Thursday, June 30, 2005

Iraq - Britain Important Link In Jihadist Networks

That's according to this report. No wonder the BBC cooked up the "Power of Nightmares" calling such networks "myths".

Terrorism experts say Britain appears to be an important link in an international network that is recruiting suicide bombers and jihadists for Iraq. They say the network has links via Damascus to the Iraqi border.

And 570,000 illegal immigrants doesn't help matters.

Islam - Muslim Hypocrisy

Here is a perfect example of why we need to stand up to Muslims and stop this appeasement bs.

De Croo, president of parliament's lower house, had been due to entertain the speaker and members of the Iranian parliament Friday during their visit to Belgium -- famous for its diversity of beer brands.

But he said lunch had been canceled because the Iranians, who as Muslims do not drink alcohol, wanted their hosts to do the same.

Rangers Football Club should have done the same thing.

Now, from the same story, get this:

The visit ran into further trouble after Iran's parliament speaker Gholamali Haddadadel insisted he would not shake hands with the female president of Belgium's Senate.


Scotland - Smoking Ban Law Passed

Ban starts 26 March 2006.

Iraq - Iraqis Tip Off Troops to Explosives

Yet another sign ordinary Iraqis have had it with the terrorists.

KIRKUK AIR BASE, Iraq – Iraqi citizens assisted Coalition forces in finding more than 4,000 pounds of high explosives, near Kirkuk Air Base over the past two days in two separate incidents.

Officials received a tip from a local Iraqi about buried explosives June 29. Explosive Ordnance Disposal Airmen assigned here found a cache of 400 artillery projectiles buried approximately 12 km south of the base.

In response to another tip June 30, EOD recovered an ammunition cache of approximately 270 artillery projectiles approximately 7 km north of the base.

More than 670 potentially dangerous munitions have been destroyed due to the efforts of Iraqi citizens coming forward with this information.


Guantanamo - Another Koran Flushing Story

After sparking riots around the world, Newsweek was forced to retract its bogus Koran flushing story. But that doesn't stop The Guardian and AP reporter, JIM HEINTZ, from having another go at it.

Here's the Guardian's headline:

Muslim Cleric: Gitmo Guards Defiled Quran

Now pause for a moment. If you're a Muslim would you read any further? Probably not. A Muslim cleric said it therefore it must be so. Except it's not so.

MOSCOW (AP) - A Muslim cleric formerly held at Guantanamo Bay prison said Tuesday that U.S. guards there regularly desecrated the Quran by putting it into a toilet, although he added he never witnessed it himself.

Now I wonder why the Guardian doesn't report on Mulims desecrating other religions symbols? Like using the Bible as toilet paper, for example.

Islam - The Politically Incorrect Guide

Robert Spencer's new book will be out soon.

You know Spencer is on to something when he gets and endorsement like this:

"May Allah rip out his spine from his back and split his brains in two, and then put them both back, and then do it over and over again. Amen." -- "Praise" for the author on

Spencer liked it so much that he changed to cover of the book to include it at the top.

Iran - Spreading Islamic Revolution

That's what Iran's new leader wants to do.

TEHRAN (Agencies): Iran’s president elect Mahmood Ahmadinejad hailed his election triumph as a new Islamic revolution that could spread throughout the world, in a shift away from previously moderate post-vote rhetoric. “Thanks to the blood of the martyrs, a new Islamic revolution has arisen and the Islamic revolution of 1384 (the current Iranian year) will, if God wills, cut off the roots of injustice in the world,” the IRNA agency quoted the ultra-conservative as saying. “The era of oppression, hegemonic regimes, tyranny and injustice has reached its end,” he said, in an apparent reference to Iran’s arch-foe the United States. “The wave of the Islamic revolution will soon reach the entire world.”

Now if I remember correctly the Muslim world went crazy when Bush used the word "crusade" in regards to the war on terror. But it's ok for them to call for an "Islamic revolution"? Sounds like jihad to me.

Iraq - Another al Qaeda Leader Caught

Recently I posted about al Qaeda's leadership being decimated in Iraq. Now comes news they've caught another one.

Iraq says its forces have arrested one of the leaders of the Al-Qaeda network allegedly responsible for kidnapping Iraqis and foreigners.

A government statement says Sami Ammar Hamid Mahmud, also known as Abu Aqil was arrested two days ago in Baghdad.

The statement also referred to Abu Aqil's cell as managing and leading operations outside Iraq as well as being responsible for kidnapping Iraqis and foreign nationals for ransoms to fund terror acts

The fact that many of these guys are being arrested would indicate that either the Iraqis are getting good intelligence or they are being tipped off.

America - Democrats Guilty of Vote Fraud

The Democrats have been squealling like a stuck pig ever since last years elections that the Republicans were guilty of widespread voter fraud. They were so convinced of it that they paid for an investigation into the critical state of Ohio. They were stunned when the investigation found that indeed there was voter fraud in Ohio.

"Overwhelmingly," this report said, "these problems were reportedly traced primarily" to four Democratic political allies who supported Mr. Kerry: ACORN, America Coming Together, the AFL-CIO and the NAACP National Voter Fund.

Now comes more voter fraud by the Democrats.

The defendants were found guilty on all counts following a four-week trial in U.S. District Court in East St. Louis.

Four of the defendants -- Jessie Lewis, Sheila Thomas, Yvette Johnson and former city official Kelvin Ellis -- were found guilty of conspiracy to commit election fraud and election fraud. All worked for the Democratic Party during the election last November.

Democratic Party boss and former City Councilman Charlie Powell was found guilty of one count of conspiracy to commit election fraud.

The five were charged with paying voters up to $10 a vote to vote for Democratic candidates during the Nov. 2 general election.

So, the next time some leftoid Democrat starts crying that there was voter fraud in the last elections, show him this and laugh.

America - Left Calls for Murdering Troops

The left are always going on about how they are against the war in Iraq but they support our troops. Yet here is a transcript and video of "little Eichmanns" Ward Churchill calling for our troops to murder their officers.

Churchill: "For those of you who do, as a matter of principle, oppose war in any form, the idea of supporting a conscientious objector who's already been inducted in his combat service in Iraq might have a certain appeal. But let me ask you this: Would you render the same level of support to someone who hadn't conscientiously objected, but rather instead rolled a grenade under their line officer in order to neutralize the combat capacity of their unit?"

"...Conscientious objection removes a given piece of cannon fodder from the fray. Fragging an officer has a much more impactful effect." - Ward Churchill, Portland, Oregon- 6/23/05

For those leftoids out there that want to dismiss Churchill's statment as the lone rant of one man, here are some lefty moonbats marching and calling for the murder of our troops.


Are all these calls for mudering our officers being answered?

BAGHDAD, Iraq - An Army National Guard staff sergeant has been charged with premeditated murder in a “fragging incident” that killed two senior officers at a U.S. base near Tikrit last week, the U.S. military said Thursday.

Perhaps Churchill would like to explain his remarks to the families of the two slain officers.

Iraq - US Troops Shot Journalist Claim

Knight Ridder accuses US troops of killing one of their journalist but offer absolutely no proof.

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Yasser Salihee, an Iraqi special correspondent for Knight Ridder, was shot to death in Baghdad last Friday.

The shot appears to have been fired by a U.S. military sniper, though there were Iraqi soldiers in the area who also may have been shooting at the time.

Appears to whom? And just who were the Iraqi soldiers shooting at - terrorists? Were there terrorists shooting back?

Witnesses at the scene have offered conflicting accounts of what happened.

So, why does it "appear" to KR that US troops shot him?

An early report said Salihee was shot by a passing U.S. convoy when he failed to heed hand signals or shouts from soldiers. That later turned out to be untrue.

But since Linda Foley and Eason Jordan say US troops target journalists, it had to have been US troops.

The incident is still under investigation and will have to wait and see what that reveals. But it's clear that Foley's and Jordan's unsubstantiated claims have found traction in media organizations like KR.

