Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Senior Democrat Halts Gitmo transfers to Yemen

What's Obama to do now?

Al-Qaeda ‘groomed Abdulmutallab in London’

Grooming takes place all the time here in the UK while the government does nothing.

"He is the fourth president of a London student Islamic society to face terrorist charges in three years. One is facing a retrial on charges that he was involved in the 2006 liquid bomb plot to blow up airliners. Two others have been convicted of terrorist offences since 2007. "

So, why doesn't the government shut down the London Student Islamic Society?

President Obama declared Tuesday that there had been a “systemic failure”

Which contradicts his own Homeland Security head.

I love this bit.

"President Obama, speaking on Tuesday at a Marine Corps base near Honolulu, said he would “insist on accountability at every level” for failures in security. "

Then Obama has to accept the blame for his failure to protect Americans and resign.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Peace Prize Winner Launches Covert Yemen War

Where's the outrage from the left?

Obama ignored warning on Abdulmutallab

but he blames Bush of course.

Climategate: The questions Dr Pachauri still has to answer

Al Gore isn't the only one making a fortune from Climategate.

Ashcroft v. Napolitano

No contest.

"Ashcroft was mocked as a provincial hick who didn't know much. Napolitano — who runs our immigration service and was governor of a border state — thinks it's not a crime to illegally cross the border and insists that the 9/11 hijackers came from Canada.

John Ashcroft was a dangerous ideologue because he believed the war on terror is real. But Janet Napolitano isn't a dangerous ideologue for believing the war on terror isn't real?

What sounds more ideologically blinkered after 9/11?

Ashcroft's view: Organized Islamic terrorists want to kill Americans in a holy war.

Napolitano's view: Islamic terrorist attacks are merely "man caused disasters" by disturbed individuals — who should be assumed to be acting alone as criminals, not terrorists, despite credible evidence — while peaceful "right-wing extremists" should be given extra scrutiny on the assumption they could well be terrorists."

Obama missing his moment in history

Obama is not even voting present anymore.

Too Much Decline For CNN To Hide

You can't fool all the people all the time.

Monday, December 28, 2009

UK: Academic liberalism is a danger to life

This applies around the world.

"What we do know is that our security forces have consulted vice-chancellors in order to impress upon them the urgency of the threat. Unfortunately, that is easier said than done. Liberal British academics, along with their friends in the media and public sector, have a habit of diverting any discussion of terrorism away from Islamism towards the evils of Anglo-American foreign policy. By doing so they are less likely to offend students from developing countries whose delicate sensibilities seem to matter more than security. Perhaps some of those academics are stuck in airport queues today. If so, we must hope that it finally dawns on them that, irrespective of the complex causes of terrorism, their politically correct indulgence of Islamic radicals is making life more dangerous for all of us. "

Terror: “Mumbai is coming to London.”

And Britain is not prepared for it.

"Scotland Yard has warned businesses in London to expect a Mumbai-style attack on the capital.

In a briefing in the City of London 12 days ago, a senior detective from SO15, the Metropolitan police counter-terrorism command, said: “Mumbai is coming to London.”

The detective said companies should anticipate a shooting and hostage-taking raid “involving a small number of gunmen with handguns and improvised explosive devices”.

The warning — the bluntest issued by police — has underlined an assessment that a terrorist cell may be preparing an attack on London early next year."

Maybe even New Years eve?

Iranian protesters are dying for freedom – where is Barack Obama?


Learning From Abdul Mutallab

Sadly Obama and the left will learn none of this.

Napolitano Says No Evidence of Wider Terrorist Plot


"Janet Napolitano, the Homeland Security secretary, said on Sunday that there was so far no evidence of a wider terrorist plot in what federal authorities said was an attempt by a 23-year-old Nigerian man to blow up a Detroit-bound Northwest Airlines flight on Christmas Day."

Looks like al Qaeda didn't get the message Janet.

COPS fear that 25 British-born Muslims are plotting to bomb Western airliners.

"A Scotland Yard source said: "The great fear is Abdulmutallab is the first of many ready to attack planes and kill tens of thousands.

"We know there are four or five radicalised British Muslim cells in the Yemen. "

Time for her to resign and if Obama's first duty, as he has said, is to protect American lives, then it's time for him to resign as well.

As Obama fails the world turns its back on him

They were all warned. Never in American history has a president failed so fast and so spectacularly.

Anti Americanism - They still don't love us.

"In summary: Devil, Hope and now Devil again. America still personifies what is wrong with the world."

Now I'm Really Getting Pissed Off

"Like any good progressive, I've gone from admiration to hope to disappointment to anger when it comes to this president. Now I'm fast getting to rage."

Buyers remorse.

"The first year of Barack Obama’s presidency. It’s not good when you find yourself repeating the phrase, “Yeah I voted for him, what’s it to you?”

Terrorist attacks America while Obama goes surfing.

"At some point, a strategy insisting that unsuccessful attacks are not worth presidential comment starts looking like whistling past the graveyard, or pretending that the incidents aren't a big deal when they are."

More buyers remorse.

"Yeah, I voted for Obama. Am I sorry? I should be exactly the same amount of sorry I would be if Abdulmutallab's device had not malfunctioned. So, I must say: Yes, I'm sorry."

World leaders say no to Obama.

"Russia kept placing obstacles on the road to tougher sanctions against Iran; Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu refused to freeze all settlement activities as the administration demanded; the North Koreans said no to repeated attempts at talks; at the Copenhagen climate-change summit, the "agreement the United States reached with Brazil, China, India and South Africa lacked commitments to achieve its stated goals"; the Iranians didn't show any sign of appreciation for Obama's attempt to have more civilized conversation aimed at curbing their nuclear ambitions; the Cubans, with whom Obama had also vowed to have more constructive dialogue, now call the president "imperial and arrogant." Not even Mahmoud Abbas, the very weak Palestinian president, was convinced to resume talks with Israel. This list is gets longer every day."

World leaders no longer want to even talk to Obama.

