Monday, December 31, 2007

US - Record industry says copying CDs to computer illegal

I think Apple, which sells millions of IPods, will have something to say about this.

UK - BBC's Simpson gazes into 2008

and can't see past the end of his anti American nose. What a laughing stock this windbag has become and an embarrassment to Britain. Listen to Simpson's anti American rant. Speaking of his 2007 predictions, Simpson begins..

"Even so, I got a couple of things badly wrong.

I didn't expect that the US commander in Iraq, General David Petraeus, for all his sharp intelligence, would make the so-called surge of American troops in Iraq look quite so successful.

True, it has only brought the level of killings and explosions down to that of two or three years ago, and it's likely to make the eventual civil war in Iraq fiercer than ever.

But it's a success, even so.

Suppose someone of Gen Petraeus's abilities had been in charge earlier?

Yet it scarcely matters now, except for Gen Petraeus's possible political future.

In addition to the almost 90% drop in violence, Simpleton, oops, Simpson fails to mention that al Qaeda has been dealt a humiliating defeat. No mention either that oil exports and electricity are above prewar levels or that the dinar is at record levels and the Iraqi economy is growing fast. Simpleton rants on.

"American public opinion has dismissed the Iraq war as a failure, and has moved on"

Really? The BBC and Simpson are no strangers to fiction when it comes to reporting on Iraq. In fact, the BBC's own Iraq defense correspondent, Paul Adams, complained over the BBC's lies in its Iraq reporting. Most of the left wing media invented anti American stories over Iraq.

This investigation seems to refute, surprise surprise, Simpson.

"As the year went on, the narrative from Iraq brightened in some ways. The drumbeat of reports about daily attacks declined in late summer and fall, and with that came a decline in the amount of coverage from Iraq overall.

This shift in coverage beginning in June, in turn, coincided with a rising sense among the American public that military efforts in Iraq were going "very" or "fairly well."

In other words, sensing an American success in Iraq the left wing media moved on, not the American public. The BBC used to do a weekly update of the death toll in Iraq - until the surge began to succeed and the BBC promptly dropped the charts.

Just imagine how much support there would be for Iraq if the left wing media told the world the truth.

Simpson lets not only his hate for America show, but his love of dictators and tyrants as well. Simpson once called Iran a democracy and now has this to say:

"We often forget that it is one of the few countries in the region which can genuinely change its government through the ballot box. "

As if elections in Iran are free and open. Simpson hopes you won't notice that one country after 35 years of a brutal dictator and thanks to Britain and America, can and has had free and open elections - Iraq.

I love Simpson's take on Zimbabwe.

"The US ambassador in Zimbabwe forecast economic meltdown there by the end of this year. It hasn't happened. "

Well John, that's interesting since the BBC itself made that same prediction - back in 2000. The BBC's headline for that report reads: "Zimbabwe: Economic melt-down" Do tell. Since the BBC's dire prediction in 2000, how are things in Zimbabwe now?

This sounds pretty much like a collapse to me.

If Simpson would take his head out of his ass for a minute and read what his own BBC are reporting on Zimbabwe's economy, he might learn something.

"Banks in Zimbabwe failed to open on Christmas Day, despite earlier pledges from the central bank governor.

Instead, long lines of Zimbabweans desperate for local currency queued at the few machines dispensing cash.

On top of rampant inflation, mass unemployment and shortages of fuel and basic goods the country is now suffering shortages of bank notes." ...

Zimbabwe has the highest level of inflation in the world at more than 8,000%."

You shouldn't be surprised by all of this as the BBC has a track record of anti Americanism, far left propaganda and support of Islamists. As for Simpson's predictions, he makes the same far left wing predictions every year.

What a buffoon.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

US - Harper’s Credibility Issues Return

Interesting how these stories almost always revolve around the left wing media.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

"Australian Guantanamo man freed"

That's the headline the BBC used to describe a terrorist.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

UK - "the BBC is failing in its public duty"

That's saying something coming from a Labor minister.

The BBC isn't just failing in it's duty, the BBC is the enemy.

Suicide bomber kills 50 in Pakistan mosque

One wonders how many Korans were burned in the blast.

Once again we have Muslims slaughtering Muslims and Muslims desecrating Korans. Where's the Islamic outrage over this? If a Christian kills a Muslim or is even accused of touching a Koran, billions of Muslims around the world go on a murderous rampage. Remember this next time you hear a Muslim complain about Koran desecration.

