Thursday, June 30, 2005

Iraq - Iraqis Tip Off Troops to Explosives

Yet another sign ordinary Iraqis have had it with the terrorists.

KIRKUK AIR BASE, Iraq – Iraqi citizens assisted Coalition forces in finding more than 4,000 pounds of high explosives, near Kirkuk Air Base over the past two days in two separate incidents.

Officials received a tip from a local Iraqi about buried explosives June 29. Explosive Ordnance Disposal Airmen assigned here found a cache of 400 artillery projectiles buried approximately 12 km south of the base.

In response to another tip June 30, EOD recovered an ammunition cache of approximately 270 artillery projectiles approximately 7 km north of the base.

More than 670 potentially dangerous munitions have been destroyed due to the efforts of Iraqi citizens coming forward with this information.


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