Friday, October 16, 2009

Communist Anita Dunn heads to the Obama White House

Obama continues to surrond himself with Communists.

"Anita Dunn, a veteran Democratic strategist and top adviser on Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, will take over as White House communications director at least temporarily, according to sources familiar with the move. "

"Dunn had initially avoided entering the administration with her fellow campaign veterans. But she has continued to serve as a key outside adviser, regularly joining strategy sessions with other members of Obama’s inner circle, and was an obvious choice for members of the close-knit West Wing. "

She has the complete trust of the president and of David Axelrod.”

"She has worked with nearly every other top Obama aide..."

"Since Obama became president, Dunn has returned to her media consulting firm, Squier Knapp Dunn, but regularly offered advice to the White House and participated in Wednesday evening pizza-and-politics sessions at Axelrod's apartment. "

"Complete trust of the president..." Watch the video.

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