Iraq - Harry Reid does a u turn on Iraq

Back in April when he and the Democrats led the campaign to retreat in Iraq, Reid said the surge wasn't working and the war was lost.

"... that this war is lost and the surge is not accomplishing anything as indicated by the extreme violence in Iraq,” Mr. Reid said."

With violence down by almost 90%, Reid won't admit the surge is working but admits it has helped.

"...the surge certainly hasn't hurt. It's helped. I recognize that."

What a putz. If anyone had listened to the Democrats, al Qaeda would have won a great victory, the violence in Iraq would still be killing thousands a month and freedom for millions of Iraqis would have been lost. Worse, just as the Democrats did in Vietnam, they would have caused genocide that would have killed millions.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Islam - The spirit of Eid Al-Adha

is death.

Around the world Muslims cry that they are the victims of Western "crusaders" bent on destryoing Muslims. The reality is Muslims kill far more Muslims than all the westerners combined.

It would seem some Islamic leaders have had enough and are now turning on al Qaeda at least.

Iraq - Good news round up

Electricity reached a pre war high.

Oil reaches a pre war high.

Violence lowest since 2004.

All of which makes Iraq the good news story of the year.

Which is why the anti war crowd are trying to join the winning side now.

It also helps explain why 22 Democrats just voted for funding the war.

There is a tremendous amount of work still to do but it appears Iraq is on the road to success.

Even the rabid left wing Guardian is forced to acknowledge the elephant in the room.

"Major General Joseph Fil, the outgoing US commander for Baghdad, said this week that the number of attacks in the capital had fallen almost 80% since November 2006, while murders in Baghdad province were down by 90% over the same time period, and vehicle-borne bombs had declined by 70%."

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hillary Clinton - "Talking-Point Dispensing Robot"

That's what the Huffington Post calls her!

First her husband says it would be a miracle if she wins and now the far left Huff and Puff calls her this.

Great stuff!

Iraq - Now that Iraq is a success

Anti war critics want to change to the winning side.

Islam's war on the West begins in school

Here's another example.

"[T]he Jews and the Christians" are described as "the enemies of Allaah's religion." The document adds: "Remember that you will never succeed while you follow these people."

Sounds like hate speech to me.

US - Ex-CAIR Member Takes on Free Speech

Exposing radical Islam in America.

Islamists are progressively making slaves out of us

with the help of the left.

Mark Steyn responds.

"That's how nations die — not by war or conquest, but by a thousand trivial concessions, until one day you wake up and you don't need to sign a formal instrument of surrender because you did it piecemeal."

US - "Muslim" issue resurfaces for Obama

Why is it an issue? The Democrats seem to be attempting to portray Obama as a Muslim as if that were a bad thing. Why aren't CAIR and other Muslim groups up in arms over the Democrats attempts to demean Islam? Why isn't Keith Ellison, the only Muslim in Congress, not speaking out against this? Why isn't the left wing media, the defender of Islam, speaking out against this?

If the Republicans were doing this all hell would break loose.

US - They told me if George W. Bush were re-elected

this would happen.

They were right!

£3.6bn boost for Palestinian cause

This is insane.

Iraq - the best story of the year

Don't hold your breath for many in MSM to report on this.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Iraqi oil exceeds pre-war output

My, my, my, the BBC forced to report good news out of Iraq. On top of this, oil is almost double what it was then.

The good news doesn't stop the BBC from deriding British troops though. Typical.

Friday, December 14, 2007


More of this please.

Afghanistan - BBC clueless about Musa Qala

We pay the BBC billions and this is the kind of crap they produce.

Compare the BBC report to this one.

Here's the reason for the vast difference.

BBC - "It has since become the main centre of drugs trading in Afghanistan, the BBC's David Loyn in Kabul says. "

ABC - "As the only journalist to join NATO forces entering the town..."

And that makes all the difference in the world.

BBC - Afghan army troops have captured the Taleban-held town of Musa Qala...

ABC - The town of about 45,000 people was secured at about 9:30 a.m. as Afghan troops, steered by British soldiers and U.S. Green Berets ...

