Sunday, June 19, 2005

Zimbabwe - Mugabe's Genocide

Where is the outcry from the Left over this.

It is a wasteland. Street after street razed in a scene that looks like a natural disaster. The hundreds of thousands who have been left homeless are calling it Zimbabwe's tsunami. But man, not nature, is to blame for the destruction enveloping this country.

The full force of Robert Mugabe's state is destroying homes and lives in what it calls Operation Restore Order. But all that can be seen is chaos and trauma. There is no compassion, only carefully executed brutality.

At Hatcliffe orphanage, run by Dominican sisters, the nuns, workers and 180 orphans were given a day to get out before the bulldozers arrived.
Many of the children had lost their parents to Aids. Now, thanks to what the regime justifies as a crackdown on illegal settlements and traders, they have lost the roof over their heads and have nowhere to go.

Why doesn't Geldof take his protest march to Zimbabwe's embassy and protest against Mugabe?

What is the Left's patron saint, the UN, doing?

The Left are too busy calling US troops Nazis and Gitmo a Soviet Gulag, to be bothered by a little real torture and genocide.

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