"Mr. Obama did make history at Copenhagen, but not in the way he expected. It says a great deal about American power and prestige when international leaders go to so much trouble to avoid meeting with the president of the United States."

Even SNL mocks Obama.

A year of Obama failures.

Russia to work on new nuclear missiles: Medvedev

Washington Post calls Obama a liar.

"But it's impossible to defend Obama's statement that "I didn't campaign on the public option." For one thing, it was in his campaign plan, which is to say, he campaigned on it."

The list is endless and the world will suffer for Obama's failures.

Obama's failed anti terrorism policies

Glenn has a roundup.

Obama should resign.

Rage against Obama

We're going to see a lot of this in the coming years.

25 British-born Muslims are plotting to bomb Western airliners.

What makes them do it?

"The 25 suspects, of Pakistani and Somali descent, were radicalised in UK mosques."


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Cindy Sheehan to Install Anti-Obama Camp at Washington Monument

When she did this to Bush she was the darling of all the left wing media. Now that Obama is president, they have no use for her.

SNL: Obama & Jintao Press Conference in Beijing (VIDEO)

SNL mocking Obama? Priceless.

US plane terrorist 'a London student'

There is a reason so many terror plots originate from Britain.

Murtha questions al-Qaida’s clout

U.S. Rep. John Murtha told reporters Tuesday that he isn’t convinced al-Qaida is still a threat to national security.

Friday: al-Qaida terrorist tries to blow up NW Airlines plane.


What would have made this even more embarrassing for Murtha would have been for Murtha to have been on the plane. Oh well, can't have everything I suppose.

A year of Obama failures

Krauthammer reports on Obama's failed Iranian policies.

Obama said he wanted to offer an open hand to Iran and Iran sucker punched him. Obama sent Russia a reset button and Russia announced they were expanding their nuclear arsenal. Obama wanted to try a new approach with North Korea and North Korea shot more missiles towards Japan. Obama claimed global warming was the greatest threat to mankind and the world needed to come together to fix it before it was too late. The world turned their backs on him. All of this is the result of Obama's failed "smart" diplomacy.

The world will pay a heavy price for Obama's failures.

Russia fails to use Obama's reset button

This is what we get with Obama's "smart" diplomacy.

"Russia will work on a new generation of nuclear missiles to ensure its nuclear deterrent remains effective, President Dmitry Medvedev said on Thursday."

Friday, December 25, 2009

What really happened in Copenhagen

Obama got pawned.

By every measure Obama is failing


While I'm glad to see Obama's far left lunatic policies fail, I'm saddened by all the misery he's causing the entire world. Obama will be remembered, not as the first black US president, but as its worst president ever - far worse than Carter.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

US voters give Barack Obama an F

US voters gives Obama a thumping 56 percent disapproval rating – an F grade by any measure.

World 'failed Gaza over Israeli blockade'

Of course the BBC put all the blame on Israel.

"Aid agencies have strongly criticised the international community for failing to help bring an end to Israel's blockade of Gaza."

There's no mention in the report of Egypt's blockade of Gaza which went into effect the same time as Israel's and for the same reason - to stop Palestinian terrorists.

UK fails to halt female genital mutilation

It's all about multiculturalism.

Even if they did do "something" about it, the EU would overrule them on the grounds that it is their religious right.

Mao ornament adornes White House Christmas tree

Obama sure loves Mao. One of his closest advisers had to resign after calling Mao one of her favorite philosophers.

Democrats block renewable energy projects

Save the planet?

Jane Hamsher "defects" to Fox News

Wow! It's amazing to watch someone from the far left take off their tin foil hat and see the real world. If only more of them would do it more often.

Lobbyists on pace for record year

Is there any campaign pledge that Obama has kept?

"Washington’s influence industry is on track to shatter last year’s record $3.3 billion spent to lobby Congress and the rest of the federal government — and that’s with a down economy and about 1,500 fewer registered lobbyists in town, according to data collected by the Center for Responsive Politics.

Many lobbying firms have escaped the worst of the corporate belt-tightening, thanks, in large part, to the ambitious agenda set out by President Barack Obama — who, ironically, came to Washington with a pledge to break what he considered the undue influence of special-interest lobbyists. "

How's that for change?

Obama Now More Loathed Than Bush

The worst case of buyers remorse ever.

Bribed to quit Britain

Foreign criminals offered up to £5000 if they agree to go home

Now you know why over 20,000 of them are caught every year trying to enter illegally from France.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Obama's "Historic failure that will live in infamy"

Even Britain's far left Independent now recognizes Obama is an empty suit.

"The most progressive US president in a generation comes to the most important international meeting since the Second World War and delivers a speech so devoid of substance that he might as well have made it on speaker-phone from a beach in Hawaii."

You were warned.

Let's hope Obama continues to fail.

Obamacare bribes

Glenn has a roundup.

Lite blogging

Blogging is lite due to the holidays folks.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Can Obama ruin America any faster?

Krauthammer's Take from last night.

"The reason that there is this huge increase in the debt ceiling today is that it gets us past Election Day next year, so you won't have to have another raise of the limit until after Election Day. ... Better to take the political hit now [rather] than later.

But as an index of how serious the debt issue is, economist Irwin Stelzer points out that Moody's has been issuing ratings since 1917. The United States has had a Triple A since 1917 — [through] world wars, depressions – unchanged, uninterrupted. In eleven months, Obama has driven Moody's to the point where it has issued a warning that it might have to reduce it to Double A, which is what you get for banana republics or places like Greece."

Under Murdoch, Tilting Rightward at The Journal

The New York Times moans.

Is it really the case that the Journal is tilting right, or is the case that the Times is so far left wing that anything anyone else writes, seems right wing?

More climategate data goes missing

What else are they hiding?

Inconvenient truth for Al Gore

his North Pole sums don't add up

Monday, December 14, 2009

Friday, December 11, 2009

Obama resorts to Soviet control

America needs to wake up.

