Friday, June 24, 2005

Britain - Muslim Appeasement Growing

There are signs that Muslim appeasement is growing in Britian as Rangers drop Carling beer for their Muslim fans. They want to wear the clubs strip but one without the beer ads.

The religious aspect of some football clubs seems to have escaped their attention.

The move comes after complaints from Muslims whose religion prohibits anything that promotes drinking.

Ok, now let's think about this for a moment. I'm a neo-Nazi football thug, at a Rangers game and I'm on the look out for some Muslims to bash. How can I be sure my victim really is a Muslim and doesn't just look the part? Ah ha! He'll be the one in a Rangers strip without the Carling ad! Hey, you, come here, you little.....

Right, now about those shirts with the gambling logos? That's a big no no.

And will companies that sell pork be allowed to advertise?

Are they going to want seperate stands for boys and girls next?

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