Muslim groups are being formed in Sydney and Melbourne in defiance of the nation's fundamentalist Wahhabi leadership, which stands accused of becoming more Westernised and selling itself out to authorities.

US - Praying for the Cheney to have a heart attack

at the Huffington Post on Thanksgiving.

I give thanks O Lord for Dick Cheney's Heart, that brave organ which has done its darn-tootin' best on four separate occasions to do what we can only dream about.

O Lord, give Dick Cheney's Heart, Our Sacred Secret Weapon, the strength to try one more time! For greater love hath no heart than that it lay down its life to rid the planet of its Number One Human Tumor.

This is how sick the left in America has become. It's one thing to disagree with someone politically or even dislike them personally, but to pray for the vice President of the United States to have a heart attack, is just plain sick. It also reveals the true heart of the left in America - black, cold and sick.

This isn't contained in some comment that Huff and Puff can claim they didn't know about or control. This is a post on her blog and she should be ashamed.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

UK - Liberty belle becomes a pin-up for extremism

Nice to see the Times exposing Liberty for the extremist group that it is. Liberty is the UK version of the ACLU.

Almost single-handedly she has shifted the civil liberties lobby so far beyond the parameters of mainstream opinion that ministers pray she will oppose them. Their logic is simple: if Liberty objects, Middle Britain will automatically conclude that a policy is pure common sense.

Now, if we can get Americans to realize the same thing about the ACLU.

Tunisia - The War over the Veil in Tunisia

Some people think there's some hypocrisy surrounding the calls for banning the burqa while defending the wearing of the cross. The difference is that the cross is a religious symbol while the burqa is a radical Islamic political statement and not a religious symbol. What's more, the burqa is banned in several Muslim countries and most Muslim scholars say it has no place in Islam.

However, the most divisive controversy erupted not in Europe, but in Tunisia, where the government launched a campaign to implement "Decree 108," first issued in 1981, which forbids not only the full veil (niqab) in public places, but also the less restrictive head covering (hijab).

The controversy began with the state-controlled Tunisian media reporting statements by President Zin Al-'Abidin Ben 'Ali and his ministers against the head covering, in which they called it an "imported form of sectarian dress" - a reference to the growing influence of Saudi-style Wahhabism in North Africa.

Those on the left who try and defend the burqa are playing into the hands of radical Islam.

Here's what Muslim scholars have to say.

UK - How the BBC can kill you

Take this BBC report on AIDS for example. Listen carefully to how the BBC describes the reasons for increases of HIV in Britain.

Two thirds of all new cases diagnosed last year [here in Britain] were in people who contracted HIV in other countries where the virus is more prevalent, such as sub-Saharan Africa.


"This is due to people living longer with HIV due to advances in treatment, sustained levels of newly acquired infections in gay men, further diagnoses among heterosexuals who acquired their infection in Africa, and cases being picked up earlier."


"Over two-thirds of diagnoses we see are from people who acquired their infection outside the UK.

I don't know about you but the impression I get from the BBC is that people on holiday, especially in Africa, are contracting HIV and bringing it back home. That impression is deepened by the lack of one important word missing from the entire BBC report - immigrants.

Now, let's look at how the Daily Mail reports on the same story.

Here's the Mail's headline: "3 in 4 new HIV cases in African immigrants"

Three in four of all new heterosexual cases of HIV in Britain last year were among African immigrants, according to official figures.

The vast majority of them contracted the disease overseas before moving to Britain, says the Health Protection Agency (HPA).

In total, almost 8,000 new cases of HIV were diagnosed last year - the vast majority among black Africans and gay men.

Doesn't the black, African, immigrant and gay community have a right to know that information? Doesn't HIV support groups have the right to know that information so they can be more proactive in stopping the spread of HIV? Doesn't the public have a need to know that information so as to be better informed when making political decisions on immigration policies? In short, doesn't the public have a right to know the truth? Instead, we are forced to pay the BBC to hide the truth and thereby endanger the public.

Read the Mail's report in its entireity and compare it to the BBC's report. Notice the Mail reports the information the BBC leaves out, is being used to combat the spread of HIV.

Here's another example.

Lebanon - "a new age of Hezbollah Isolation"

Let's hope so.

Mustapha at Beirut Spring says "today will herald a new age of Hezbollah Isolation," since Aoun's group is attending Gemayel's funeral. He may well be right. Hezbollah, properly cowed by the Lebanese majority, cancelled their scheduled riot today.