"Environmental Protection Agency will take a "command-and-control" role:

A threat and an amazing admission. It admits (a) how bad [is] the [proposed] law in the Senate today — that is being held up on – cap-and-trade. [It] in and of itself is going to kill jobs.

But secondly, if you [Congress] don't do that, we [the administration] will do something worse — impose the EPA regulations, which is cap without trade. There isn't a market mechanism. You can't sell or purchase a permit to emit CO2.

So it's command and control, which is a polite way of saying Soviet control, meaning it's all regulation … And it is an amazing admission, and it is a kind of blackmail. Either you do this in the Senate and pass a bill or we will do it unilaterally."

44% of Americans want Bush back

My, how The One has fallen.

Norway replaces Obama with cardboard cutout

Seems about right.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Obama attacks his own officials

Just how dumb is Obama?

"But there was also somebody else in the collateral damage of his attack on Bush. Who, after all, was at the center of the TARP in the Bush years? It was Geithner, his own treasury secretary.

So if he's going to attack the program administered under the previous administration, he is attacking his own treasury secretary — in the same way that when Obama attacked the Bush administration over the supposed lack of troops [for Afghanistan] that were requested at the end of the second Bush administration, well, who was in charge of the Defense Department at the time? Who, if Obama is correct, had hurt his country in denying the request at the request of the [military] commanders? The secretary of defense — Bob Gates, who is the secretary of defense today under Obama and who was under the Bush administration."

In the Obama administration, no bad deed goes unrewarded.

Another scandal the media ignore.

Climategate roundup

See here.

Climategate: Some of the “Homogenized” Temperature Data is False

Is any of it true?

Is Newsweek A Brand “That Will Disappear In 2010?

Let's hope so.

Obama Snubs the King of Norway

Smart diplomacy eh?

'Freedom of speech' victory

Great news.

Climategate: Gore falsifies the record

What did you expect from the Goreoracle.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Can Google be trusted?

That would be no.

Science: Another Ice Age?

Time thinks so.

"However widely the weather varies from place to place and time to time, when meteorologists take an average of temperatures around the globe they find that the atmosphere has been growing gradually cooler for the past three decades. The trend shows no indication of reversing. Climatological Cassandras are becoming increasingly apprehensive, for the weather aberrations they are studying may be the harbinger of another ice age."

Of course that was before Al Gore came on the scene.

Newsweek sang the same song back then.

"To scientists, these seemingly disparate incidents represent the advance signs of fundamental changes in the world’s weather. The central fact is that after three quarters of a century of extraordinarily mild conditions, the earth’s climate seems to be cooling down."

Notice how Newsweek added the caveat at the top of this old article now that its been pointed out?

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Gore Wrong on the Snows of Kilimanjaro

No surprise there.

House Democrat Facing Ethics Inquiry

Geez, how many does that make now?

Krauthammer's Take

from Thursday.

UN body wants probe of climate e-mail row

Notice how the BBC frame the debate? The "row" isn't a row, it's the biggest scientific scandal of the century. And, it's not just about the emails, it's about the scandal they reveal.

"The head of the UN's climate science body says claims that UK scientists manipulated data on global warming should be investigated."

Note the use of "claims" as if there is some doubt about this scandal. No one is making "claims", they're merely pointing to the damning emails where these so called scientists bragged about manipulating the data. Or the one's where they admit to deleting data, damning emails and colluding to keep dissenting scientific views from publication.

But the BBC, along with the few media outlets even reporting on the story, tries to make this about the leakers and try cast doubt on their "claims".

"The allegations emerged after e-mails written and received by UK climate researchers appeared on the Internet.

The police are investigating whether the scientists' computers were hacked. "

"Claims", "allegations", all words the BBC use to cast doubt on the whole scandal. The police may well be investigating possible hacking, but shouldn't these "scientist" who illegally dodged Freedom of Information requests be prosecuted?

The BBC goes on to try and cast doubt on the scandal without printing any of the emails at the center of the "row". Astounding! After a lengthy report on the greatest scientific scandal of the world, the poor BBC reader is left wondering, "what the hell are they talking about?".

Which is, after all, the point. If the BBC is challenged on why it is not covering the story, it can point to this and say they covered it. Ah, but without informing the public what it's all about.

Here's a report from Canada that does a far better job.

Even comedian, Jon Stewart does a better job than the BBC.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Al Gore confronted over Climategate - video

More jihadists at Ft. Hood?

Will these people ever learn?

New York Times health care scam

First Climategate and now this. Ever notice how it's always the left making this stuff up?

Climategate scientists turning on each other?

This could get interesting.

Did one of their own leak the emails?

If they all turn on each other we may learn a great deal more.

Gore cancels climate conference event

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Climategate: No data = no science

Now there's "an inconvenient truth".

Obama adopts Bush's Afghanistan policies

This is what Obama has been dithering over?

The quintessential Andrew Sullivan

Charles smacks Sullivan.

Why Sullivan is still read and why he still writes for the London Times (if he still does) is a mystery to me.

Note Sullivan's correction and apology at the end of Charles article.

Now, Sullivan, how about an apology to Sarah Palin?

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Global Warming hypocrites

include those at the very top of the global warming list.

Iran 'planning 10 new uranium enrichment sites'

So much for Obama's "smart diplomacy".

More on Climategate

from the Atlantic.

"In my previouspost on Climategate I blithely said that nothing in the climate science email dump surprised me much. Having waded more deeply over the weekend I take that back.

The closed-mindedness of these supposed men of science, their willingness to go to any lengths to defend a preconceived message, is surprising even to me. The stink of intellectual corruption is overpowering. And, as Christopher Booker argues, this scandal is not at the margins of the politicised IPCC[Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change] process. It is not tangential to the
policy prescriptions emanating from what David Henderson called the environmental policy milieu [subscription required]. It goes to the core of that process."

BBC shamed again

ANOTHER fakery storm: Producers posed as members of public for daytime TV shows

Makes you wonder what else the BBC are faking.

