Friday, June 24, 2005

Guantanamo - Koran and Beheadings

The media have a feeding frenzy over bogus allegations of Koran desecration by our troops at Guantanamo, ignoring the fact that it was us infidels that gave them their jihadist manual in the first place.

Speaking of manuals, did you know that our troops have a whole manual dedicated to the proper method of handling the Koran?

Recently our troops found manuals of another kind in Iraq, manuals on how to properly behead someone.

All of this prompted OpiniPundit to remark:

We have manuals on how to properly handle the Koran and humanely treat prisoners, paying respect to their cultural sensitivities, they have manuals on how to properly torture and decapitate hostages.

Somehow the irony escapes the media.

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