UK - Allah’s England?

We're almost there thanks to the left wing media.

It's a long but well written article that's well worth the read.

Here's the conclusion.

London, with over 1,000 mosques, is already Europe’s unofficial Muslim capital. Its status will be enhanced immeasurably by the Markaz, whose size—it is projected to hold 70,000 worshippers—will dwarf St. Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey. To contemplate the building of so potent a symbol of Islamic triumphalism over Europe’s Christian heritage is all but incredible.

Will it happen? Britain today is a nation torn between defiance and appeasement, led by a political elite that with few exceptions seems to be intimidated by Islam and reluctant to address—when it is not complicit in—anti-Semitism. The British people are not lost to the West, but the battle to preserve liberty in their country is only just beginning. Which makes it all the more fitting that the immediate battleground should be the East End, the place where so much began in the days when Cromwell’s Latin secretary, John Milton, was writing Areopagitica, his great defense of free speech, and when Menasseh ben Israel was pleading successfully for Jews to be treated with toleration.

Another wake up call that, sadly, probably few will heed.

Islam does not require women to veil

The veil is not a religious symbol, it is a political statment by radical Muslims.

WASHINGTON: Women have the right to dress as they please, but the rights of the individual have to be balanced with the rights of society. Taking up the current controversy over the veil, Tarek Fatah, founder of the Muslim Canadian Congress, writes in the Toronto-based Globe and Mail that the veil is not required by Islam, nor should it be viewed as a conflict between Muslims on one side and the “Islamophobic” West on the other. The debate, he argues, is being waged primarily within Muslim society and is part of the battle for the heart and soul of Muslim communities from Tunisia to Turkey, Indonesia to India, and right here in Canada. He cites Yusuf al-Qaradawi who said last week, “It is not obligatory for Muslim women to wear the niqab. The majority of Muslim scholars and I do not support the niqab in which women cover their faces.” khalid hasan

This is something the left needs to get into its head.

Afghanistan - Top Prosecutor Targets Untouchable Bosses

The Washington Post reports.

Sabit, 61, has been Afghanistan's attorney general for less than three months, and he has already earned a reputation as a fearless, even fanatical, crusader. Blunt and impatient, he appears eager to shake up the status quo and indifferent to his growing list of enemies in high places.


This is what the left defend.

Iranian Student Murdered For Talking to His Wife in Public

Islam is such a lovely religion.

Somalia on knife-edge as Ethiopia, Islamists ready for all-out war

AFP reports.

UK - Boycotting British Airways

Here's a site setup to do just that.

Islam - Fighting radical Islam: A Guide for Activists

Here are 8 practical steps you can take to fight the spread of radical Islam. There are also numerous links to other web resources.

US - Standing up to Muslims - video

We need a lot more of this from main stream media around the world.

Iraq - Progress in Fallujah

According to this report.

US - Who's funding the Council on American-Islamic Relations?

A look at CAIR's recent banquet is revealing.

And this bit is very interesting.

The major corporate supporter of CAIR is Citibank, who provided several attendees.

Why is Citibank backing a radical Islamic group?

US - Stopping the spread of radical Islam in the US

is the aim of this website.

I'll add them to the blogroll under Jihad Watchers

US - Stopping the spread of radical Islam in the US

is the aim of this website.

I'll add them to the blogroll under Jihad Watchers

France - map of areas surrendered to Muslims

France publishes a map of areas they have surrendered to Muslims.

I'm told this is a map of arears declared no go areas that the French have ceded to Muslim control. How long before we see one of these here in Britain


Good to see some people fighting back.

Sweden - Killed by multiculturalism

Here's one newspaper that wants to fight back.

Considering all of the attention and stir caused by just one interview like this, we are hoping this will give others the strength and courage to get in touch with Folkets Nyheter or other media who are working outside of the establishment. An establishment with a massive hostility towards ethnic Swedes and hell bent on distorting reality.

The established mass media of Sweden have deserted the Swedish people long ago, and so has our political leadership. It is now up to us who have realized and acknowledged this, to build a structure that will be able to circumvent and in time replace the current establishment with something better.

The BBC is also "An establishment with a massive hostility towards ethnic [Britions] and hell bent on distorting reality".

Here's the interview with the policeman the Swedish paper refers to.