It's not a case of the BBC just will not learn, it's the case that the BBC simply don't care and thumb their noses at the public who pay them for the privilege.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Enivomentalism as religion - video

Climate change data dumped

How convenient.

"SCIENTISTS at the University of East Anglia (UEA) have admitted throwing away much of the raw temperature data on which their predictions of global warming are based.

It means that other academics are not able to check basic calculations said to show a long-term rise in temperature over the past 150 years. "

Which makes this Telegraph report bogus.

"In a statement welcomed by climate change sceptics, the university said it would make all the data accessible as soon as possible, once its Climatic Research Unit (CRU) had negotiated its release from a range of non-publication agreements. "

The CRU can't "make all the data accessible" since it destroyed the raw data, which is of course, the most important data of all.

Why should we now believe anything the CRU says? Take this for example.

"This in itself has become a major scandal, not least Dr Jones's refusal to release the basic data from which the CRU derives its hugely influential temperature record, which culminated last summer in his startling claim that much of the data from all over the world had simply got "lost". Most incriminating of all are the emails in which scientists are advised to delete large chunks of data, which, when this is done after receipt of a freedom of information request, is a criminal offence. "

Obama supports voter fraud

Justice Department Says Acorn Can Be Paid and Attorney General Eric Holder stonewalling in Black Panther case.

Climategate roundup

I wouldn't call it a wrap as this scandal is far from over.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Climategate - can you trust Phil Jones?

Jones on 24 November in the Guardian:

"We've not deleted any emails or data here at CRU. I would never manipulate the data one bit - I would categorically deny that."

Jones in a Decmember 2008 email:

"If he pays 10 pounds (which he hasn't yet) I am supposed to go through my emails
and he can get anything I've written about him. About 2 months ago I deleted loads of
so have very little - if anything at all. This legislation is different from the FOI -"

Apparently not.

Cold water on UN monsoon forecast models

More Climategate?

"The researchers examined 10 simulations of future climate scenarios used by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and found none could reproduce correctly the behaviour of even 20th-century rainfall."

ACORN scandal not going away

no thanks to the left wing media. They're too busy trying to cover the whole thing up.

Climategate scandal widens

New Zealand data fudged?

And the BBC knew about Britain's fudged data for a month.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Another 13,000 Jobs NOT Created or Saved

Phony Iraq body counts from Lancet, phony global warming data from scientists and phony jobs numbers from Obama. Is there anything not phony about the left?

Krauthammer's Take

from last night.

Scientist in climate change 'cover-up'

told to quit.

Meanwhile, the left wing media, having championed the global warming cause, have egg on their face and try to ignore the scandal.

Update: Computer code shows how they manipulated the data.

This scandal dwarfs the Lancet's Iraq body count scandal. What's happened to Britain's scientific community?

Three Things You Absolutely Must Know About Climategate

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Obama's Nice Guy Act Gets Him Nowhere

Looks like Obama's reset button failed.

Climategate making some converts?

Might be a start.

"I apologise. I was too trusting of some of those who provided the evidence I championed. I would have been a better journalist if I had investigated their claims more closely."

Most jounalists today could learn from that.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday, November 06, 2009

Timeline of Massacre At Fort Hood

Ed has a good one.

Many people are already starting to notice how the media are crafting the narrative and downplaying the Muslim connection.

Obama's "Pet Goat" moment?

Some thing so. This isn't on the scale of 9/11 but I couldn't believe Obama's press conference when I saw it.

His remarks on the Fort Hood shootings seemed almost as an after thought and his delivery seemed wooden and showed no emotion.

Things you don't know about Malik Nadal Hasan

Patterico has them.

Glenn has a round up of links.

How the Kremlin hijacked Labour

Diary of a Kremlin insider reveals the hold Soviets had over Labour politicians

Labour wasn't hijacked, they were willing partners with the communists.

"Indeed, one of the most shocking of the diary's many revelations is how Labour leaders Michael Foot and Neil Kinnock colluded with the Soviet communists to try to beat their 'common enemy', Margaret Thatcher.

But more worrying, perhaps, is the fact that the document shows in stark detail how the political ideology of so many of those who govern us today was shaped by the unspeakable communist creed of the Soviet Union.

The unpalatable truth is that many ministers in Government today rose through the ranks of a British socialist movement that was heavily influenced - and even controlled - by the Kremlin in Moscow. "

Be sure to read the whole thing.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Why you should care about CAIR

Here's why.

ACORN Mounts a Comeback

Thanks to the Democrats. Birds of a feather as they say.

The Democrats great big circle jerk

is encouraging our enemies and endangering the world.

While the President Golfs

the world burns.

"Hang on a second. It has now been 51 weeks since Obama was elected president, and more than nine months since he took office, and he's just now getting around to asking the "questions . . . that have never been asked"?

But that's not really fair to Obama. After all, he has a busy schedule, what with golf games and pitching the International Olympic Committee and date nights and Democratic fund-raisers and health care and the U.N. Security Council and Sunday morning talk shows and saving the planet from global warming and celebrating the dog's birthday and defending himself against Fox News and all. "

More ACORN nuggets

Get digging bloggers.

Why Obama is failing.

Glenn has some links that explain a lot.

Parents banned from watching their children in playgrounds

... in case they are paedophiles.

Next up, all children will be taken from their parents until they pass a background check.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Testing Obama

Remember, Biden predicted this.

"A bombing at a women's market in Peshawar has killed at least 57 people; 21 American soldiers (and three DEA agents) were killed in a 48-hour period, 14 in a helicopter crash and eight by IED bombings, bringing to 53 the number of Americans killed in Afghanistan this month (the highest death-toll for a single month since U.S. forces invaded Afghanistan eight years ago); a team of Taliban gunmen has raided the a Kabul guest house used by UN, killing at least 12 people including six UN staffers (one, an American); and Karzai's brother, allegedly a major player in international opium trafficking, has been on the CIA's payroll for eight years. "

So far, Obama is failing the test.

Eight U.S. troops killed in Afghanistan

Reuters reports.

