Friday, June 24, 2005

Iraq - Terrorist Lose Arab Support

It is truly a sheer joy to wake up these days. Everyday it seems there is more and more bad news for the left and good news for the right. Yesterday I posted a recap of the last 8 months of bad news for the left and today comes more bad news for the left. And the bad news for the left comes from of all places, The BBC.

The BBC reports that the Arab media is becoming increasingly more hostile towards the terrorists in Iraq, even going so far as to call them terrorists. Imagine that.

The militants are no longer referred to as the "resistance" but as gunmen or suicide bombers.

Eyewitnesses are shown denouncing them as "terrorists" - condemnations that are echoed by a parade of Iraqi officials and religious authorities.

One recent attack drew this comment from the al-Jazeera reporter: "Most of the time it's civilians who pay the price for the violence that has cost thousands of their lives".

Oh, don't worry about it. The BBC are quick to point out that it is still the Americans fault - twice.

"...although the blame for the upsurge in violence is still mainly being placed on the Americans."

By whom? The BBC does not tell us.

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