Saturday, June 18, 2005

Britain - Media Incorporating Bloggers

This is the way it should be, main stream media embracing bloggers and incorporating their input into stories of national importance.

Tim Worstall and others have their input noted in this Telegraph (UK) article about Britains National Identity Register Database.

You can say, "If you've got nothing to hide, you'd got nothing to fear." But there is a bunch of people who fear the National Identity Register Database mightily, and for good reason. They're bloggers. Bloggers understand what databases are, they understand information technology and if they're not tech-head geeks themselves, they know people who are. British bloggers are going crazy about the database.

One blogsite,, is trying to get three million refuseniks to sign up to resist registering. Another,, has done a mass of work unpicking ways in which the Government can use "foreign keys" (no, I don't know what these are) to unlock your medical records. (They don't quite say they'll never do this.) Tim Worstall, who runs a BritBlog Roundup every week (which means he spends hours looking at websites), has "not yet come across one that is actually putting the case for the scheme. Would anyone want to point me to a UK blog that tries to do so?" Nobody has so far. Resist this, readers. Let freedom ring.

This is the way main stream media should embrace and not fear bloggers.

Evidently Vicki Woods, the author of the Telegraph piece isn't tech savvy enough to use hyperlinks for the blogs. But Tim put them up on his blog.

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