Meanwhile, Obama is out golfing all the time.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Nobody Expects the British Inquisition

I dunno....

Will Martha Get the Sarah Palin Treatment?

Since Martha is a Democrat, that would be a no.

"When Massachusetts attorney general Martha Coakley, running for the Democratic nomination to fill Ted Kennedy’s U.S. Senate seat, was asked about her lack of foreign-policy experience during an interview this weekend, she explained offered her credentials:

“I have a sister who lives overseas, and she’s been in England and now lives in the Middle East,” Coakley said, adding she has traveled but declining to say where."

Biden's popularity lower than Cheney's

My, how fast team Obama has fallen.

CNN’s numbers drop 68%

While Fox soars.

President Obama ties George W. Bush on golf

Obama has tied Bush's three years of golf in just nine months. Two wars, international terrorism and a financial crisis and Obama goes golfing.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Fox News' Glenn Beck strikes ratings gold


Because people like to hear about things they've never heard before, especially if it's scandalous. The more people learn about the Van Joneses and ACORN type scandals from Fox News and don't hear it from the left wing media, the more curious they are about Fox. And the more they watch the more they like what they see.

It's also a fact that Fox is more representative of the country.

"PRINCETON, NJ -- Conservatives continue to outnumber moderates and liberals in the American populace in 2009, confirming a finding that Gallup first noted in June. Forty percent of Americans describe their political views as conservative, 36% as moderate, and 20% as liberal. This marks a shift from 2005 through 2008, when moderates were tied with conservatives as the most prevalent group."

This also helps explain why the left wing media is failing so miserably.

All of which is a good thing, a very good thing.

FACT CHECK: Health insurers' profits 35th of 500

Another Obama lie exposed..

"WASHINGTON (AP) -- In the health care debate, Democrats and their allies have gone after insurance companies as rapacious profiteers making "immoral" and "obscene" returns while "the bodies pile up."

But in pillorying insurers over profits, the critics are on shaky ground. Ledgers tell a different reality.

Do tell.

Medicare fraud "most profitable crimes in America."

Will Obama wage war on CBS now?

"'60 Minutes': Medicare Fraud Raises 'Troubling Questions About Our Government's Ability to Manage a Medical Bureaucracy'"


Sunday, October 25, 2009

L.A. TIMES flying cover for ACORN?

Looks like it.

Blair and Straw accused over secret plan for multicultural UK

which failed miserably.

This sounds familiar.

"Labour chiefs decided to brand Tory leaders William Hague and Michael Howard as racists to deter them from criticising the covert initiative. "

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Voters Trust Republicans Across the Board

Obama's epic fail.

Labour let in migrants 'to engineer multicultural UK'

And look how that worked out.

The White House's Real Problem with Fox

They're afraid.

Obama's Enemies List

What surprises me about all of this is that people are surprised. Look what Obama did to Joe the Plumber during the campaign.

How long before Obama starts using the FBI and IRS to go after his critics as Clinton did? Remember Filegate?

Friday, October 23, 2009

With Malice Toward Cheney

Teaching the left an Iraq lesson on MSNBC no less.

Leno mocks Obama - video

Obama vs. Fox

Another Obama epic fail.

"Just because White House officials, and maybe even President Barack Obama himself, don't like Fox News doesn't mean they have the right to decide that the network is — in the words of White House Communications Director Anita Dunn — “opinion journalism masquerading as news.” Nor does it have the right to try to isolate Fox News by urging other networks to shun their colleagues because, as White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel put it, Obama does not want “the CNNs and the others in the world [to] basically be led in following Fox.” And it certainly doesn't have the right to call on other media outlets to do what Obama senior adviser David Axelrod wants them to do: join the administration in declaring that Fox is “not a news organization.”

Come again? Did we really just hear top White House officials try to rally the media to gang up on a single network because the administration doesn't like the stories it produces? What would James Madison say? The father of the Constitution took pains to establish the idea of a free press acting as a watchdog on government. Whether the levers of power are controlled by Republicans or Democrats, and whether the press is liberal or conservative, makes no difference. What matters is that the press be able to do its job, and that government stay out of the way. "

Obama's war on Fox News

Insead of focusing on the war in Afghanistan, Obama starts a war with Fox News. How dumb is that?

What happened to uniting America Obama?

He lied, of course.

"The president has learned it's easier to burn bridges than build them.

And despite having been elected in part to unify all Americans and put an end to partisan division, the administration is intent on lighting as many fires as it can. In doing so, Obama is essentially creating a liberal version of Richard Nixon's "Enemies List."

Obama blames Bush for Virginia governor loss

Oh, wait! He's blaming a fellow Democrat?

"Sensing that victory in the race for Virginia governor is slipping away, Democrats at the national level are laying the groundwork to blame a loss in a key swing state on a weak candidate who ran a poor campaign that failed to fully embrace President Obama until days before the election. "

Wow. What happened to blaming Bush for everything?

Bay State liberals shun Barack Obama’s visit

Sheesh. How much more out of touch can Obama get?

"President Obama blows into the bluest state tomorrow facing a cold shoulder from once true-blue admirers, as gay rights activists, anti-war protesters and vexed environmentalists vow to picket a fund-raiser he’s headlining for Gov. Deval Patrick - a marquee event that hasn’t even sold out."

Never has a president fallen so far and so fast. This has to be the worst case of buyers remorse ever.

Home Tax Credit Audit Shows Abuses

This is the same government that says it can cut a half trillion dollars in Medicare fraud.

Media rallies against Obama - video

Good for them for having the backbone to stand up to these communists.

Barack Obama sees worst poll rating drop in 50 years

Worst president ever.

"The decline in Barack Obama's popularity since July has been the steepest of any president at the same stage of his first term for more than 50 years."

Thursday, October 22, 2009

More Double Standards in the Far Left

There's a lot of that in the left.

More ACORN lies - video

I imagine the unedited version will be even more damning. ACORN denying the airing of the unedited version speaks volumes against ACORN.