BBC - The insurgents have pulled out of what was the only major Afghan centre in Taleban hands, reportedly melting away into the mountains. [Reported by whom? Certainly not the BBC]

ABC - I watched the Taliban being pounded these last few days with overwhelming force -- vapor trails circled in the clear blue sky over the Helmand desert as B1 and B52 bombers backed by A10 tank busters, F16s, Apache helicopters and Specter gunships were used to kill hundreds of Taliban fighters. [The Taleban may have melted alright, but it was from a bomb]

BBC - Twelve Taleban fighters and two children are reported to have been killed in the four days of fighting since Friday and a UK soldier died when an explosion hit his vehicle. [Again, "reported" by whom? The Taleban?]

A second Nato soldier died in the area on Sunday. [A Nato soldier just died in the area? From what or how?]

ABC - While hundreds of Taliban are believed to have been killed, two British soldiers and one American soldier lost their lives. All the deaths, however, resulted from vehicles striking mines left not, it is believed, by the Taliban but by Soviet forces in the 1980s.

'BBC wanted me to attack the Queen in her TV obituary'

and Thatcher too.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Half of Scots see Muslims as 'cultural threat'

The other half need to wake up.

What's interesting about the article is what's left unsaid. The "prejudice" against Muslims is attributed to the war on terror, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the recent Muslim 7/7 and Glasgow terror attacks.

I give the Scots more credit than that and attribute it more to an awareness that Islam is an intolerant and radical religion. Since 9/11 the world has awoken to Islam's persecution of Christians, Jews, women and gays. Scots have taken a hard look at Islam and Islamic countries and said no thank you.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Canada - Hijab can divide families

It can also get you killed by your own father.

More left wing defense of Islam.

"Ausma Khan, the editor-in-chief of Toronto-based Muslim Girl magazine, said research into the readership of her publication shows that the decision to wear the hijab – the traditional Muslim headscarf – is almost always a choice the girl makes on her own."

Except that the hijab is no such thing and is in fact a radical Muslim political statment which is banned in several Muslim countries.

Just how far is the left willing to go to support radical Islam?

"The suggestion of violent disputes between a 16-year-old girl in Mississauga and her father over her desire to show her hair and live a "normal" lifestyle raises questions about tensions between parents and children in the Muslim community."

Suggestion!?! The girl was murdered by her father.

Even that report leaves out the reason for her murder. See here for that.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

US - Clinton and the $4600 question

Who are all these people giving this exact amount? Check out the graph for the $2300, exactly half that amount, donations.

More in US see progress in Iraq

The AP reports.

This line should hit you like a brick.

"WASHINGTON - Growing numbers of people think the U.S. is making progress in Iraq and will eventually be able to claim some success there, a poll showed Tuesday in a sign the politics of the war could become more complicated for Democrats."

Got that? The AP thinks that progress in Iraq, i.e. success for America, means problems for the Democrats. Turned around, defeat for America is good for the Democrats. It doesn't get any plainer than that.

Canada - Teen girl choked for not wearing hijab

by her father.

This despite the fact that the hijab is not an Islamic religious symbol. But he already knew that.

US - Clinton seen as devious

by Democrats!

Looks like they're right.

BBC survey shows concern over BBC's news 'bias'

Yet more proof the BBC is a left wing mouthpiece.

Lots more proof here.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Friday, December 07, 2007

Today is Pearl Harbour day

Just a reminder.

US - Did Morgan Spurlock find Osama bin Laden?

MSNBC almost wet their pants that he did.

"Rumors are flying that filmmaker Morgan Spurlock of "Super Size Me" fame may have done what the United States government has failed to do for the last six years — find Osama bin Laden."

What MSNBC doesn't tell you is Spurlock's background.

No wonder there's PEACOCK PURGE

Iraq - Gates Announces More Troop Withdrawals

As Iraq Returns to Normalcy

"Baghdad, Dec 5 (VOI) - U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said on Wednesday that the biggest American division is to withdraw from Iraq by December 2007.

The withdrawal of more American troops is to take place next February and March, provided that security conditions continue to significantly improve. "

Shouldn't this be getting a lot more attention?

UK - Lyrical terrorist is no Joan of Arc

Tell it to the judge.

UK - Imam's daughter in hiding after death threats

from her father!

He and her family want to kill her because she left Islam for Christianity. She left Islam because she didn't want to go through with a forced marriage at 16.

Nice religion this Islam, eh?

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

US - What you should know about Obama

More reasons not to vote for Democrats.

Iraq - smearing our troops

It's what the left does and MSM are happy to go along.

Iraq - Democrats are worse politicians

Moving the goal posts.

UK - Hospital staff make sure Muslim patients' beds face Mecca

five times a day.

