Sunday, June 26, 2005

Israel - Media Fabrication for Palestinians

The Jerulasem Post catches the Globe and Mail fabricating a story schilling for the Palestinians.

According to Globe and Mail reporter Carolyn Wheeler, the meeting took place in "Mr. Sharon's flag-draped residence in the Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem's Old City," on "disputed home turf." [...]

Wheeler then waxed for two paragraphs about the alleged site of the meeting: "Mr. Sharon's purchase of the stately Old City stone home in 1987, and the subsequent removal of its Arab tenants, created great controversy at the time. The building is now rarely used, but it is still under heavy guard and remains a stinging symbol for Palestinians struggling to hold onto Arab neighborhoods in East Jerusalem."

There's just one problem.

In fact, the meeting was held at the prime minister's residence in the Rehavia neighborhood of the capital, where there is no dispute over sovereignty.

Now how do you suppose she could make such a mistake?

After outraged readers pointed out the error, the Globe and Mail issued a correction.

"Obviously, it's a very embarrassing error," said Guy Nicholson, the newspaper's interim foreign editor. "We asked her for some background about where the story location was. Unfortunately, she was not actually at the scene of it. She wrote it off of television and wires."

Just the other day I posted this piece about a French journalist reporting from Iraq.

French journalist Anne-Sophie Le Mauff is not impressed by orders that she leave Iraq and return to Paris: “I don’t understand this decision. I do my job, I’m careful, I don’t leave my hotel.”

See here for a long list of media fakes.

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