Thursday, June 23, 2005

America - What You Get From Islam

I've heard it said that Islam is the fastest growing religion in America. Americans might want to think about that because this is what you get from Islam.

MADISON HEIGHTS -- The Oakland County Prosecutor's Office on Thursday will attempt to permanently end the parental rights of a Madison Heights couple who police say neglected to seek medical help for their daughter after her older brother allegedly beat her over her relationship with a non-Muslim boy.

The 15-year-old girl, who is a Madison Heights Lamphere High junior, suffered a broken back in the beating, according to court documents. The trial to determine whether parental custody rights should be terminated is set for Thursday before Oakland Circuit Judge Joan Young.

The girl's brother, Ahmad Abdelmomen, 21, is charged with aggravated assault in the April 29 incident at their home in Madison Heights. Abdelmomen is free on bond pending a July 13 preliminary hearing before Madison Heights 43rd District Judge Robert J. Turner.

"She complained of the injury to her parents, but they didn't take her to a doctor because they condoned the punishment her brother gave her," said Robert Zivian, an assistant Oakland County prosecuting attorney assigned to the neglect case.

Did you note her "crime"? She dated a non-Muslim. Now why do you suppose that was such a "crime" that it warranted a beating so bad that it broke her back?

Any of you thinking of joining this religion might want to read the two books on the left sidebar, "Leaving Islam" and "Why I am not a Muslim".

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