Iraq - The 9/11 Connections

Andrew McCarthy has a round up of them.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Iraq - Iraqi Police Defeat Terrorists - Alone

Folks, this is proof positive that the terrorists have lost and the Iraqis have won the war in Iraq. This marks the final turning point in the war. Read on!

Recently I posted about Newsweek's, of all places, claim that the terrorists in Iraq can't win.

July 4 issue - I don't see how Iraq's insurgency can win. It lacks the support of at least 80 percent of the country (Shiites and Kurds), and by all accounts lacks the support of the majority of the Sunni population as well. It has no positive agenda, no charismatic leader, virtually no territory of its own, and no great power suppliers. That's why parallels to Vietnam and Algeria don't make sense. But despite all these obstacles, the insurgents launched 700 attacks against U.S. forces last month, the highest number since the invasion.

And just last week al Qaeda's ledership was being decimated.

Then we have the New York Times reporting on terrorists fighting each other. And the America hating BBC reporting on the American hating Arab press turning on the terrorists in Iraq.

And you know things have turned the corner when CNN reports on good news from Iraq and Koffi Annan does an article in The Washington Post declaring "... much progress has been made in the face of daunting challenges."

All of this has been too much for Kool Aid Kos, who now claims "We have accomplished what we set out to do bring freedom to Iraq and rid the region of the specter of Saddam's terror." Which prompted this from Chrenkoff.

And isn't it nice to hear Kos say all these lovely things? Particularly, after cautioning us last month, "in case anyone is buying the administration's line that we went to war in Iraq over 'freedom' or 'democracy'." Wasn't it all "about needing shiny new barracks in a Middle East nation with a friendly and compliant puppet regime" anyway? Beats me.

Be sure and read my post, complete with photos, on Kool Aid Kos's u-turn on Iraq.

Now from The Guardian, (dare I say it), of all places, comes proof that the Iraqi themselves are now defeating the terrorist - on their own. Don't worry too much, the Guradian tries to spin it into a defeat but this is clearly the first major battle the Iraqis faced the terrorist on their own and won.

Over 100 terrorists used a "...combination of heavy shelling, diversionary feints, infantry thrusts and suicide vehicles - the "precision-guided" equivalent of tanks - left parts of the district of Hi al-Elam a smoking ruin. If the objective was to overrun the station and free its prisoners the offensive failed. The attackers retreated after two hours, leaving dozens dead and captured."

Now the spin.

But if the objective was to send a message of power and determination it succeeded.

Oh yeah, I'm sure the sight of over 100 terrorists getting their buts kicked by the Iraqi police is looked upon as a success for the terrorists by the locals.

The sentries, pinned down by fire from the rooftops, did not respond when they heard the approaching suicide bombers. One vehicle exploded at the main entrance, killing at least four officers but without breaching the compound.

A nearby Iraqi army base was simultaneously targeted by mortars, gunfire and a suicide bomber, trapping the soldiers inside. Gunmen attacked the police station from four sides and came close to overrunning it. From bases in southern Baghdad US and Iraqi ground troops rushed for Baya'a only to confront insurgents at Derwesh Square and on the Doura highway tasked with slowing the relief force. At least three suicide car bombers had been held back for this purpose.

So, pinned down, attacked from four sides with RPGs and car bombs, the Iraqi Army and US forces unable to help, the Iraqi police, on their own, stood their ground and repulsed and attack by over 100 terrorists and "The attackers retreated after two hours, leaving dozens dead and captured".

And folks if you want the final proof that the Iraqis are winning and the terrorist losing, read this:

By 6.30am a police machine-gunner on the roof at Baya'a helped turn the tide, firing volleys which forced attackers to take cover and enabled his comrades to take better positions. Residents of the mixed Shia and Sunni neighbourhood made at least 55 phone calls informing the police of insurgent movements.

Got that? Both Shias and Sunnis called in intelligence against the terrorists.

This marks the turning point in the war and spells the end for Zarqawi. Here you have Iraqi police aided by ordinary Iraqi citizens working together to defeat the terrorists - on their own!

Iraq - Kool Aid Kos: "We" brought freedom to Iraq

You have to laugh at the left. No, you really do; most of the electorate did in the last round of elections. As President Bush's vision spreads democracy around the world, the left's attacks on his policies get nuttier and nuttier. Now they want to take credit for Bush's policies.

In the vein of Mr. Nuance's, "I voted for it before I voted against it", Chrenkoff gives us this from the Kool Aid drinking Kos.

Now that we've liberated Iraqi, through war, Kos wants to turn the left's anti-war stance into a victory parade.

Democrats must ride that wave [of growing anti-war sentiment] into 2006, and can do so in ways where they don't sound like hippy retreads.

Ooops! Too late! Kos's "screw them" rants already sound like "hippy retreds".

Now, before you read this next bit, remember the left's charge is that the Iraq war was about oil and American imperialism and had nothing to do with bringing democracy to Iraq. And no matter what our intentions were, the left are unanimous that we have failed to bring democracy to Iraq, the elections were a sham which resulted in a puppet government and the place is a Vietnam quagmire. All of which makes Kool Aid Kos's statements the more bizarre. Follow Chrenkoff's link to the "Amazing Kool Aid Kos" and read it for yourselves.

Promoting a withdrawal - We have a lot to be proud of over the past three years. We have freed the Iraqi people from a brutal dictator and given them their first taste of freedom. Iraq held successful presidential elections earlier this year, and the nation is now run by a democratic-elected government.

We have accomplished what we set out to do -- bring freedom to Iraq and rid the region of the specter of Saddam's terror.

But now it is time to let the Iraqis take charge of their own lives. The future belongs to a free democratic Iraq, but it is a future they must fight for themselves.

What's this we shit Kos?!? If it were up to you dictator loving, flower power, "not in my name", "we support the troops when they kill their officers", "screw them" asshats, Saddam would still be in power and those Iraqis now enjoying "their first taste of freedom", would be in mass graves.

Now that Bush's policies are seen as successful in bringing democracy, not just to Iraq, but the wider Middle East and beyond, Kool Aid Kos wants on the bandwagon.

And Chrenkoff notes this:

And isn't it nice to hear Kos say all these lovely things? Particularly, after cautioning us last month, "in case anyone is buying the administration's line that we went to war in Iraq over 'freedom' or 'democracy'." Wasn't it all "about needing shiny new barracks in a Middle East nation with a friendly and compliant puppet regime" anyway? Beats me.

There you have it folks, in Kool Aid Kos's own words. Thank you Kos for reminding us just how successful we have been in Iraq. And now, here are some visual reminders of how the Kool Aid Kid Kos "We" wanted to free "the Iraqi people from a brutal dictator and given them their first taste of freedom".

regime changeshoot_their_officersChe Guevera


Ooops again! Looks Kool Aid Kos is on the wrong side of history - as usual. While he and his Kool Aid gang want to withdraw from Iraq, "...only one in eight Americans currently favors an immediate pullout of U.S. forces while a solid majority continues to agree with Bush that the United States must remain in Iraq until civil order is restored..."

Everytime the left opens its mouth, Rove smiles - and so do I.

Iraq - Good News: From CNN?!?

Yeah, I know hard to believe isn't it? But here it is.

GHANI AL-ISAA, JUDGE (translator): There is an increase since the income of all sectors of Iraqi people has gone up.

ECCLESTON: Measuring Iraq's economic health is not an exact science, but those in work, like the 350 judges trained in the past two years, are better paid, thanks to U.S. subsidies.

The Iraqi dinar holds its value. Gone is the rampant inflation of the '90's. There are more goods in the shops, in part, thanks to low import duties and a thriving black market.

It's estimated that there's five times more traffic on Baghdad's roads than there was pre-war and then, there is, what some call, the freedom index. In January, nearly 60 percent of Iraqis voted, choosing from a wide variety of parties. The assembly they voted for is meeting and is beginning to frame a new constitution for Iraq and 25 Sunni delegates are participating.

Internet cafes, unknown under Saddam, have sprung up in Baghdad. There are more than three million telephone subscribers, compared to fewer than a million before the war and many of them are on cell phones. Some 170 independent newspapers and magazines offer competing opinions and there are 80 commercial radio stations.

