Thursday, June 30, 2005

Guantanamo - Another Koran Flushing Story

After sparking riots around the world, Newsweek was forced to retract its bogus Koran flushing story. But that doesn't stop The Guardian and AP reporter, JIM HEINTZ, from having another go at it.

Here's the Guardian's headline:

Muslim Cleric: Gitmo Guards Defiled Quran

Now pause for a moment. If you're a Muslim would you read any further? Probably not. A Muslim cleric said it therefore it must be so. Except it's not so.

MOSCOW (AP) - A Muslim cleric formerly held at Guantanamo Bay prison said Tuesday that U.S. guards there regularly desecrated the Quran by putting it into a toilet, although he added he never witnessed it himself.

Now I wonder why the Guardian doesn't report on Mulims desecrating other religions symbols? Like using the Bible as toilet paper, for example.

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