Sunday, June 19, 2005

Europe - Terrorist Recuritment Drive

In a sign of how successful the US is at eleminating the terrorists in Iraq, the terrorists have had to go on a recuritment drive.

As you read the Guardian article, notice how they try and blame the war in Iraq for the rise in the number of terrorists. But if that were the case, why the need for a recruitment? Wouldn't the jihadists simply flock to Syria and sign up?

Islamic militant networks are on a recruiting drive across Europe for potential suicide bombers in Iraq, according to US and European police and security sources.

The claim comes amid evidence that the high number of recent attacks is forcing terrorist leaders into a drive for new volunteers. [In other words, the US is capturing or killing too many jihadists]

Analysis of recent patterns of activity, based on tracing the identities of suicide bombers killed in Iraq, indicates that Europe is experiencing the sharpest growth in the recruitment of suicide bombers in comparison with North Africa, the Middle East and Asia, although those areas still supply the largest numbers of jihadis.

Well golly gee, I guess that puts an end to the media's claim that the terrorists in Iraq are Iraqis who oppose the US liberation of Iraq, doesn't it?

Evidence of the rise in recruitment in Europe has emerged as concern grows that sympathy for the conflict is spreading to mainstream Islamic communities that have thus far rejected violence. There are fears of an 'Afghanistan effect' in a new generation of young men, inspiring them to fight the Americans in Iraq in the same way that a previous generation flocked to fight the Russians.

So the terrorists are moderate Muslims now?

If the previous generation flocked to fight the Russians in Afghanistan why didn't they flock there to fight the Americans? Again, if sympathy is spreading to mainstream Muslims and they "flocked" to fight the Russians before, why the need for a recruitment drive? Seems these terrorists are more being driven than flocking.

And remember how the BBC told us all to get a good cuppa, go to bed and not worry about world wide terrorism? In fact Aunty told us, in "The Power of Nightmares", that this was all just a myth.

However, another media myth does bite the dust. The media are always harping on what they claim is the root causes of terrorism - poverty. We are constantly told that these terrorists are poor and uneducated; the result of capitalism robbing them of their livlihood and way of life. But as you will see, that just isn't so.

A typical volunteer is a well-educated, upwardly mobile man in his mid-to-late twenties - European volunteers are on average aged 25 - from a middle-class background and a stable family, and without a strong religious upbringing. Many spoke several languages and were technologically literate. Almost two-thirds - including Europeans - were married.

So why do they do it?

The most common route to joining the jihad is through groups of friends - often experiencing similar feelings of isolation. There is a suggestion that several volunteers from central Europe appear to have have been brought up as Christians.

They're lonely? Notice how the Guardian is trying hard to steer you away from the fact that these terrorists are Muslim jihadists? By saying that these terrorists were brought up "without a strong religious upbringing", their just feeling isolated and some "appear" (were they wearing crosses or something?) to have been brought up as Christians, the Guardian totally ignores the fact that these terrorists are being recruited by using the Koran. Iraq is merely the excuse of the day.

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