Wealthier Iraqis have satellite dishes and watch channels from around the world, a luxury unthinkable three years ago. Much of the country away from the Sunni dominated north and west is not racked by sectarian violence and some 150,000 Iraqi security forces are trained, equipped, and playing a larger role in battling the insurgents.

Oh, don't worry CNN isn't going to let that stand.

ECCLESTON: Now, despite the undeniable progress in Iraq, one year after the handover of sovereignty, the grinding violence, the lack of personal security, the hardships of day-to-day living, not enough power, not enough water, inadequate sanitation, this limits most Iraqis ability to believe their governments and American assertion that life is indeed improving...

What Eccleston fails to point out is that the improving life style of ordinary Iraqis is contributing to the drain on power and other resources. The explosion in power draining electrical goods is putting a strain on the improving electrical power grid, a power grid that is having to be completely rebuilt after decades of neglect under Saddam.

For a complete round up of all the good news from Iraq, be sure to visit Chrenkoff's Good News Iraq - Part 30.

Guantánamo - Detainees Treated Well

That's how both Republican and Democrats saw it on their resent trip, according to this article - buried on page 19. You may recall that the bogus Koran desecration story was platered all over the front pages of MSM. It's as if MSM throw the Right a bone now and then so they can proclaim, "See we're fair and balanced".

WASHINGTON, June 27 - Senators from both sides of the aisle competed on Monday to extol the humane treatment of detainees whom they said they saw on a weekend trip to the military detention center at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. All said they opposed closing the center.

"I feel very good" about the detainees' treatment, Ron Wyden, Democrat of Oregon, said.

That feeling was also expressed by another Democrat, Ben Nelson of Nebraska.

On Monday, Senator Jim Bunning, Republican of Kentucky, said he learned while visiting Guantánamo that some detainees "even have air-conditioning and semiprivate showers."

Another Republican, Senator Michael D. Crapo of Idaho, said soldiers and sailors at the camp "get more abuse from the detainees than they give to the detainees."

I suspect this quote is why they buried it. "All said they opposed closing the center".

Now contrast The New York Times article and placement with this Washington Times front page article.

Asked how they knew they were seeing real operations rather than a staged display, both Republican and Democratic senators said that they had access to everything and that they trusted the troops they talked with from their own states.


Iraq - "Don't Son Me"

The anti-war moonbats make all kinds of absurd claims and remarks about war. Chief among them is "would you send your son (daughter) to fight in Iraq". This is nonsense, as is the case with most of their arguments. That fact that America is a free country whose military is made up of adult volunteers escapes them.

Christopher Hitchens has an article for the moonbats.

Here is a snippet but be sure to read the whole thing.

I don't intend a taunt in the above sentence (it's more of a tease, really, as well as a serious question to which I have heard no answer), but I resent the taunt that is latent in the anti-war stress on supposedly uneven sacrifice. Did I send my children to rescue the victims of the collapsing towers of the World Trade Center? No, I expected the police and fire departments to accept the risk of gruesome death on my behalf. All of them were volunteers (many of them needlessly thrown away, as we now know, because of poor communications), and one knew that their depleted ranks would soon be filled by equally tough and heroic citizens who would volunteer in their turn. We would certainly face a grave societal crisis if that expectation turned out to be false.

But when it comes to the confrontation in Iraq, the whole notion of grown-ups volunteering is dismissed or lampooned. Instead, it's people's children getting "sent." Recall Michael Moore asking congressmen whether they would "send" one of their offspring, as if they had the power to do so, or the right? (John Ashcroft's son was in the Gulf, but I doubt that his father dispatched him there, and in any case it would take a lot more than this to reconcile me to Ashcroft, as Moore implies that it should.) Nobody has to join the armed forces, and those who do are old enough to vote, get married, and do almost everything legal except buy themselves a drink. Why infantilize young people who are entitled to every presumption of adulthood?


Tuesday, June 28, 2005

UN - Annan Calls For Reforms

The Guardian reports on Koffi Annan's calls for UN reforms. In light of the UN oil for food scandal and the numberous sex abuse scandals, the best thing Annan can do is resign.

I found this bit interesting:

Annan told the General Assembly that the United Nations had seen many successes, such as helping eradicate smallpox and polio nearly everywhere in the world, as well as failures including the 1994 genocide in Rwanda that saw 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus slaughtered.

I bet Annan didn't point out that he was the UN man in charge that allowed the genocide to happen.

See here for the Case Against the UN.

America - Media Making It Up

Main stream media sneer at bloggers, claiming that we are unregulated, out of control and no one checks our work like their editors do theirs. Yet time and time again we find it is MSM who are faking it. And now today comes more media faking it.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) - A newspaper investigation of a former columnist for The Sacramento Bee could not verify 43 sources she used in a sampling of 12 years of her work.

They could not verify 43 sources in 12 years!?! Obviously no one ever checked her work!

What's even more disturbing is the paper admits this is only a "sampling" of her work.

No wonder the media's credibility is in the tank.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Islam - Reviewed: "Islam Unveiled"

Here is my review of Robert Spencer's book "Islam Unveiled".

Most westerners remained blissfully unaware of the teachings of Islam - until 9/11/2001, I among them. In the immediate aftermath of that catastrophe, there was a rush by some not to blame Muslims for what had happened; bin Laden was a terrorist carrying out yet another, albeit more stunning, attack on America. In his book “Islam Unveiled”, Robert Spencer, using the very words of the Koran and both historical and recent events, demonstrates how this is not only naïve but dangerous.

America was founded on religious freedom and many western countries pride themselves on their religious tolerance. That makes it all the more difficult to criticize Islam, and it does need criticizing, difficult that is, until you realize that religion, the state, and the law are all one and the same in Islam.

What’s worse, the Koran is considered by Muslims to be the actual words of God as revealed to Muhammad and therefore, unchangeable, unchallengeable and no further manmade laws, knowledge or science are needed. In short, the Koran is the final word.

This final word stance by Muslims on the Koran is why reformists and critics are always met with derision, hostility, death threats and even death itself; how can you reform or criticize the perfect word of God?

It is the excuse Muslims use to riot over bogus stories of Koran desecration by the infidels while around the world Muslims blow up mosques and untold Korans in the process.

It is why after so much progress, Muslims turned their backs on science while the west embraced it. Since the Koran is the pure word of God what other knowledge is needed? It is why the west flourished while Islam declined and it is evident in the stark comparisons between third world countries and the west today. Only now are they embarking on desperate attempts to catch the great Satan.

This stance has led Muslim leaders to blame fellow Muslims for all of Islam’s ills. If only they would be good Muslims and follow the Koran to the letter, their misery and suffering at the hands of the great Satan would end and Islam would rule the world once again. In short, radical Islam is the way forward.

This in turn allows them to deny women’s rights. Islam’s record on women’s rights is well known and abysmal. Women are forced to wear the hijab, not allowed to vote or hold office, their word is worth less than a mans, there are so called “honor” killings, stonings, they are not allowed to drive, must be accompanied by a male relative when venturing out, if they claim rape, they have to have four male witness, on and on it goes.

One by one, from religion of peace to religion of tolerance, Spencer explores the myths surrounding Islam and demonstrates why tolerating the current state of affairs and remaining ignorant of Islam, is dangerous.

Europe is being slowly but surely converted. Europe’s aging population coupled with a need for cheap labour have fuelled an influx of Muslim immigrants; immigrants who fail to integrate as the Koran teaches them not to. The new buzzword applied to deal with this situation is multiculturalism; its former name was appeasement. All over Europe women are being forced to wear the hijab, so called “honor” killings are rarely prosecuted, Britain has introduced some Islamic law and in the biggest display of appeasement, Spain changed its government.

If you want to start learning about Islam, “Islam Unveiled” is a good place to start.

You can buy it here:


Iraq - 70 British Muslims Join Terrorists

The Sunday Times reports.