'We have broken speed of light'


Valerie Jarrett: The Next Van Jones

Let's hope so.

"Without her patronage, it seems Van Jones would not be heard. A White House official told Politico Jones “did not go through the traditional vetting process”; instead, Jarrett interviewed Jones, a signal she bucked for his appointment. Jarrett gushed to the Netroots Nation conference: “We were so delighted to be able to recruit him into the White House. We were watching him…for as long as he’s been active out in Oakland. And all the creative ideas he has. And so now, we have captured that, and we have all that energy in the White House.”"

Yes, lots of that communist and socialist energy in the White House these days.

Democrats Lose Big Test Vote on Health Legislation

"And he [Reid] could not blame Republicans."

Nice of the New York Times to point that out.

"The Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, Democrat of Nevada, needed 60 votes to proceed. He won only 47. And he could not blame Republicans. A dozen Democrats and one independent crossed party lines and voted with Republicans on the 53 to 47 roll call."

It's so much fun to watch the Democrats implode. They, and not the Republicans as they try and claim, are sinking Obama. And that's a good thing.

Revealed! Purpose of Obama's secret media meeting

Here's who in the media Obama met secretly with for two hours.

"On Monday, MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow were among several people who attended an off-the-record briefing with Pres. Obama at the White House. Sources tell us other attendees at the two-and-a-half hour chat included Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post, Maureen Dowd of the New York Times, Gwen Ifill of PBS and Gloria Borger of CNN. Perhaps not surprisingly, no one from Fox News was in the room."

What was the purpose of that meeting? To get their direct email and mobile phone numbers so as to "correct" them immediately on air if they got off White House message.

Watch and listen.

"White House E-Mails Mika Brezinksy Mid-Segment to "Correct" Her; Good Liberal Mika Immediately Makes the Correction and Begins Pushing the White House Line"

1984 or what?

Somethings wrong with Charles Johnson of LGF

Tim Blair notices.

I de-linked to LGF recently. I don't know what happened to Charles but he sure seems to have gone off the deep end rather quickly.

"As his own leftoid stalkers observe: “A conversation between today’s Charles Johnson and his 2003 self would be something to behold … Charles is becoming one of us now!” "

Charles is right to criticize the right when it's justified. But using a price war between the largest booksellers as an excuse to go after Palin, is a new low for Charles.

I'm mystified. This isn't the old LFG that used to fight for truth and expose cons like Rathergate and Fauxgate. Now Charles is doing what he used to expose others doing - coning people.

Why isn't Krugman on the Times cut list?

I mean, he lives in an alternate universe anyway.

"Annoying conservatives is dangerous: they take names, hold grudges, and all too often find ways to take people who annoy them down."

You mean like the way they did Limbaugh, Palin and are doing to Fox News? Oh, wait! That was done by liberals. My bad.


I thought Obama was going to fix all this? Lefties must be so proud.

battle for the soul of Islam is raging in South Asia

While Obama is clueless what to do.

Who else was at that secret Obama briefing

Obama trying to muzzle free speech.

Is it just a coincidence that the "news" media's viewer numbers are tanking along with Obama's approval ratings while Fox's numbers are soaring?

Giant Fish, Big Fish and Minnows of the Liberal Blogosphere

A lefty learns how nasty the left really is.

Note to Roger: the left are not remotely interested in the truth. They are only interested in making everyone believe what they believe.

Obama Science Czar Quotes Mao

Mao is all the rage in the Obama White House.

Media Matters caught lying about Beck

No surprise there.

"Continuing Fox News' witch hunt against members of the Obama administration, both Glenn Beck and Special Report misleadingly cropped White House communications director Anita Dunn's remarks at a high school graduation ceremony to falsely claim that she was, in Beck's words, "proclaiming Mao [Zedong] as ... the man that she turns to most."

Not true as the millions, including me, who watched Beck's show will attest. Beck played Dunn's clip at length, in context, unedited and several times.

Media Matters is flat out lying here.

drop in Obama’s approval rating one of the biggest

in decades.

NHS bans ageism

Why was it there in the first place?

"Today's announcement follows alarming new evidence that older people are far less likely to receive a proper diagnosis and essential treatment.

Many elderly patients miss out on the scans, drugs and even basic health advice routinely given to the young.

Some doctors decide it is simply not worth the bother once patients pass a certain age. "

Are you listening America?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


The left make the connection.

Voting Present Is Not an Option for Obama

Commander Ditherer.

Obama's General Anita "Mao Tse" Dunn

via The Peoples Cube.

Obama's War on Fox News Becomes a Quagmire

Obama's presidentcy would be over by now the media were doing there job. In fact, he might not have been elected had they done their job then.

Attack on Fox News right out of Alinsky playbook

This is the most far left White House in America's history.

Dems Flee Countrywide Vote - video


The real reason the White House is attacking Fox News


Kuwaiti women win passport rights

About time.

Senior BBC broadcasters on cocaine

That's what Sarah Graham, who worked on children’s programmes for the corporation, says.

"Broadcasting executives addicted to cocaine are routinely praised by bosses for their “creative genius”, a former BBC producer told MPs.

Sarah Graham, who worked on children’s programmes for the corporation and took cocaine for nine years, said use of the drug remained widespread among senior media executives and taking it helped to boost their careers."

Explains a lot.

Here are just a few of those BBC broadcasters. How many more are there?

Obama's Afghan diplomacy failure

So much for Obama's smart diplomacy.

The Complacency of Hope

Mark Steyn on America's declining newspapers.

Republicans lead Democrats on all issues

Obama's epic fail.

White House tied to stolen New York election

No surprise there. Stealing elections are what the Democrats do best.

Maddow Finally Apologizes to Limbaugh

But the damage is already done.

Half the country disagrees with Obama on issues

CNN poll

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Next Chapter in ACORN Sting

set to unfold today. Stay tuned.

Afghanistan - White House decision should not wait

So says Gates.

