Thursday, June 16, 2005

Britain - BBC Covers Up for Annan

Here is a copy of an email I sent to the BBC's feedback webpage and sent directly to Sarah Brown of the BBC.


Here is a copy of an email I left on the BBCs feedback webpage:

I am emailing you directly because, despite repeated emails to the BBC over this issue, the BBC continues to spread this lie on their website.

Is it the BBC’s policy to intentionally deceive the public on this issue?

Can you explain why the BBC continues to cover up for Koffi Annan?

Do I need to take this matter to the relevant bodies in order to force the BBC into telling the truth?

In addition to being a member of the public who is entitled to the truth, I also pay the television tax – your salary. As your employer, I am entitled to and I demand better service than this.

Here is the post I left on the BBC feedback site.

Why does the BBC continue to lie about Koffi Annan's involvement in the UN oil for food scandal?

In the referenced article you state:

"A UN team looking into the former UN Iraq oil-for-food programme cleared Mr Annan of any wrongdoing in March. "

That is an outright lie, not a mistake, a lie. I say that because I have emailed you before on this issue.

Volcker, who heads the UN investigation, has said publicly, on the record, that he did not clear Annan of wrongdoing.

"Asked point-blank whether Mr. Annan had been cleared of wrongdoing in the $10 billion scandal, Mr. Volcker replied, "No."

And the lead investigators in the case also say they did not clear Annan.

""We did not exonerate Kofi Annan," Swiss organized crime expert Mark Pieth, one of Volcker's three investigators, told The Associated Press."

You also repeat this lie here:

Volcker has said categorically that he did not clear Annan of wrongdoing. So why do you persist in lying to the world?

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