Thursday, June 16, 2005

Pakistan - Al-Qaeda 'on the run'

That's according to Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf.

I don't know why the BBC reports on this because, according to the BBC in their "Power of Nightmares", world wide terrorism is a myth.

I think Musharraf just wants to be seen to be doing something. And he's wrong about the causes of world terrorism.

"We also believe that, along with action to eliminate and dismantle terrorist cells, there is need to address the root causes that lie in political disputes and deprivation and poverty that breed extremism," he said.

The Pakistani president said that a "solution of the Palestinian dispute and also the Kashmir issue" would help in countering al-Qaeda and resolving regional conflicts.

Research has shown that the leaders of world terrorism come from wealthy and well educated families. Bin Laden is a millionaire.

The Palestinian issue is a red herring. World terrorism would still exist even if Israel didn't.

The root cause of world terrorism is Islam's desire to rule the world.

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