Monday, June 27, 2005

Britain - Protest at Zimbabwean Deportations

While Mugabe is busy torturing, killing and making homeless hundreds of thousands of his own people, the British government is seeking to deport failed Zimbabwean asylum seekers.

While the world is in an uproar, except the African Union, over Mugabe's purges, "Home Office ministers say there is no evidence that people being returned to Zimbabwe are being mistreated".

Why isn't Geldof organizing demonstrations outside Downing Street to try and stop the deportations and outside Zimbabwe's embassy to try and stop the genocide? Instead he's organizing protests to coincide with the G8 summit in an attempt to give more money to the likes of Mugabe. That may not be his intention but that's where the money will end up.

Better Geldof petition the G8 members to take action to stop Mugabe. But you and I know that will never happen and so many more will suffer and die.

It's a romantic notion, but flower power has never equaled real power.

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