Thursday, June 16, 2005

Britain - Archbishop Williams Attacks Bloggers

The Times (UK) reports.

THE Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, has criticised the new web-based media for "paranoid fantasy, self-indulgent nonsense and dangerous bigotry". He described the atmosphere on the world wide web as a free-for-all that was "close to that of unpoliced conversation".

What a twit! Dr. Williams needs to read my Case against the BBC and refresh his memory with all the fake stories put out by MSM.

Dr Williams also extended his wide-ranging critique of journalistic practice to the traditional media, arguing that there are "embarrassingly low levels of trust" in the profession and that claims about what is in the public interest need closer scrutiny. He called for a "more realistic, less fevered" approach to stories by journalists and added: "There is a difference between exposing deceptions that sustain injustice and attacking confidentialities or privacies that in some sense protect the vulnerable."

Like John Kerry, Dan Rather, Eason Jordan or Linda Foley perhaps?

He attacked the "high levels of adversarial and suspicious probing" that send the clear message that any kind of concealment means "guilty until proved innocent", and he challenged journalists and broadcasters to attempt to regain lost public confidence.

Well, they can start by not concealing, lying and fabricating stories.

Dr Williams said that the way news is packaged inhibits the public from becoming engaged with issues and understanding them.

Earth to Dr. Williams, that is precisely why blogs exist.

How can Williams be so clueless and yet get this part right.

The way most news is packaged and marketed tends to work against real engagement and deeper public understanding, creating a parallel universe remote from most peopleÂ’s real experience, he said

But then again, he turns right around and blows it.

He recommended a greater willingness to correct mistakes in order to offset "the deep cynicism that is generated by a marked habit of reluctance to apologise or explain". Dr Williams said that it was important not to scapegoat the media and praised the courage of journalists such as Frank Gardner of the BBC who have promoted "moral change and vision".

The BBC are the most corrupt news oganization on the planet!

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