Wednesday, June 22, 2005

America - Polls Support Bush

The left are all a twitter over the latest Gallup polls. They claim it vindacates the left. But does it?

74% of people have some worry about being a victim of terrorism.

Very Worried 8
Somewhat Worried 30
Not too Worried 36

Most posts from the left that I've seen leave off the not too worried group. Not too worried means they are worried but not just "somewhat worried". In other words, it's in the back of their minds and not out of their thoughts.

How are Americans satisfied over the war on terror? 52% are satisfied.

How much confidence do Americans have in Bush to protect us? 61%

Does America think we should close Gitmo? 58% No

These are pretty strong figures. When you read these first, they put the first question into perspective.

Do you approve of the way George Bush is handling his job as President? 51% Disapprove.

Since 52% are satisfied with the war on terror, 61% are confident that Bush will protect us and 58% don't want to close Gitmo, the 51% job disapproval rating indicates that the American public think Bush is not going far enough and fast enough.

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