Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Iraq - Iraqi Police Defeat Terrorists - Alone

Folks, this is proof positive that the terrorists have lost and the Iraqis have won the war in Iraq. This marks the final turning point in the war. Read on!

Recently I posted about Newsweek's, of all places, claim that the terrorists in Iraq can't win.

July 4 issue - I don't see how Iraq's insurgency can win. It lacks the support of at least 80 percent of the country (Shiites and Kurds), and by all accounts lacks the support of the majority of the Sunni population as well. It has no positive agenda, no charismatic leader, virtually no territory of its own, and no great power suppliers. That's why parallels to Vietnam and Algeria don't make sense. But despite all these obstacles, the insurgents launched 700 attacks against U.S. forces last month, the highest number since the invasion.

And just last week al Qaeda's ledership was being decimated.

Then we have the New York Times reporting on terrorists fighting each other. And the America hating BBC reporting on the American hating Arab press turning on the terrorists in Iraq.

And you know things have turned the corner when CNN reports on good news from Iraq and Koffi Annan does an article in The Washington Post declaring "... much progress has been made in the face of daunting challenges."

All of this has been too much for Kool Aid Kos, who now claims "We have accomplished what we set out to do bring freedom to Iraq and rid the region of the specter of Saddam's terror." Which prompted this from Chrenkoff.

And isn't it nice to hear Kos say all these lovely things? Particularly, after cautioning us last month, "in case anyone is buying the administration's line that we went to war in Iraq over 'freedom' or 'democracy'." Wasn't it all "about needing shiny new barracks in a Middle East nation with a friendly and compliant puppet regime" anyway? Beats me.

Be sure and read my post, complete with photos, on Kool Aid Kos's u-turn on Iraq.

Now from The Guardian, (dare I say it), of all places, comes proof that the Iraqi themselves are now defeating the terrorist - on their own. Don't worry too much, the Guradian tries to spin it into a defeat but this is clearly the first major battle the Iraqis faced the terrorist on their own and won.

Over 100 terrorists used a "...combination of heavy shelling, diversionary feints, infantry thrusts and suicide vehicles - the "precision-guided" equivalent of tanks - left parts of the district of Hi al-Elam a smoking ruin. If the objective was to overrun the station and free its prisoners the offensive failed. The attackers retreated after two hours, leaving dozens dead and captured."

Now the spin.

But if the objective was to send a message of power and determination it succeeded.

Oh yeah, I'm sure the sight of over 100 terrorists getting their buts kicked by the Iraqi police is looked upon as a success for the terrorists by the locals.

The sentries, pinned down by fire from the rooftops, did not respond when they heard the approaching suicide bombers. One vehicle exploded at the main entrance, killing at least four officers but without breaching the compound.

A nearby Iraqi army base was simultaneously targeted by mortars, gunfire and a suicide bomber, trapping the soldiers inside. Gunmen attacked the police station from four sides and came close to overrunning it. From bases in southern Baghdad US and Iraqi ground troops rushed for Baya'a only to confront insurgents at Derwesh Square and on the Doura highway tasked with slowing the relief force. At least three suicide car bombers had been held back for this purpose.

So, pinned down, attacked from four sides with RPGs and car bombs, the Iraqi Army and US forces unable to help, the Iraqi police, on their own, stood their ground and repulsed and attack by over 100 terrorists and "The attackers retreated after two hours, leaving dozens dead and captured".

And folks if you want the final proof that the Iraqis are winning and the terrorist losing, read this:

By 6.30am a police machine-gunner on the roof at Baya'a helped turn the tide, firing volleys which forced attackers to take cover and enabled his comrades to take better positions. Residents of the mixed Shia and Sunni neighbourhood made at least 55 phone calls informing the police of insurgent movements.

Got that? Both Shias and Sunnis called in intelligence against the terrorists.

This marks the turning point in the war and spells the end for Zarqawi. Here you have Iraqi police aided by ordinary Iraqi citizens working together to defeat the terrorists - on their own!

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