ABOUT 70 young Muslim men have left Britain to join the insurgents who are fighting coalition troops in Iraq, senior security sources have revealed.

At least three have been killed in combat, including one whose role in an Iraq suicide bombing in February was disclosed by police only last week.

The growing problem of militants from Britain travelling to Iraq has been highlighted by Eliza Manningham-Buller, director-general of MI5, in recent briefings to Tony Blair.

But didn't Iqbal Sacranie, general secretary of the Muslim Council of Britain,
tell us: 'There is no such thing as an Islamic terrorist.'

So how are these jihadist doing in Iraq?

Although an estimated 70 had gone in the past two years, few had returned, the source said.

Oh, dear.

Larger numbers of terrorist recruits left Britain during the late 1990s to fight the “holy war” in Bosnia, Chechnya and Afghanistan.

And their fate will be the same in Iraq.

From a "rebel" commander, Abu Ahmad, terrorist to you and me, we learn this:

He said that Al-Qaeda had “branches, supporters and financiers” in Britain as well as in France, Spain and Germany.

Hey listen, don't worry about it. Sacranie, general secretary of the Muslim Council of Britain, says there is no such thing as an Islamic terrorist and the BBC, in their famous "The Power of Nightmares", tells us that international terror networks are "myths" and "illusions".

Australia - Wood "insensitive" to terrorists

That's what Andrew Jaspan, editor-in-chief of The Age, Australia's most Left-wing daily newspaper, says.

Andrew Bolt reminds us that the "...the men who'd snatched him, kicked him in the head, kept him blindfolded and bound for 47 days, shaved him bald, killed two of his colleagues, made him beg for his life, and -- says a fellow hostage from Sweden -- shot several other prisoners in front of him."

Let's not forget Wood would also have seen all the reports of beheadings if not the actual videos of beheadings.

Said Jaspan: "I was, I have to say, shocked by Douglas Wood's use of the a---hole word, if I can put it like that, which I just thought was coarse and very ill-thought through and I think demeans the man and is one of the reasons why people are slightly sceptical of his motives and everything else.

"The issue really is largely, speaking as I understand it, he was treated well there. He says he was fed every day, and as such to turn around and use that kind of language I think is just insensitive."

This shows how far deranged the left really are. And as I said in an earlier post today:

Since the terrorists have "no positive agenda, no charismatic leader, virtually no territory of its own, and no great power suppliers", and lacks the support of ordinary Iraqis, why does the world press support them and attack America so much?

Becuase this is not about defeating terrorism, this is about defeating America, even if it means letting terrorists win. Such is the inverted world the left and the media have created.

So what was Wood's real sin that warranted this attack from Jaspan?

INSTEAD, he roared "God bless America" and praised the US-trained Iraqi soldiers -- Iraq's real freedom fighters -- who saved him, saying he was "proof positive that the current policies of the American and Australian governments is the right one".

It seems that to a Leftist, this makes Wood the boorish inferior of the killers who beat him and held him captive. It is why journalist Tracee Hutchinson, in an Age column, calls him a "blustering buffoon", moaning: "It was enough that his words God bless America had been played over and over on his release."


America - Operation Simply Shred

Turning the tables on the anti-war moonbats. Be sure to see the link at the end for a slideshow of their efforts.

More and more Americans are getting fed up with these moonbats and are starting to counter protest, Americans like Protest Warrior.

We need more of these please.

Britain - Bogus Muslim March

Seems some people missed Newsweeks retraction.

MUSLIMS in Bedford marched into St Paul's Square yesterday to protest against American treatment of the Koran.

Earlier this month the Pentagon admitted that soldiers at Guantanamo Bay detention centre had dishonoured the Koran.

According to a report, prison guards threw water balloons on to the book, a two-word obscene phrase was written in English on the inside cover and an American soldier had flushed a detainee's copy down the toilet after urinating on it.

But Newsweek retracted the story.

"Based on what we know now, we are retracting our original story that an internal military investigation had uncovered Quran abuse at Guantanamo Bay," Newsweek Editor Mark Whitaker said in a statement issued Monday afternoon.

Now do a Google search of Mosque bombings. How many Korans do you think were blown up all these bombings?

And what about all the desecration of other religions symbols Muslims?

Bedford Muslims need to take a long hard look at their own religion.

Recently in DC there was a march held by Muslims to protest against terrorism. None of the major US Muslim organizations either took part or endorsed the march and only 50 people showed up. Muslims around the world need to take a long hard look at their religion.

Iraq - The Terrorists Can't Win

Newsweek reports on the good news from Iraq. Oh, don't worry they report on bad news as well.

July 4 issue - I don't see how Iraq's insurgency can win. It lacks the support of at least 80 percent of the country (Shiites and Kurds), and by all accounts lacks the support of the majority of the Sunni population as well. It has no positive agenda, no charismatic leader, virtually no territory of its own, and no great power suppliers. That's why parallels to Vietnam and Algeria don't make sense. But despite all these obstacles, the insurgents launched 700 attacks against U.S. forces last month, the highest number since the invasion.

That's quite a statement coming from a magazine that recently ran the bogus Koran desecration story and helped the terrorists cause in Iraq. And none of that stops the deranged left from trying to make Vietnam comparisons.

The US is constantly criticized for not having enough man power in Iraq but today on the radio I heard the cost to America will be over $1 Trillion dollars. Instead of criticizing the US, why aren't these critics harping at France, Germany, and Russia to help out? Or condemning Spain and the PI for pulling out? Why are there no attacks on Syria and Iran who are aiding these terrorists? The smug answer we are given is that "you broke it, you fix it". But just like the Vietnam comparison is bogus, so is this sneer, for it implies that Iraq was not broke in the first place, an absurd implication.

The positive picture is worth painting. Iraq has had successful elections, a new (and more legitimate) government, Sunnis included into the political process, and is working on a new constitution. The insurgents' attacks on ordinary Iraqis are having the predictable effect of making them lose popular support. When I was in Iraq recently, several Iraqis (all Sunnis) told me that they were losing respect for and patience with the insurgents. "These guys are thugs who are killing Iraqis, not resistance fighters battling the occupation," one of them said. And finally, Iraqi politicians have been more mature and steadfast than one could have ever hoped for—making compromises, arriving at consensus and moving forward under tremendous personal danger.

Since the terrorists have "no positive agenda, no charismatic leader, virtually no territory of its own, and no great power suppliers", and lacks the support of ordinary Iraqis, why does the world press support them and attack America so much?

Becuase this is not about defeating terrorism, this is about defeating America, even if it means letting terrorists win. Such is the inverted world the left and the media have created.

Iraq - al Qaeda Ledership Being Decimated

Winds of Change has a round up of the pounding the al Qaeda ledership is taking.

Khalid Suleiman Darwish has been killed in Qaim. Darwish was Zarqawi's number two in command.

Darwish is the second prince to be removed from the battlefield in the past month, after the capture of Abu Talha. It's important to note that Talha was captured after a tip off from locals.

Abdullah al-Rashood, a very senior member of al Qaeda in Saudi Arabia was also killed in Qaim this past week.

Hilal Hussein al-Badrani, a Saudi who commands Ansar al-Sunnah, has been captured outside of Mosul by Iraqi security forces.

Let's not forget that Zarqawi has reportedly been wounded and hopefully we'll get him soon.

al-Badrandi's capture might explain why Ansar al-Sunnah wants talks with the US.

The Sunday Times said that the insurgents at the first meeting included the Ansar al-Sunna Army, which claimed responsibility for suicide bombings in Iraq and a Christmas attack that killed 22 people in the dining hall of a US base at Mosul.


Britain - BBC Shills for America's Attackers

The BBC often openly attacks the US, see The Case Against the BBC, but sometimes they schill for others who openly attack America. Take this BBC article for example.

As you read try and keep in mind the backdrop for what was happening in America at the time. There had been a co-ordinated terrorist attack which had killed over 3000 innocent Americans on American soil, something that had never happened before. There were two attacks on the Twin Towers, one on the Pentagon and one whose target is thought to have been the White House. So, the terrorists were targeting the financial, military and political heart of America, right on American soil. Were there other targets?

