Friday, June 24, 2005

Zimbabwe - Rights Groups Want Action

That's the ticket! The Guardian reports that human rights groups, like Amnesty International are calling for action to be taken against Mugabe's genocide.

And about time too! All right what's it going to be? America, NATO a world coalition, as in Iraq? What are we talking here? Fighters, bombers, tanks, armies and how many?

The rights groups urged the African Union, which is meeting in Libya next month, and the United Nations to act against Zimbabwe - but did not specify how.

Well, you can tell them in the media how pissed off the UN is. Then you can send them a letter telling them that you are now officially pissed off. Then pass a resolution telling them that you are now really, seriously pissed off. If that doesn't work, you can send a delegation and tell them in person, that you are now really, really pissed off. Of course by then millions will have died but hey, it's better than having America come to the rescue - again!


Instapundit has links to some good round ups of information on what's happening in Zimbabwe including video.

GATEWAY PUNDIT has more on genocide in Zimbabwe, with video.

A ZIMBABWE ROUNDUP at Norm Geras' place.


One of the groups called on to take action, the African Union, has already rejected that idea.

And at the risk of saying I told you so,

The United Nations is due to send a special envoy to Zimbabwe to investigate the demolitions.

Be sure and tell Mugabe how pissed off you are.

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