Monday, June 20, 2005

Palestinian Child Abuse

Palestinian Child Abuse continues.

A 15-year-old Palestinian boy was arrested at the Hawara checkpoint near Nablus Sunday.

Soldiers suspected the boy, who was carrying a large box. The checkpoint was closed, Palestinian civilians were distanced and Border Police sappers were called in. A search of the box revealed five pipe bombs hidden in tubes of silicone alongside nails and bolts.

This was the twenty-first incident in the past three months and the thirtieth this year in which youths have been stopped at IDF checkpoints while attempting to smuggle ammunition and weapons to be used for terrorist attacks on civilians.

Once again this proves the Palestinians don't want peace, they just want to kill Israelis.


Oh, they use women as well.

The IDF thwarted a suicide bomb attack Monday morning when soldiers caught a young woman, Wafa Samir Ibrahim Bas, 20, wearing explosives strapped into her underwear at the Erez crossing in the northern Gaza Strip, it was released for publication.

Apparently the young woman took advantage of the fact that she had been issued a permit by Israel allowing her entry into Israeli territory for humanitarian assistance, IDF officials said.

In fact, the Palestinian's have a long history of using the cover of humanitarian aid to launch attacks on Israel.

In this photograph, Palestinians were caught using a UN ambulance to launch attacks on Israel.

Palestinians use ambulance for attacks

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