Also bear in mind that we are talking about 70 men out of a population of 300 million and while we do not want to see one persons rights violated, given the circumstances of the times, this is truly a small number.

The BBC does not provide a direct link to the report, you'll see why in a moment, but they do provide a link to Human Rights Watch so you can read the report yourself, which you should. You can read their summary here.

HRW's report is full of wild allegations designed to stir up anti-American sentiment in the Muslim community and yet HRW provides no evidence, other than the suspects testimony, that anything illegal occurred.

Congress enacted the current material witness law in 1984 to enable the government, in narrow circumstances, to secure the testimony of witnesses who might otherwise flee to avoid testifying in a criminal proceeding. If a court agrees that an individual has information "material" to a criminal proceeding and will likely flee if subpoenaed, the witness can be locked up, but, in theory, only for as long as is necessary to have him testify or be deposed.

So, these men were held, legally, in case they would flee and a court agreed that they had material information.

The US indefinitely detained some 70 Muslim men after the 11 September attacks on baseless accusations of terrorist links, US rights bodies say.

Note the BBC repeat HRW's claim that the accusations were baseless. Buried in paragraph 17 of the summary we are told this:

Seven were charged with providing material support to terrorist organizations; as of May 2005, four had been convicted, and the other three were awaiting trial.

Obviously since they were convicted, the accusations were not baseless and 10% of these men were involved in terrorism in some way.

And I guess it depends on your definitionion of what "indefinitely" is, for HRW tells us that:

One-third of the seventy post-September 11 material witnesses we identified were incarcerated for at least two months. Some endured imprisonment for more than six months, and one witness spent more than a year in prison.

Not quite indefinte now is it? Besides, what does the law say?

The material witness law does not specify how long a witness may be incarcerated before being presented in a criminal proceeding or released.

So, once again we are told the government was acting legally.

Then we are told:

Another twenty witnesses were charged with non-terrorist-related crimes, such as bank or credit card fraud or making false statements to the FBI.

HRW convienently fails to tell us how many were convicted.

Then there is this:

Twenty-four were deported.

Are some of the twenty charged with non terrorists charges in this twenty four or is this on top of the twenty? Since these are two distinct statements, I'd say they are on top of the twenty. Otherwise, HRW would have said something like, "of the 24 deported, 20 had been charged with...."


Two of the seventy were designated "enemy combatants"

HRW's report goes on to hyperventilate over the way the prisoners were arrested, questioned and detained. They were arrested at gunpoint and handcuffed, all standard procedure. They were asked tough questions and detained in tough conditions, all standard procedure. No one was tortured. And look at how many were deported, charged and convicted, four on terrorism charges and three awaiting trial.

The left are still living in a pre 9/11 world as HRW admits.

The Department of Justice has contended that grand jury rules require such secrecy. However, prior to September 11, the Justice Department did not make such a contention, detention hearings for federal material witnesses in grand jury proceedings were typically public.

That's because things changed on 9/11 and you better wake up to that fact, if you want to continue to live in Kansas Dorothy.


And as in the case of the bogus Koran story, this story is already being used to fan the flames of anti-Americanism in the Muslim world. See here and here.

Britain - Protest at Zimbabwean Deportations

While Mugabe is busy torturing, killing and making homeless hundreds of thousands of his own people, the British government is seeking to deport failed Zimbabwean asylum seekers.

While the world is in an uproar, except the African Union, over Mugabe's purges, "Home Office ministers say there is no evidence that people being returned to Zimbabwe are being mistreated".

Why isn't Geldof organizing demonstrations outside Downing Street to try and stop the deportations and outside Zimbabwe's embassy to try and stop the genocide? Instead he's organizing protests to coincide with the G8 summit in an attempt to give more money to the likes of Mugabe. That may not be his intention but that's where the money will end up.

Better Geldof petition the G8 members to take action to stop Mugabe. But you and I know that will never happen and so many more will suffer and die.

It's a romantic notion, but flower power has never equaled real power.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Israel - Media Fabrication for Palestinians

The Jerulasem Post catches the Globe and Mail fabricating a story schilling for the Palestinians.

According to Globe and Mail reporter Carolyn Wheeler, the meeting took place in "Mr. Sharon's flag-draped residence in the Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem's Old City," on "disputed home turf." [...]

Wheeler then waxed for two paragraphs about the alleged site of the meeting: "Mr. Sharon's purchase of the stately Old City stone home in 1987, and the subsequent removal of its Arab tenants, created great controversy at the time. The building is now rarely used, but it is still under heavy guard and remains a stinging symbol for Palestinians struggling to hold onto Arab neighborhoods in East Jerusalem."

There's just one problem.

In fact, the meeting was held at the prime minister's residence in the Rehavia neighborhood of the capital, where there is no dispute over sovereignty.

Now how do you suppose she could make such a mistake?

After outraged readers pointed out the error, the Globe and Mail issued a correction.

"Obviously, it's a very embarrassing error," said Guy Nicholson, the newspaper's interim foreign editor. "We asked her for some background about where the story location was. Unfortunately, she was not actually at the scene of it. She wrote it off of television and wires."

Just the other day I posted this piece about a French journalist reporting from Iraq.

French journalist Anne-Sophie Le Mauff is not impressed by orders that she leave Iraq and return to Paris: “I don’t understand this decision. I do my job, I’m careful, I don’t leave my hotel.”

See here for a long list of media fakes.

Hat tip to Max

Saturday, June 25, 2005

America - Why the World Needs Her

In the immediate aftermath of the tsunami disaster, America led the initial relief efforts.

The U.S. relief funds do not count the assistance provided by the U.S. military, which has 24 Navy ships, one Coast Guard vessel and about 15,000 servicemen and women involved in the relief effort. The Pentagon has estimated that it is spending about $6 million a day in those operations.

Contrast that with this:

It was Tony Blair, coming onto the scene, who then spoke to Bush and told him that that co-ordination should go through the UN and the G8. But, as the US and other core-group members had already found, the UN had no capacity to do anything or to make any difference in the short term.

It was not until 31 December that the UN had got itself sufficiently together for there to be a video-conference, involving Powell and the UN's Kofi Annan and various senior UN officials. After that, core group meetings routinely included UN representatives.

Today, Mark Steyn reports what happens when the calls for America to hand over the relief efforts to the usual suspects.

The tsunami may have been unprecedented, but what followed was business as usual, the sloth and corruption of government, the feebleness of the brand-name NGOs, the compassion-exhibitionism of the transnational jet set. If we lived in a world where "it's what you do that defines you", we'd be heaping praise on the US and Australian militaries who in the immediate hours after the tsunami struck dispatched their forces to save lives, distribute food, restore water and power and communications.

And if you really want to help, Steyn has a suggestion for you.

Whether or not it has "moral" authority, the UN certainly can't do the job. It becomes clearer every week that Western telly viewers threw far more money at tsunami relief than was required and that much of it has been siphoned off by wily customs inspectors and their ilk. If you really wanted to make an effective donation to a humanitarian organisation, you'd send your cheque to the Pentagon or the Royal Australian Navy.

Is there any thing the UN can do? It wasn't the UN that stopped Molosavich's genocide, liberated Afghanistan, liberated Iraq or emboldened the Lebanese to kick out the Syrians.

Steyn continues.

The passionate hostility of Miss Short and co to action, to getting things done, is remarkable, but understandable. Getting things done requires ships and transport planes and the like, and most Western countries lack the will to maintain armed forces capable of long-range projection. So, when disaster strikes, they can mail a cheque and hold a press conference and form a post-modern "Task Force" which doesn't have any forces and doesn't perform any tasks. In extreme circumstances, they can stage an all-star pop concert. And, because this is all most of the Western world is now capable of, "taking action" means little more than taking the approved forms of inaction.

So, instead of organizing protests outside the embassies of countries like Mugabe's, who is at this moment systematically killing his own people, Bob the Builder wants to hold yet another concert and give more money to these murdering thugs.