UK "Make my day, sir, shoot a hoodie"

Jeremy Clarkson gets mugged by reality.

I was rolling on the floor laughing. Read the whole thing but here's a snippet.

"It’s this. Plainly this boy’s parents are useless, allowing him to be out and about on the streets, harassing passers-by at will. Think about it. Every single time one of these children is found stabbed or shot, his mum and stepdad always tell the papers he was a “good lad”. And that he “didn’t deserve to die”.

And nobody ever says: “Well, if he was such a frigging angel, what was he doing on a derelict building site at four in the morning, you halfwits?” He didn’t deserve to die, for sure, but you do, for having the parenting skills of a Welsh dresser. "

UK - BBC 'Tell the truth' seminars

Like that's going to work.

"Training to remind staff about the importance of telling viewers the truth will cost the BBC more than £1 million in staff time and expenses. "

That would be our tax money paying to teach BBC staff to do what they should be doing already. Pathetic.

UK - Group targets grooming of girls

This is a very serious and growing problem, so much so that the government is providing schools with a video to warn of the dangers. I'm guessing that the video, like this BBC report, will fail to mention who it is that is doing the targeting and who is being targeted.

Even when someone tried to alert the public to the culprits so they could defend themselves, the report was banned.

"A Channel 4 documentary that claims Asian men in Bradford have been "grooming" young white girls for sex was withdrawn hours before it was due to be broadcast last night after the police warned it could spark racial violence.

Channel 4 said it was acting as a "responsible broadcaster" by postponing the screening of Edge of the City after West Yorkshire police said it would inflame an already combustible racial situation in the city.

The documentary, which examines the work of Bradford social services, includes claims that "charismatic, wealthier" Asian men are targeting white girls as young as 11 for sex and drug abuse."

UK - BBC 'took 21/7 Muslim terrorist trainers paintballing'

and failed to notify police of their terror connections.

"Nasreen Suleaman, a researcher on the programme, told the court that Mr Hamid, 50, contacted her after the July 2005 attack and told her of his association with the bombers. But she said that she felt no obligation to contact the police with this information. Ms Suleaman said that she informed senior BBC managers but was not told to contact the police."

She felt "no obligation to contact police" even though she and the BBC knew what motivated them to go paintballing. Of the 7/7 Muslim terrorists, the BBC had this to say.

"The men used to spend time paintballing, trips that would take place immediately after watching extremely violent videos depicting Muslim suffering around the world."

What would motivate Suleaman to cover up for these British born Muslim terrorists of Pakistani descent? Possibly because she, like them, is a British born Muslim of Pakistani descent. Now you know why she "felt no obligation" to inform Police of their terror connections. Working for the BBC helps explain that as well.

How ironic that Suleaman wrote this BBC report.

"The police are considering proposals to share intelligence and information with Muslims before launching anti-terror operations. "

This isn't the only instance of Suleaman supporting jihadists. In this BBC report Suleaman defends the wearing of the veil.

"There are roughly two schools of thought, one which says that it is obligatory and another that believes it is highly recommended but ultimately a matter of personal choice. "

Remember now, Suleaman is not merely a Muslim, she is a researcher as well. Me? I'm merely a blogger and even I know that Islamic scholars agree the veil is not obligatory under Islam. In fact, it's not in the Koran and is in fact banned in several Muslim countries as a radical political statement. The BBC itself reported that British Muslim scholars agree there is no obligation under Islam to wear the veil.

"Dr Abdul Bary Mailk, president of the Bradford and Leeds Ahmadiyya Muslim Association, said wearing the full face veil, or niqab, was not an obligation under Islam. "

As for the BBC, it has a long history of supporting jihadists.

Iran - Clinton says take no action on terrorists group

After voting to declare an Iranian group a terrorist organization, Clinton says no action should be taken against them.

"If we thought that anything in that resolution gave even a pretense of legitimacy to President Bush taking any action, we wouldn't have voted that way," she said.

Obama isn't much better.

"Clinton was the only senator in the race to support the Iranian resolution. Delaware Sen. Joseph Biden and Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd opposed it, and Obama did not vote because he was campaigning."

And these people want to be in charge of the defense of America?

US - Wash. Post Obama story under fire

While this report is about the controversy over the Post's reporting of the debunked myth that Obama is secretly a Muslim, it's revealing that MSM consider being a Muslim a bad thing for a candidate.
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