Monday, November 27, 2006

UK - Muslim Terror Trial Traces a Path to Militant Islam

Unlike the BBC, The New York Times identifies the terrorists as Muslims. It's a long article but well worth the read as it contains lots of disturbing facts. What stands out for me is that the evidence suggests that there are many more like this group.

Mr. Babar said Mr. Khyam told him that he and other “brothers” from Crawley were not just a local operation but reported to a man called Abdul Hadi, described by Mr. Khyam as the “No. 3” in Al Qaeda.

In mid-2003, the prosecution said, the Crevice suspects began coming together in Pakistan where Mr. Babar’s home in Lahore was a haven for young, radical Britons of Pakistani descent.

And this is worrying.

They found the cookie tin containing aluminum powder behind a shed at Mr. Khyam’s family home in Crawley. They also found a dozen CD-ROMs giving detailed plans of Britain’s electricity and gas systems that they charged had been stolen from the National Grid Transco utility company by an employee, Waheed Mahmood. At 34, Mr. Mahmood, a father of four, is the oldest Crevice defendant.

It would be very interesting to see who published this.

Investigators also found instructions for how to react if contacted by counterterrorism authorities.

I'm betting the MAB or MCB.

And this isn't comforting.

“Counterterrorism efforts haven’t been able to penetrate the process of radicalization and recruitment,” said Sajjan M. Gohel, director for international security at the London-based Asia-Pacific Foundation. “For every individual captured or killed, there are at least five more coming down the assembly line.

But hey, according the left wing media, we're all just Islamophobes.

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