Iraq - Scores of terrorists arrested, hostages freed

and more. Good news MSM would rather you didn't know about.


On this day, the patrol unearthed three 155 mm artillery rounds, three 130 mm artillery rounds, five 120 mm mortar rounds, five 120 mm artillery rounds, nine 82 mm mortar rounds, four 100-round machine-gun ammunition belts, four rocket-propelled grenade rounds, 10 RPG boosters, eight anti-aircraft rocket launchers, two machine guns, 5,000 7.62 mm rounds of ammunition, four homemade bomb detonators, four 80 mm mortar tubes, three 73 mm rockets, eight anti-aircraft guns and other materials used for fabricating bombs.

Jordan - Allah blessed me, tells killer of British tourist

Since Muslim Nabil Ahmad Issa al-Jaaoura is not a member of a terrorist group, I wonder where he got that idea.

US - We don't need a dialogue with Syria and Iran

Says Victor Hanson.

The problems in Iraq, in the radical Middle East at large—with democratization, with nuclearization, with Islamism—are not, repeat not, a lack of dialogue with Syria and Iran.

We know what both rogue states wish and it is our exit from the Middle East and thus a free hand to undermine the newly established democracies of Lebanon and Iraq—in the manner that all autocracies must destroy their antitheses.

They both sponsor and harbor terrorists for a reason—to undermine anything Western: a Western-leaning Lebanese democracy, a Western-style democracy in Iraq, a Westernized Israel, or soldiers of the United States in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Syria, as we see once again with the killing of Pierre Gemayel, is practicing serial murdering in Lebanon. I was on the Hugh Hewitt show last night, and he was right to make the point that Syria is like the Nazi regime of the late 1930s that sent its agents into Eastern Europe and Austria to assassinate and undermine republican leaders, to pave the way for the ‘necessary’ and ‘welcome’ entrance of the order-bringing Wehrmacht into a ‘brother’ state.

Iran is a rogue nation that seeks bombs to use them against the region’s only viable democracy in Israel. Neither Damascus nor Teheran can tolerate a democratic Iraq—no more than the Soviet Union would have allowed the Baltic Republics to have pro-Western democracies or Nazi Germany wished to be a partner in peace with republican Czechoslovakia.

Read the whole thing.

Iraq - The Anbar Tribes vs. al-Qaeda

Bill Roggio reports.

Read the whole thing but here's the conclusion.

Lost in the current debate over Iraq - civil war or sectarian violence, success or failure, increasing troops or strategic redeployment, victory or defeat - is the sea-change occurring in western Iraq. The U.S. military has coaxed a large majority of the Sunnis of Anbar province, perhaps one of the most sympathetic groups to al-Qaeda in the Middle East, to turn on al-Qaeda. The choice wasn't difficult after the tribes saw what al-Qaeda had to offer – death, torture, Taliban like sharia, humiliation, destruction of commerce. The relationship and intelligence gained form operating in western Iraq will benefit the west during the Long War – if the U.S. doesn't withdrawal precipitously and leave the Anbar tribes to the predations of al-Qaeda in Iraq.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Scotland - Agent provocateurs in the BBC

This is the kind of crap the BBC wastes our tax money on.

US - Medieval Black is the New Black

If you ever thought the women's movement would ever rise up and challenge Islam's abuse of women, forget it.

UK - The BBC and half a story

We are forced to pay the BBC for crappy output, biased reporting and to promote multicultralism. What a total disgrace the BBC has become.

The BBC is far worse than most British, indeed the world, realize. Read this.

Afghanistan - Taliban drown our values in sea of blood

say political leaders from the Pashtun tribes.

Many of the gathered throng also demanded an end to the alleged support of the Taliban by elements within the Islamabad government of President Pervez Musharraf, who insists that he is an ally in the war against terrorism and whose police arrested 39 suspected Taliban fighters in the city of Quetta yesterday. "The Taliban are not the creation of Pashtun society, but the creation of the Pakistan army," said Afsandyar Wali, head of the Awami National Party (ANP).

Lebanon - Syria is toppling the government

While the world does nothing.

US - Traveling imams: Witnesses speak

As usual, there's more to these kinds of stories than the left wing media report.

Lots more here.

The passengers and US Airways did the right thing, a big pat on the back to both. This is especially important in light of the continuing attempt by Muslim terrorists to blow up planes.