"ABOARD A MILITARY AIRCRAFT – President Barack Obama should not wait for a clear resolution to the post-election complexities in Afghanistan before making his decision on the administration’s war strategy, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said on Monday.

“We’re not just going to sit on our hands waiting for the outcome of this election,” Gates said."

Which is the exact opposite of what Obama is saying.

Shape-Shifting Robot


Obama controlling the media

has a long history.

First They Came for Fox News…

Who's next?

Media fall for climate hoax

So much for those layers of editors and fact checkers.

Here's yet another example of The New York Times and The Washington Post copy and pasting a story without checking it.

"In a story posted Monday morning, Reuters declared: “The Chamber of Commerce said on Monday it will no longer opposes climate change legislation, but wants the bill to include a carbon tax.”

Reuters updated the story to acknowledge the hoax, but it was too late: The Washington Post and the New York Times had already posted the fake story on their Web sites. "

White House boasts: We 'control' news media

White House becoming more red every day.

"Very rarely did we communicate through the press anything that we didn't absolutely control," said Dunn.

"One of the reasons we did so many of the David Plouffe videos was not just for our supporters, but also because it was a way for us to get our message out without having to actually talk to reporters," said Dunn, referring to Plouffe, who was Obama's chief campaign manager.

"We just put that out there and made them write what Plouffe had said as opposed to Plouffe doing an interview with a reporter. So it was very much we controlled it as opposed to the press controlled it," Dunn said. "

More from Drudge.

Escalates war on FOXNEWS......Urges rest of press to side with administration

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Stark Raving Mad vs. Only Mildly Crazy Democrats

Powerline has some thoughts.

How Turkey Was Lost to the West

All the more reason to oppose their membership in the EU.

First paper to run Limbaugh "slavery" quote issues retraction

Too little too late.

Harris poll puts Obama approval at 45%

And down he goes.

Maoist Anita Dunn explains herself

A Republican made me do it?

"This is the point: last November, the American people thought they were electing a “post-partisan,” “post-racial” President who would work to restore unity and self-confidence to the country. They woke up on November 5, however, to find that they had elected someone who was deeply ambivalent about America, who distrusted its founding principles of limited government, individual liberty, and local responsibility. Like his radical friends — Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, Van Jones, Anita Dunn — Barack Obama wishes to transform the United States according to a model whose basic shape was supplied by the utopian schemes of the 1960s. That’s why Anita Dunn said that Mao was one of the thinkers she most often turned to for wisdom about big-think political problems. It’s not that she admires his penchant for industrial strength homicide: rather, she admires his success at fomenting an egalitarian revolution. It’s not what we bargained for when we elected Barack Obama. But that’s what we’ve got. The question is how much worse will things have to get before the penny drops, before the scales fall from the collective eyes of the electorate? When will voters begin that long countermarch through the institutions in order to take back the country? If not now, when?"

I suspect a whole lot worse.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The insanity of Islam

Checking for breast firmness now. These people are insane. But don't forget, 40% of British Muslims want Sharia law here in the UK.

Anita Dunn and Mao Zedong

She's not the only one.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Exposing CAIR

Like ACORN but much more dangerous, CAIR needs some serious investigating. But don't hold your breath with the Obama administration.

What's "Divisive"?

The left. That's for sure.

Keeping the Fox out of the Obama White House

is a sign of weakness and desperation.

"Sending out a taxpayer-paid partisan to attack a network, and by extension, its viewers, is not presidential."

No, it's desperation.

Media Matters tries to defend Mao loving Dunn

by attacking Beck. No surprise there. But how do you defend this?

"...she commented that Mao and Mother Teresa were her two of her "favorite political philosophers,"..."

Sure, in the clip Beck aired Dunn gave only a few tips of advice quoting from Mao, but she also stated that Mao was one of her "favorite political philosophers". That implies that Mao has a lot more influence on Dunn than these few quotes suggest and one has to wonder just how deep that influence goes.

Can you imagine the outrage if a Republican had said this.

Ayers, Rev. Wright, Van Jones and now Obama's hand picked Director of White House Communications are all exposed helping Obama paint the White House red. This it would seem, is what Obama meant when he said he wanted to fundamentally change America - to communism.

The left choose defend these people one by one as if they are unfairly being attacked by the right. But as the list grows, it is becoming frightening clear that Obama, as president, has surrounded himself with communists and far left radicals.

HuffPo, Rick Sanchez retract phony Limbaugh quotes

Kinda. But the damage is done and so they really don't care that they used lies to smear Limbaugh - it's what they do.

Notice that Sanchez is such a coward that he uses Twitter to sorta apoligize. He made the smear on television and should have the guts to apologize in the same way.

Sanchez: "i’ve know rush. in person,i like him. his rhetoric,however is inexcusably divisive. he’s right tho. we didn’t confirm quote. our bad."

"He's right tho" means Limbaugh never said what Sanchez alleges he said. Be a man Sanchez and apologize to Limbaugh on the air.

Why did Obama pick Mao loving Dunn?

Just why did Obama pick Mao loving Dunn as his Director of White House Communications. The Washington Post lets it slip.

"Dunn specializes in rescue missions."

With Obama's poll numbers in free fall and losing the message on Obamacare, Dunn was brought in to rescue Obama. But who does Dunn rely on for guidance in these "rescue missions"? Mao?!

There's more.

"A source inside the White House, who was not authorized to speak about strategy meetings, said Dunn went out front against Fox first and foremost because it was her job, but also because it potentially gave the administration the opportunity to distance itself from the flap with the Roger Ailes-led news channel once she leaves the communications job. "

So, Obama hired a Mao loving suicidal attack dog to go after Fox News?! These people are insane and in charge of the world's only super power. God help us.

Obama personally choose Mao loving Dunn - video

Obama hand picked her. Watch this video.

Then, watch this one.

Communist Anita Dunn heads to the Obama White House

Obama continues to surrond himself with Communists.

