Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Iraq - Kool Aid Kos: "We" brought freedom to Iraq

You have to laugh at the left. No, you really do; most of the electorate did in the last round of elections. As President Bush's vision spreads democracy around the world, the left's attacks on his policies get nuttier and nuttier. Now they want to take credit for Bush's policies.

In the vein of Mr. Nuance's, "I voted for it before I voted against it", Chrenkoff gives us this from the Kool Aid drinking Kos.

Now that we've liberated Iraqi, through war, Kos wants to turn the left's anti-war stance into a victory parade.

Democrats must ride that wave [of growing anti-war sentiment] into 2006, and can do so in ways where they don't sound like hippy retreads.

Ooops! Too late! Kos's "screw them" rants already sound like "hippy retreds".

Now, before you read this next bit, remember the left's charge is that the Iraq war was about oil and American imperialism and had nothing to do with bringing democracy to Iraq. And no matter what our intentions were, the left are unanimous that we have failed to bring democracy to Iraq, the elections were a sham which resulted in a puppet government and the place is a Vietnam quagmire. All of which makes Kool Aid Kos's statements the more bizarre. Follow Chrenkoff's link to the "Amazing Kool Aid Kos" and read it for yourselves.

Promoting a withdrawal - We have a lot to be proud of over the past three years. We have freed the Iraqi people from a brutal dictator and given them their first taste of freedom. Iraq held successful presidential elections earlier this year, and the nation is now run by a democratic-elected government.

We have accomplished what we set out to do -- bring freedom to Iraq and rid the region of the specter of Saddam's terror.

But now it is time to let the Iraqis take charge of their own lives. The future belongs to a free democratic Iraq, but it is a future they must fight for themselves.

What's this we shit Kos?!? If it were up to you dictator loving, flower power, "not in my name", "we support the troops when they kill their officers", "screw them" asshats, Saddam would still be in power and those Iraqis now enjoying "their first taste of freedom", would be in mass graves.

Now that Bush's policies are seen as successful in bringing democracy, not just to Iraq, but the wider Middle East and beyond, Kool Aid Kos wants on the bandwagon.

And Chrenkoff notes this:

And isn't it nice to hear Kos say all these lovely things? Particularly, after cautioning us last month, "in case anyone is buying the administration's line that we went to war in Iraq over 'freedom' or 'democracy'." Wasn't it all "about needing shiny new barracks in a Middle East nation with a friendly and compliant puppet regime" anyway? Beats me.

There you have it folks, in Kool Aid Kos's own words. Thank you Kos for reminding us just how successful we have been in Iraq. And now, here are some visual reminders of how the Kool Aid Kid Kos "We" wanted to free "the Iraqi people from a brutal dictator and given them their first taste of freedom".

regime changeshoot_their_officersChe Guevera


Ooops again! Looks Kool Aid Kos is on the wrong side of history - as usual. While he and his Kool Aid gang want to withdraw from Iraq, "...only one in eight Americans currently favors an immediate pullout of U.S. forces while a solid majority continues to agree with Bush that the United States must remain in Iraq until civil order is restored..."

Everytime the left opens its mouth, Rove smiles - and so do I.

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