Sunday, June 19, 2005

Iraq - Captives Tell of Torture House

All the lefties, anti-war types and the Democrats should be made to to read this so they can tell the difference between real torture and the discomfort the Gitmo prisoners are given.

When marines burst in, one of the captives was lying under a stairwell, badly beaten. At first, they thought he was dead.

The others were emaciated and battered. Mr. Fathil had fared the best. The other three were taken by medical helicopter to Balad, a base near Baghdad with a hospital.

But he still had been hurt badly. Marks from beatings criss-crossed his back, and deep pocks, apparently from electric shock burns, were gouged in his skin.

The shocks, he said, felt "like my soul is being ripped out of my body." But when he would start to scream, and his body would pull up from the shock, they would begin to beat him, he said.

And dimwit Durbin calls our guys Nazis.

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