Wednesday, June 22, 2005

America - Foleygate Update

Linda Foley has gone to ground hoping her unsubstantiated and slanderous charge that our troops target jounalists, will go away.

Think again Ms. Foley.

But her supporters are covering for her.

Remember Foleygate? Boston journalist Hiawatha Bray, who launched a write-in campaign to unseat Newspaper Guild president Linda Foley over her reckless smears against the U.S. military, sends along this propaganda piece from the Guild attacking Foley's critics.

It's titled "Right-wing attack-dogs savage TNG president for comments on Iraq deaths" and sneers at Fox News, Sinclair Broadcasting, and "[r]ight-wing bloggers with quaint populist names (“Ankle Biting Pundits,” “Tennessee Rant,” “My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy”).

Foley's defenders liken her to the beleaguered Ward Churchill. Yes, just another martyr for the America-bashing cause.

There's more, lots more.

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