Thursday, June 23, 2005

Guantanamo - Enigma Documents an Nazis

Some seem to think the Gitmo documents obtained by the ACLU are the Enigma machine and our troops are Nazis. Speaking of the task of reviewing the 4000 pages of documents, Daniel Terdiman of Wired had this to say.

Of course, this isn't the first time volunteer labor has been used to solve a big problem. During World War II, it took a large number of volunteer analysts to break Germany’s super-secret Enigma cipher machines.

Notice how Terdiman has already made up his mind that there is "a big problem" at Gitmo? And, Kos's Kids are the patriots breaking the secrect code of the Nazis at Gitmo.

Despite no evidence of wrongdoing at Gitmo and a recent poll showing that 70% of Americans feel that the prisoners are being treated "better than they deserve" (36%) or "about right" (34%), that's not good enough for the left, who claim they support our troops.

Here's how the kool aid kids at Kos support our troops, they organize a witch hunt against our troops.

So far, at least 80 people have signed up, each taking responsibility for a specific set of documents and for publicly posting the results of their review. Together, volunteers hope they can make it through the more than 4,000 pages received by the ACLU and root out even the smallest signs of government misconduct which, without this project, they feel might otherwise go undiscovered.

These anti-American leftoids are doing this for us because, wait for it, we're too stupid to do it. That's right, the left with their superior brains, Durbin is the most recent example of their intellect, are going to find "the smallest signs of government misconduct".

While reviewing 4,000 pages might not sound like the kind of undertaking that requires dozens of volunteers, organizers say the documents frequently contain the kind of minutiae that require advanced degrees to understand and which take a great deal of time to peruse.

We are engaged in a world war on terror while these terrorists sympathizers undermine our troops and provide ammunition to the enemy. Folks, it doesn't get any plainer than this.

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