Monday, June 27, 2005

Islam - Reviewed: "Islam Unveiled"

Here is my review of Robert Spencer's book "Islam Unveiled".

Most westerners remained blissfully unaware of the teachings of Islam - until 9/11/2001, I among them. In the immediate aftermath of that catastrophe, there was a rush by some not to blame Muslims for what had happened; bin Laden was a terrorist carrying out yet another, albeit more stunning, attack on America. In his book “Islam Unveiled”, Robert Spencer, using the very words of the Koran and both historical and recent events, demonstrates how this is not only naïve but dangerous.

America was founded on religious freedom and many western countries pride themselves on their religious tolerance. That makes it all the more difficult to criticize Islam, and it does need criticizing, difficult that is, until you realize that religion, the state, and the law are all one and the same in Islam.

What’s worse, the Koran is considered by Muslims to be the actual words of God as revealed to Muhammad and therefore, unchangeable, unchallengeable and no further manmade laws, knowledge or science are needed. In short, the Koran is the final word.

This final word stance by Muslims on the Koran is why reformists and critics are always met with derision, hostility, death threats and even death itself; how can you reform or criticize the perfect word of God?

It is the excuse Muslims use to riot over bogus stories of Koran desecration by the infidels while around the world Muslims blow up mosques and untold Korans in the process.

It is why after so much progress, Muslims turned their backs on science while the west embraced it. Since the Koran is the pure word of God what other knowledge is needed? It is why the west flourished while Islam declined and it is evident in the stark comparisons between third world countries and the west today. Only now are they embarking on desperate attempts to catch the great Satan.

This stance has led Muslim leaders to blame fellow Muslims for all of Islam’s ills. If only they would be good Muslims and follow the Koran to the letter, their misery and suffering at the hands of the great Satan would end and Islam would rule the world once again. In short, radical Islam is the way forward.

This in turn allows them to deny women’s rights. Islam’s record on women’s rights is well known and abysmal. Women are forced to wear the hijab, not allowed to vote or hold office, their word is worth less than a mans, there are so called “honor” killings, stonings, they are not allowed to drive, must be accompanied by a male relative when venturing out, if they claim rape, they have to have four male witness, on and on it goes.

One by one, from religion of peace to religion of tolerance, Spencer explores the myths surrounding Islam and demonstrates why tolerating the current state of affairs and remaining ignorant of Islam, is dangerous.

Europe is being slowly but surely converted. Europe’s aging population coupled with a need for cheap labour have fuelled an influx of Muslim immigrants; immigrants who fail to integrate as the Koran teaches them not to. The new buzzword applied to deal with this situation is multiculturalism; its former name was appeasement. All over Europe women are being forced to wear the hijab, so called “honor” killings are rarely prosecuted, Britain has introduced some Islamic law and in the biggest display of appeasement, Spain changed its government.

If you want to start learning about Islam, “Islam Unveiled” is a good place to start.

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