Where did all the money go last time? It was stolen.

The scale of the task facing Tony Blair in his drive to help Africa was laid bare yesterday when it emerged that Nigeria's past rulers stole or misused £220 billion.

That is as much as all the western aid given to Africa in almost four decades. The looting of Africa's most populous country amounted to a sum equivalent to 300 years of British aid for the continent.

The problem for the left now, is their fig leaf checkbook isn't covering very much up anymore. They may go to bed feeling all pious and righteous having given money away in an attempt to ease their concience, but the genocide will still be there in the morning.

Money is not the answer, action is. But that would mean calling on America and the left would rather eat their young than do that.

Britain - Religious Hate Law Absurd

The Rottweiler Puppy points out why this proposed new law is absurd.

This is, of course, to miss the blindingly obvious fact that it's not always easy to separate the two ('people' and 'faith') from one another. Beliefs, as we're sure Charles Clarke well knows, have a tendency to get lodged inside people's skulls, and when this happens, it's nigh on impossible to draw a neat distinction between attacking the religion and attacking the people who lay claim to it.

Read the whole thing, but here is the conclusion.

Whether or not the new law is used to silence comedians, academics and angsty playwrights is neither here nor there. The point is that it will almost certainly be used to attack those of us who are openly critical of the way Muslims behave.

The real question has never been whether or not anti-Islamic comments hurt Muslim feelings, but whether Muslim feelings deserve to be hurt.

Australia has already enacted such laws and the first ones convicted were Christians.

Islam - Peace and Tolerance?

As you read this, remember, there is no such thing as "honor killings". They are murder, there is nothing honorable about them and to use the phrase implies the murderer is really the victim.

Second Islamic murder in a week.

Her brother turned himself in to the police on Thursday "claiming that he killed his sister because she was involved in immoral relationships," one official told the newspaper.

It was the second such killing in a week.

At least 19 women lost their lives in "honour killings" in the conservative Muslim kingdom last year, according to the Jordan Times.

Notice how it's always women?

Muslim boy murders his mother.

She certainly wasn't expecting the 14-year-old to pull out a gun as she moved to embrace him."You've disgraced the family," he said, and shot her five times in the head and chest.

Some people claim that Islam does not condone such murders. Mind telling me where these people get the idea from then? How else can a 14 year old get indoctrinated to such a degree as to kill his own mother? Or a brother his sister?

Buddhist couple beheaded.

Man beheaded in teashop.

It was the fifth beheading in just over two weeks, and is thought to be the first carried out so publicly.

Girls school set on fire.

There has been a spate of attacks on girls' schools across Afghanistan since U.S.-led forces ousted the Taliban in 2001. The former regime prohibited girls from attending school as part of its widely criticized drive to establish what it considered a "pure" Islamic state.


Britain - Racist Galloway Targets Jews

The former MP for Baghdad central, now MP for Palestinians, George Galloway is stirring up racial hatred and attacking another Jewish MP.

George Galloway has announced that his Respect party intends to target the Liverpool Riverside parliamentary constituency that is currently held by Louise Ellman, who he says is “Israel’s MP on Merseyside”.

This is the second seat that he has targeted where the sitting MP is Jewish and that has a significant Muslim population.

Be sure and read the comments as there are some links to videos of Galloway.

Britain - More Muslim Appeasement

Yesterday I posted about Rangers Football Club's decision to produce strips without the Carling Beer logo for Muslim fans.

The move comes after complaints from Muslims whose religion prohibits anything that promotes drinking.

In that post I asked this question: Are they going to want seperate stands for boys and girls next?

Well, they haven't gone that far - yet. But in Bristol they have seperate swimming times for Muslim women. This is on top of the Asian only sessions.

They already had women only sessions but it seems Somali Muslim women wanted their own sessions.

But for some Muslim communities, such as Somalis, it is an issue - not necessarily because of purely religious reasons but because they are a new community and need to build up their confidence to integrate fully in our society."

I don't see how seperating them is going to help them integrate.

Now, these two incidents of Muslim appeasement, may seem small and trivial. But let's add in some other details.

Muslims are setting up their own schools in Britain. Yes, Catholics have done that for years. I'm against both. I think religion should only be taught in school in order to educate kids about the different religions and their history - not sermonized.

A Muslim girl recently won her court case which allowed her to wear the hijab and not the school uniform. Her lawyer? PM Tony Blair's wife.

In Birmingham, there is a group calling themselves Muslims Against Advertising (MAAD). MAAD gives advice on how to vandalize billboards they deem offensive.

The Advertising Standards Authority said that increasing numbers of posters were being torn down or painted over in predominantly Islamic areas, The Times newspaper reported.

The government wants to enact laws that will prohibit criticizing Islam. Similar laws that have already been enacted in Australia have seen Christians convicted of criticizing Islam.

Britain has already adopted Islamic law and is planning on adopting more.

Gordon Brown, the chancellor, has already made one significant concession to adapt to the dictates of sharia. In the 2003 Finance Act he spared Muslims from paying stamp duty twice on their properties when they took out “Islamic mortgages” that complied with the sharia ban on paying interest.

Polygamy is illegal in Britain, but that's not stopping the government from adopting more Islamic law.

THE Inland Revenue is considering recognising polygamy for some religious groups for tax purposes. Officials have agreed to examine “family friendly” representations from Muslims who take up to four wives under sharia, the laws derived from the Koran.

Existing rules allow only one wife for inheritance tax purposes. The Revenue has been asked to relax this so that a husband’s estate can be divided tax-free between several wives.

The move is bound to create controversy if it leads to a change in the rules. It is seen as a breakthrough by Muslim leaders who have been campaigning to incorporate sharia into British domestic law.

So, what is going on here?

In working-class neighborhoods across Europe, first-generation immigrants and alienated Muslim youths are refusing to assimilate, even as they increasingly demand that the majority culture tolerates their beliefs--or else.

Where is all this leading us?

Channel 4 recently aired a program called Sharia TV. The show consisted of a panel of learned Muslims being asked questions by young UK Muslims. Here are some of the questions and answers.

Is western democracy incompatible with Sharia law? Yes.

Should sharia law be introduced in the UK? Yes.

Do we want the restoration of the Caliphate? Yes.

Some Muslims have openly declared war on Britain.

Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammed, leader of the now officially disbanded Islamic militant group Al Muhajiroun told United Press International Saturday that as the covenant of security under which Muslims previously lived in Britain has been broken, Muslims must now consider themselves at war.

"And I declare we should ourselves join the global Islamic camp against the global crusade camp," he said.

A great leap from football strips to war isn't it? But who is appeasing whom here?

Friday, June 24, 2005

Britain - Muslim Appeasement Growing

There are signs that Muslim appeasement is growing in Britian as Rangers drop Carling beer for their Muslim fans. They want to wear the clubs strip but one without the beer ads.

The religious aspect of some football clubs seems to have escaped their attention.

The move comes after complaints from Muslims whose religion prohibits anything that promotes drinking.

Ok, now let's think about this for a moment. I'm a neo-Nazi football thug, at a Rangers game and I'm on the look out for some Muslims to bash. How can I be sure my victim really is a Muslim and doesn't just look the part? Ah ha! He'll be the one in a Rangers strip without the Carling ad! Hey, you, come here, you little.....

Right, now about those shirts with the gambling logos? That's a big no no.

And will companies that sell pork be allowed to advertise?

Are they going to want seperate stands for boys and girls next?

Britain - BBC: World Terrorism Myth

Sometimes when I write about world terrorism, I'll poke fun at the BBC over their fantasy show "The Power of Nightmares" and their claim that world terror networks are an "illusion" and "myth".

For some strange reason, lefty trolls who visit my site, don't believe thier beloved BBC would say such an insane thing. They must feel, as I do, that such and assertion is ridiculus, why else would they attack me for saying it? Kind of bizarre that they would agree with me on anything but there you have it.

So, without further ado, here for their viewing pleasure, link included, is exactly what the BBC said.

