Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Iraq - UN Scandal Widens - Again!

Despite the UN's stonewalling, Vocker's cover up and the democrats attempts to enable the continuing UN corruption by blocking Bolton's nomination, Claudia Rosett, continues to expose the corruption at the UN.

This time she investigates charges of nepotism against one of Volcker's key witnesses.

The UN assures us that they are looking into the charges "as a matter of urgency."

Now where have I heard that before? Oh, yeah, that was back when those two Cotecna emails showed up proving Koffi Annan lied about having direct contacts with the company. Emails that detail a meeting he had with the company and which he says he has no recollection of. Just like he had no recollection of meeting with them twice before, until the evidence proved otherwise.

Isn't the information age great? Despite Annan's right hand man destroying 3 years worth of UN oil for food documents, the day Volcker's investigation was announced, investigators can still find tons of evidence against Annan and the UN.

The UN may not be investigating "as a matter of urgency", but thankfully, people like Rosett sure as hell are.

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