Much more on the Imams here.

UK - Silencing the truth by Muslims and the media

Britain continues its slide into an Islamic state.

Perhaps my beloved Britain has endured some of the worst excesses. When I spoke at the Hay-on-Wye literary festival a couple of years back and criticized newspapers that headlined suicide bombers as martyrs, I was told by two angry leading intellectuals that I had lived too long in America.

Something similar happened at this year's Hay-on-Wye festival, sponsored by the Guardian, where a five-person panel discussed "Are there are any limits to free speech?" One of the Muslim panelists said if anyone offended his religion, he would strike him. A lawyer, Anthony Julius, responded that Jews had lived as minorities under two powerful hegemonies, Christian and Muslim, and had been obliged to learn how to deal nonviolently with offense caused to them by the sacred scriptures of both. He started by referring to an anti-Semitic passage in the New Testament — which passed without comment. But when he began to list the passages in the Koran that denigrate Jews, describing them as monkeys and pigs, the panelists went ballistic. One of them, Madeline Bunting of the Guardian, put her hand over the microphone and said words to the effect, "I am not going to sit here and listen to any criticisms of Muslims." She was cheered, and not one of the journalists in the audience from right or left uttered a word about free speech — not hate speech, mind you, but free speech of a moderate nature.

UK - Muslim "bombings plot suspect 'tortured'"

Blares the BBC headline. How do we know he was tortured?

Patrick O'Connor QC said his client would tell the jury about the torture.

Later on we are told.

Mr O'Connor said Mr Amin told Abbey National that one of the loans was for "home improvements" and he asked his client: "Did you knowingly act dishonestly?"

"Yes," Mr Amin replied.

"What were you intending to do with the money?" asked Mr O'Connor.

"[It was] for the cause, and for myself."

"The cause?" asked his lawyer.

"The Afghan jihad.

So, shouldn't the focus of the story be on how he admitted to funding terrorists instead of clamis of torture?

Norway - Former leader of Ansar al-Islam to be deported

Good for Norway.

Former head of the Kurdish guerrilla group Ansar al-Islam in Northern Iraq, Mullah Krekar, may be expelled from Norway. This was the ruling by Borgarting Court of Appeals on Wednesday.

Egypt - Muslim scholars join rare anti-female circumcision conference

As one reader put it "an example of the hurdles in dragging primitive tribal societies into the modern world".

CAIRO, Egypt: Prominent Muslim scholars from around the world, including conservative religious leaders from Egypt and Africa, met Wednesday to speak out against female genital mutilation at a rare high-level conference on the age-old practice.

On the other hand...

Egypt minors sold for prostitution.

CAIRO - Hanadi was a teenager when she was sold into a short-term marriage by her father. “When I was 14, my father told me I was to be married to a man from Saudi Arabia,” said Hanadi, who did not want to use her real name.

“Later on, I discovered that my father and the man had agreed I would stay with him for a month, until he returned home [to Saudi Arabia] at the end of the summer. There was never any intention for us to remain together any longer than his holiday in Egypt.”

Manilia - Muslims want apartheid

That's what this sounds like.

Dumarpa even demanded that Sy fire the crewmen, and that only halal foods be made available in the South Lounge.

Another Muslim legislator, Anak Mindanao party-list Rep. Mujiv Hataman, said the House leadership should take responsibility for the gaffe.

“This indicates lack of religious and cultural sensitivity even within the House of Representatives itself,” Hataman said in a text message.

To prevent a repetition of the incident, Hataman suggested that the House consider putting up a separate lounge for Muslim legislators and visitors of Congress.

Notice how Muslims more and more demand to have things exclusively for Muslims.

US - Homegrown Terrorists Recruited to Attack America

via the Internet.

JACKSONVILLE, FL-- It's a video showing a room full of children sharing their dreams. They are not excited about being doctors, lawyers or teachers. Instead, the children shout, "We are the nation of Hezbollah. I shall sacrifice my life for Allah."

A group of children in training to be a mujahideen, or holy warrior.

Unholy warrior you mean.

Saudi Arabia: False Imprisonment, Rape Are "Basic Muslim Behaviors"

That's what this Muslim seems to be saying.

Germany: Six Islamists Plotted To Destroy Aircraft

Was this plot connected to the on in the UK during the summer?