In a new series, the Power of Nightmares explores how the idea that we are threatened by a hidden and organised terrorist network is an illusion.

It is a myth that has spread unquestioned through politics, the security services and the international media.

Now, the BBC are well known for stealth editing, so for your further viewing pleasure here is a screen shot of the BBC webpage. Just in case it goes missing or is altered.

World terror myth

Guantanamo - Koran and Beheadings

The media have a feeding frenzy over bogus allegations of Koran desecration by our troops at Guantanamo, ignoring the fact that it was us infidels that gave them their jihadist manual in the first place.

Speaking of manuals, did you know that our troops have a whole manual dedicated to the proper method of handling the Koran?

Recently our troops found manuals of another kind in Iraq, manuals on how to properly behead someone.

All of this prompted OpiniPundit to remark:

We have manuals on how to properly handle the Koran and humanely treat prisoners, paying respect to their cultural sensitivities, they have manuals on how to properly torture and decapitate hostages.

Somehow the irony escapes the media.

America - Foleygate Update

Instapundit thinks Foley has backed down.

I dont' see how you can say that when her article is titiled: "Confronting right-wing hysteria". That sound like backing down to you? In the second paragraph she tells us she isn't even talking to us and that we don't matter.

That said, let me address the rest of this column to the people who really matter: the members of The Newspaper Guild.

How is that backing down? And I certainly don't think anybody would call this an apology.

If I made a mistake, it was in trying to cover the issues surrounding safety for journalists in Iraq in an off-the-cuff way. I regret that my in-artful phraseology, and the storm it incited on the right, may detract from a critically important issue for journalists, especially those who cover war.

In case you are unaware of Foley's unsubstantiated slanderous claims that our troops target journalists, Trey Jackson has a transcript and video of her remarks.

Journalists, by the way, are not just being targeted, ah, verbally or, ah, or, ah, politically. They're also being targeted for real. Um…in places like Iraq. Ahn and, ah, what outrages me as a representative of journalists is that there's not more outrage about the number, and the brutality, and the cavalier nature of the U.S. military toward the killing of journalists in Iraq. I think it's just a scandal.

And it's not just US journalists, either, by the way. They target and kill, ah, journalists from other countries, particularly Arab countries like Al -, like Arab news services like Al-Jazeera, for example. They actually target them and blow up their studios, ah, with impunity … and, ah, this is all part of a culture that it's okay to blame the individual journalists and it just takes the heat off these media, ah, conglomerates who are actually at the heart of the problem.

That sound like a mistake to you?


Media Slander is all over Foley and the Guild's case. Just start at the top and scroll down.

Zimbabwe - Rights Groups Want Action

That's the ticket! The Guardian reports that human rights groups, like Amnesty International are calling for action to be taken against Mugabe's genocide.

And about time too! All right what's it going to be? America, NATO a world coalition, as in Iraq? What are we talking here? Fighters, bombers, tanks, armies and how many?

The rights groups urged the African Union, which is meeting in Libya next month, and the United Nations to act against Zimbabwe - but did not specify how.

Well, you can tell them in the media how pissed off the UN is. Then you can send them a letter telling them that you are now officially pissed off. Then pass a resolution telling them that you are now really, seriously pissed off. If that doesn't work, you can send a delegation and tell them in person, that you are now really, really pissed off. Of course by then millions will have died but hey, it's better than having America come to the rescue - again!


Instapundit has links to some good round ups of information on what's happening in Zimbabwe including video.

GATEWAY PUNDIT has more on genocide in Zimbabwe, with video.

A ZIMBABWE ROUNDUP at Norm Geras' place.


One of the groups called on to take action, the African Union, has already rejected that idea.

And at the risk of saying I told you so,

The United Nations is due to send a special envoy to Zimbabwe to investigate the demolitions.

Be sure and tell Mugabe how pissed off you are.

Iraq - America is Winning

How do I know this? If there is one thing you can be sure of about the lying liberal media, despite their attempts to defeat democracy and America, they still want to be on the winning side. That's why you see liberal newspapers like the New York Times reporting on terrorists fighting each other. And the America hating BBC reporting on the American hating Arab press turning on the terrorists in Iraq.

And now from the other side of the planet, indeed some would say on another planet, comes another mouth piece for the left, The LA Times, with an article proclaiming the terrorists will lose in Iraq. Well, it is a bit much for them to proclaim that America will win. But still, when all is said and done, the lying liberal media still want to be on the winning side.

No wonder public support for the war is plummeting and finger-to-the-wind politicians are heading for the exits: All the headlines out of Iraq recently have been about the rebels' reign of terror. But, lest we build up the enemy into 10-foot-tall supermen, it's important to realize how weak they actually are. Most of the conditions that existed in previous wars won by guerrillas, from Algeria in the 1950s to Afghanistan in the 1980s, aren't present in Iraq.

The rebels lack a unifying organization, ideology and leader. There is no Iraqi Ho Chi Minh, Fidel Castro or Mao Tse-tung. The top militant is Abu Musab Zarqawi, a Jordanian who has alienated most of the Iraqi population, even many Sunnis, with his indiscriminate attacks on civilians.

And at the risk of repeating myself:

Even the Sunni's are now joining the new government. There goes the left's hope for a civil war.

The local population have seen the tide turn are now turning in the terrorists. There goes the left's hope for a grass roots uprising.

In another devastating blow to the left's campaign to stop democracy in Iraq, their hero, Koffi Annan, now admits that progress is being made in Iraq.

All of which explains why the Americans are being so welcomed by the Iraqis.

O dear, the left are going to be devastated; their on the wrong side of history - again!


Iraq - Terrorist Lose Arab Support

It is truly a sheer joy to wake up these days. Everyday it seems there is more and more bad news for the left and good news for the right. Yesterday I posted a recap of the last 8 months of bad news for the left and today comes more bad news for the left. And the bad news for the left comes from of all places, The BBC.

The BBC reports that the Arab media is becoming increasingly more hostile towards the terrorists in Iraq, even going so far as to call them terrorists. Imagine that.

The militants are no longer referred to as the "resistance" but as gunmen or suicide bombers.

Eyewitnesses are shown denouncing them as "terrorists" - condemnations that are echoed by a parade of Iraqi officials and religious authorities.

One recent attack drew this comment from the al-Jazeera reporter: "Most of the time it's civilians who pay the price for the violence that has cost thousands of their lives".

Oh, don't worry about it. The BBC are quick to point out that it is still the Americans fault - twice.

"...although the blame for the upsurge in violence is still mainly being placed on the Americans."

By whom? The BBC does not tell us.

America - World Prefers China Over Us

That's according to a recent poll.

I don't blame them. Who would like a country that is run by Hitler and the Nazis? A country that runs a Gulag and is worse than Poll Pot. The Democrats and main stream media have done a good job of turning the world against us.

Funny thing though, the people being liberated weren't polled. Now why do you suppose that is?

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Jordan - Chemical Attack Trial Underway

The trial of 13 terrorists who planned a chemial attack on Jordan is underway.

AMMAN, Jordan (AP) - Islamic militants planned to detonate an explosion that would have sent a cloud of toxic chemicals across Jordan, causing death, blindness and sickness, a chemical expert testified in a military court Wednesday.

Col. Najeh al-Azam was giving evidence in the trial of 13 men who are alleged to have planned what would have been the world's first chemical attack by the al-Qaida terror group. The accused include al-Qaida's leader in Iraq, Abu-Musab Al-Zarqawi, and three other fugitives who are being tried in absentia.

Jordanian security services foiled the plot in April last year. Jordanian officials say that had it been carried out, thousands of people would have died.

Oh, fiddle di sticks! Ya'll go on back to bed now, ya hear? There ain't no such thing as international terrorism. The BBC proved that to us in "Power of Nightmares". They said it was all just a myth and ya'll know you can trust the BBC.

Get on now, I'm busy. I gots to try on this here new tin foil hat that BBC fellar sent me. It's a brewing up a good storm with lighting and that BBC's John Simpson says it's the best time to try it on. Say's he does it all the time and that's where all his good stories come from.