"Anita Dunn, a veteran Democratic strategist and top adviser on Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, will take over as White House communications director at least temporarily, according to sources familiar with the move. "

"Dunn had initially avoided entering the administration with her fellow campaign veterans. But she has continued to serve as a key outside adviser, regularly joining strategy sessions with other members of Obama’s inner circle, and was an obvious choice for members of the close-knit West Wing. "

She has the complete trust of the president and of David Axelrod.”

"She has worked with nearly every other top Obama aide..."

"Since Obama became president, Dunn has returned to her media consulting firm, Squier Knapp Dunn, but regularly offered advice to the White House and participated in Wednesday evening pizza-and-politics sessions at Axelrod's apartment. "

"Complete trust of the president..." Watch the video.

Obama's Communications Director Dunn admires Mao (video)

Another Obama communist exposed. Again the question is, how did she, like Van Jones, get the job in the first place? How are these communists able to not only get so close to the President, but be an advisor to him? I think you know the answer to that.

Note that this video is from June 2009 and not from years ago. Obama can't claim this all happened before she worked for him.

Bad News for Obama

Is great news for America.

Harry Reid admits Health Care to Cost $2 Trillion

$2 Trillion!!

The Rush Limbaugh media lynch mob

It's amazing how much of the US media's job the British media are doing these days. Is The Telegraph on sale in America?

"As Mark Steyn points out, in this instance it’s for Limbaugh to prove the negative – an impossible task. And Dan Calebrese asks why if Limbaugh really is a racist then it takes bogus quotes to “prove” that he is?"

To answer that question we turn to the left's playbook "Alinsky's Rules for Radicals".

RULE 12: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it." Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions. (This is cruel, but very effective. Direct, personalized criticism and ridicule works.)

For the left, including the left wing media, it doesn't even matter if the "personalized criticism" is true or not as long as it works.

RULE 5: "Ridicule is man's most potent weapon." There is no defense. It's irrational. It's infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions. (Pretty crude, rude and mean, huh? They want to create anger and fear.)

Thanks to the Internet and blogs, the right have begun to use these tactics against the left. The reason the right have begun to be more effective than the left at this is, the right uses video and audio tape to prove they are accurate while the left just lie. The more the right expose the left's lies and the media's complicity in spreading the lies, the more the left are being marginalized. And that's a good thing, a very good thing.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The left want to believe in racism

They have to, it's their biggest weapon. But what happens when that weapon no longer works?

"How is it that when Righties quote Lefties, they have video, audio, and notarized confirmation from the Pope, but when Lefties ‘quote’ Righties, they have Wiki entries contributed by ‘Cobra’? "

How? Rule 12 from the left's own playbook. That's how.

"RULE 12: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it." Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions. (This is cruel, but very effective. Direct, personalized criticism and ridicule works.) "

The right have begun to use the left's own playbook against them. Time to ramp it up.

South Carolina: The Fox News of States

The problem with this cutting everybody off is, you'll soon be alone. Come to think of it, for Obama, that might not be a bad thing.

Cuba: "Communism is a failure"

He should know.

So Much for the Post-Racial America

No thanks to Obama.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Egypt's highest Muslim cleric 'to ban full veils'

Even they recognize that it's a radical political statement.

"Egypt's highest Muslim authority has said he will issue a religious edict against the growing trend for full women's veils, known as the niqab.

Sheikh Mohamed Tantawi, dean of al-Azhar university, called full-face veiling a custom that has nothing to do with the Islamic faith.

Although most Muslim women in Egypt wear the Islamic headscarf, increasing numbers are adopting the niqab as well.

The practice is widely associated with more radical trends of Islam. "

Nice to see the BBC reporting this.

More here.

We’ve stopped 4 or 5 terror plots in last few weeks

Is this why Obama is keeping Hitler's, erm sorry, Bush's Patriot Act?

"The entire idea of our mission in the Af-Pak theater is to keep al-Qaeda and the Taliban from having enough time and resources to launch more of these attacks."

Notice how Obama doesn't use the Af-Pak term anymore?

How ACORN Hides Behind Fake Names

ACORN could have the potential to make Watergate pale in comparison.

Obama retains Bush's Patriot Act

Where are the left's screams of Obama is Hitler?

Guardian caught airbrushing history

Even though they know they are going to be caught, they just can't help themselves.

The BBC was caught red handed in a similar manner.

The New Liberalism and the end of American ascendancy

It will take decades to undo the damage the left have and will bring America and the world.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Krauthammer's Take

From last night.

Voters Back Obama Over Republicans on Health Care

Not so fast.

Alleged Toronto 18 ringleader pleads guilty

Did you catch that?

"Alleged Toronto 18 ringleader pleads guilty"

It's amazing how far the left wing media will go to protect Islamic terrorists. Islam isn't even mentioned in the story.

More voter fraud scandal from ACORN

What a surprise.

Obama is dividing America

Powerline explains.

How long can Democrats stand by Charlie Rangel?

Since the media are in the tank for the Democrats, I'd say quite a long time.

"The House ethics committee expanded a sprawling investigation into Rangel Thursday, digging into allegations stemming from an August restatement of his personal finances, in which he under reported hundreds of thousands of dollars in assets. The ethics committee action – which was unanimous — came a day after House Democrats turned back a Republican attempt to force Rangel from his Ways and Means chairmanship while the investigation, now in its second year, is completed. "

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Muslim group calls for burka ban in Canada

Good for them.

"The burka has absolutely no place in Canada,” said Farzana Hassan, of the Muslim Canadian Congress. “In Canada we recognize the equality of men and women. We want to recognize gender equality as an absolute. The burka marginalizes women.”

She said many women who cover their face in public are being forced to by their husbands and family. As a result, she argued, these women are denied opportunities and cannot live freely as other women in this society.

“The Koran exhorts Muslims toward modesty, which can be expressed in a number of different ways and it doesn’t have to be that you have to cover your face or you have to wear a virtual tent wherever you go. This is not a requirement of Islam or the Koran. We are saying this practice has become a political issue promoted by extremists and to counter this trend we are asking for a ban on the burka.”
Brain Bliss