Monday, June 20, 2005

Lebanon - anti-Syrian Group Wins

If officially confirmed, these election results will further increase pressure on other regimes in the region.

The people of Lebanon have voted for change, says the leader of the main opposition anti-Syrian alliance that appears to have won the elections.

The bloc led by Saad Hariri has won a majority in parliament, according to unofficial results from Sunday's polls.

A pro-Syrian leader of the group that challenged Mr Hariri in the final round of voting in northern Lebanon said: "We bow to the will of the people".

True to from the BBC try and downplay the new freedom Lebanon enjoys; just as they did in the Iraqi elections.

It was Lebanon's first election since the Syrian troop withdrawal this year.

True, but isn't it more important to point out that these are the first free and fair elections since Syria invaded Lebanon - over 30 years agao!

The BBC did the same thing with the Iraqi elections, saying they were the first elections since the US invaded Iraq. They couldn't bring themselves to say liberated Iraq. Again, while their statement was true, it is more important to point out that it was Iraq's first free and fair elections in over 50 years.

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