America - Vote Fraud in Ohio - By Democrats!

No wonder the left is crying like babies, sucking their thumbs and mumbling Hitler with every other breath.

Just look at the last 8 months.

Bush was re-elected, Republicans gained in both houses of Congress and Governorships. That alone drove them into frothing at the mouths like mad dogs and looking to bite anyone.

Then their bogus Koran desecration story fell apart on them.

Next their number two Senator did a number two on himself after comparing our troops to Nazis.

Then their hopes for either a civil war or grass roots uprising in Iraq failed as the Sunnis joined the security services and political process. If that wasn't enought bad news for their terrorists friends in Iraq, the local Iraqis started fighting the terrorists themselves. Faced with all the mounting evidence that Iraq is on the right path and that we are winning, the lefts godfather, Koffi Annan, was forced to admit progress was being made in Iraq.

Too bad more and more of Annan's officials are resigning over their role in the UN's oil for food scandal. Too bad for Annan and the left's beloved corrupt UN.

All of which led Americans to respond to a recent poll saying they felt that Bush was doing a good job on the war on terror and protecting America.

Whew! No wonder the left are seeing Hitler under their beds.

Fortunately, today comes more bad news for the Democrats. Their long awaited investigation into voter fraud found no evidence of voter fraud by the GOP and their deranged poster boy, Dean was forced into a humilating admission.

A five-month study for the Democratic National Committee found that more than one in four Ohio voters experienced problems at the polls last fall, , but the study did not find evidence of widespread election fraud that might have contributed to President Bush's narrow victory there.

But just as Durbin's non-apology for calling our troops Nazis was filled with "ifs", Dean's admission was a non-admission.

But Dr. Dean said the volume of problems reported by blacks and young people suggested that Republicans had tried to suppress the vote in heavily Democratic districts.(NYT)

Which led the author of the report to issue a stern statement denying Dean's claims.

"Where the partisan bias came from, where it went, we really have no basis for making any assertion about that and I don't believe the report makes any statements about that," said Cornell University professor of government Walter Mebane Jr.

Then Dean was forced to backtrack - again. He's walking backwards more than he is going forward. No wonder the big Democratic donors left the party.

You think that's bad? You haven't see nothing yet. The Democrats own study found it was the Democrats who were guilty of trying to disenfranchise voters.

In a stinging reply to the report, Mr. Mehlman agreed that there were numerous election abuses that took place in Ohio last year, but said they were perpetrated by Democrats or their political allies. In one instance, he said, "Democrat allies attempted to disenfranchise Ohio voters by submitting registration cards for Mary Poppins, Dick Tracy and Michael Jordan."

In March, a group of Ohio election law attorneys conducted a review of the state's election for the House Committee on Administration. It found, among other things, that "thousands of false and fraudulent voter-registration cards had been discovered and became the subject of numerous investigations by boards of elections, actions by local law enforcement and many media reports."

"Overwhelmingly," this report said, "these problems were reportedly traced primarily" to four Democratic political allies who supported Mr. Kerry: ACORN, America Coming Together, the AFL-CIO and the NAACP National Voter Fund.

Bwhahahahahahahahahahahah!!! The Democrats paid to get told they were guilty! Bwahahahahahahah!!

How can anybody take the Democrats seriously anymore? What a bunch of losers.

Via Captain's Quarters.

Afghganistan - Taleban commanders surrounded

The BBC reports that 138 terrorists have been killed this week alone and that two senior Taleban commanders are now surrounded.

Excellent! The flypaper strategy of attracking all the jihadists to places like Afghanistan and Iraq and killing them there is working.

But as usual, The BBC like to sprinkle doubt in their articles.

On Tuesday, the pilot of a US spy plane was killed when his aircraft crashed while returning to its base in the United Arab Emirates from Afghanistan.

It is not clear whether the plane had been involved in the offensive.

Then why is it in this article?

The BBC's Andrew North in Kabul says doubt has been cast on some of the US military's previous claims about insurgent casualty numbers.

Doubt cast by whom? North's waiter back in Kabul where he sits by the pool? This is the usual ploy of the BBC, toss out some unsubstantiated remark to try and cast doubt on America.

America - Treason and Nazis

Victor Hanson writes the left's insane use of Hitler and Nazis to attack America and our troops may have dire consequences.

There is also an asymmetry in these slurs. Few mention that there really are monsters and mass killers living among us — the North Koreans who have starved 1 million of their own, Saddam's reign of terror that may have killed as many, and, of course, the Islamicist murderers who behead, blow up and torture. "Mein Kampf" still is selling well in some Arab capitals, not in Washington or New York.

So cowards such as officials of the Red Cross and Amnesty International, and, yes, American politicians, prefer to showboat the purported misdemeanors of those who are civilized and will listen to them, rather than to condemn the horrendous felonies of those who are barbaric and will not pay them heed.

As a result, the bar is lowering. In today's climate, Alfred Knopf has already published a novel about killing the president. Charlie Brooker writing in the Guardian in London prayed for another Lee Harvey Oswald to take out George W. Bush. Comedians, New York plays and art exhibits also bandy about assassination.

Each time a public official evokes Hitler to demonize the president, the American effort in Iraq or its conservative supporters, cheap rhetorical fantasy becomes only that much closer to a nightmarish reality where the unstable, here and abroad, act on the belief that America really is Hitler's Germany.

We will all soon reap what the ignorant are now sowing.

Hal Lindsey goes further and calls them traitors. A label I agree with.

The dictionary defines "sedition" as "speech or action promoting discontent or rebellion against a government." Title 18 of the U.S. Code Chapter 115 is titled, "Treason, Sedition and Subversive Activities." Title 18 defines "treason" as follows:

Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death.

Isn't this exactly what Sen. Dick Durbin did? And he did it in time of war.

To recruit a new jihadist, al-Qaida need only convince him that America is an evil nation deserving of destruction. Today, an Islamic recruiter doesn't need to make stuff up about how evil America is, he just needs the transcript of a U.S. senator comparing his enemy to the most evil dictatorships in history to do it for him.

The left, anti-war types and Democrats are so deranged at their continuing downward spiral at the ballot box, that they would rather see America destroyed rather than have more Republicans democratically elected. Thankfully the Internet and blogs have exposed these monkeys and their organ grinder, the lying liberal media.

Guantanamo - Enigma Documents an Nazis

Some seem to think the Gitmo documents obtained by the ACLU are the Enigma machine and our troops are Nazis. Speaking of the task of reviewing the 4000 pages of documents, Daniel Terdiman of Wired had this to say.

Of course, this isn't the first time volunteer labor has been used to solve a big problem. During World War II, it took a large number of volunteer analysts to break Germany’s super-secret Enigma cipher machines.

Notice how Terdiman has already made up his mind that there is "a big problem" at Gitmo? And, Kos's Kids are the patriots breaking the secrect code of the Nazis at Gitmo.

Despite no evidence of wrongdoing at Gitmo and a recent poll showing that 70% of Americans feel that the prisoners are being treated "better than they deserve" (36%) or "about right" (34%), that's not good enough for the left, who claim they support our troops.

Here's how the kool aid kids at Kos support our troops, they organize a witch hunt against our troops.

So far, at least 80 people have signed up, each taking responsibility for a specific set of documents and for publicly posting the results of their review. Together, volunteers hope they can make it through the more than 4,000 pages received by the ACLU and root out even the smallest signs of government misconduct which, without this project, they feel might otherwise go undiscovered.

These anti-American leftoids are doing this for us because, wait for it, we're too stupid to do it. That's right, the left with their superior brains, Durbin is the most recent example of their intellect, are going to find "the smallest signs of government misconduct".

While reviewing 4,000 pages might not sound like the kind of undertaking that requires dozens of volunteers, organizers say the documents frequently contain the kind of minutiae that require advanced degrees to understand and which take a great deal of time to peruse.

We are engaged in a world war on terror while these terrorists sympathizers undermine our troops and provide ammunition to the enemy. Folks, it doesn't get any plainer than this.
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