Note this:

Information gathered during questioning showed that members of the group had met with an airport worker and offered money to smuggle a suitcase bomb aboard a passenger plane. The worker at the (un-named) airport had apparently been willing to place the bomb on the plane.

Which may have prompted the French to suspend some Muslims from working at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris.

Then there's Al-Qaeda's airport bomb plot.

All of which results in more and more incidents like this.

This will continue and probably accelerate until Muslims take charge of their problem and reform Islam.

UK - Parents halt school mosque trip

The BBC reports.

Parents have forced a school trip to a mosque to be abandoned because they did not want their children exposed to a religion that was not their own.

Really BBC?

"Amongst the reasons cited to the mosque is that some parents do not wish their children to visit a mosque at the centre of "radical" activities.

Left unsaid is the fact that members of the radical Muslim group Hizb ut-Tahrir regularly harass people outside the mosque.

More here.

Somalia: Jihad Against Movie-Watching

Islam is such a lovely religion.

MARKA, Somalia Nov 21 (Garowe Online) - More than 100 people, including children, were arrested Tuesday by Islamic Courts militia in Lower Shabelle region of southern Somalia after Islamists stormed into a movie cinema.

Iraq - The Press at War

The left wing media did the same thing in Vietnam.

Gaza - Palestinian anarchy

You don't see a lot of this reported by MSM.

Pakistan police arrests 47 suspected Taleban

and that's a good thing.

Islam - What Makes a Muslim Radical?

The answer may surprise you.

Canada: Muslim In Burka Commits Jewel Heist

More reason, if any were needed, to ban them.

Instead of returning the greeting, the couple said nothing, pulled out a gun, and forced the 58-year old store keeper into a back room. There they bound him up with duct tape, and hit him several times. The lady in the burka was no lady. She was a guy. Once the pair had tied Mr Khalid up, they proceeded to take all of the items from the display cases. They told Mr Khalid: "Keep quiet, keep quiet, close your eyes." Khalid caught a glimpse of both people, and said they were either Indian or Pakistani.

Afghanistan suicide bombers often kill only themselves

and that's a good thing.

The nature of the two would-be suicide bombers' deaths is strikingly common in Afghanistan. In sharp contrast to attacks in Iraq, scores of suicide strikes across Afghanistan have killed only the attacker, or a very few victims.

US - Calls for Muslims to boycott of US Airways

Watch US Airways ticket sales soar.

Israel - Poetic Justice

For UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour.

Palestinian militants fired rockets into the Israeli town of Sderot, critically wounding one man on Tuesday, as UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour was touring the community.

No doubt she blames Israel.

US - "The Rout Continues"

Wretchard explains.

His conclusion.

The most comical aspect of this whole rout is the way the diplomats will continue to prepare for the big meeting with Syria and Iran to broker a regional peace, something they believe "only a Superpower" can achieve. Alas, the habits of self-importance die hard. The countries are already making their own arrangements with the new victors, because those countries realize better than Barack Obama that you cannot charge a price for what you have already given away. And what will come of it all won't be peace. It will be war on a scale that will either draw America back into a larger cauldron or send it scurrying away behind whatever line of defense it thinks it has the will to hold. More than 60 years ago, Winston Churchill told the appeasers they had a choice between war and dishonor. They had chosen dishonor, and added that now they would have both war and dishonor.

US - Democrats and "Bad intelligence "

Tigerhawk explains.

UK - The decline toward dhimmitude.

is well underway.

US - Murtha Scandal Time Arrives

Sure, now that the elections are over and the Democrats won, the left wing media is happy to report on the Murtha scandal.

US - Flying imams, leaping CAIR

Michelle has the story.

Her conclusion:

"Even as more and more passengers and airlines take reality-based preemptive and precautionary measures to prevent the next 9/11--and even as the headlines bring us daily evidence of al Qaeda's continued airport/airplane terrorist plots--we have a Democratic Congress ready to criminalize airport investigations of any Muslims at any time for any security reasons.

With such staunch Democrat defenders of homeland security like these, beholden to CAIR and political correctness, who needs enemies?"

Who indeed.

US - Muslims silencing free speech on campus

Sadly, this is happening all too often. It's bad enough that this sort of thing happens in Muslim countires, but in America where freedom of speech is a conerstone of our Democracy, it is intolerable. Thankfully, Brown University had a rethink and her speech is back on.
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