Saturday, June 25, 2005

Islam - Peace and Tolerance?

As you read this, remember, there is no such thing as "honor killings". They are murder, there is nothing honorable about them and to use the phrase implies the murderer is really the victim.

Second Islamic murder in a week.

Her brother turned himself in to the police on Thursday "claiming that he killed his sister because she was involved in immoral relationships," one official told the newspaper.

It was the second such killing in a week.

At least 19 women lost their lives in "honour killings" in the conservative Muslim kingdom last year, according to the Jordan Times.

Notice how it's always women?

Muslim boy murders his mother.

She certainly wasn't expecting the 14-year-old to pull out a gun as she moved to embrace him."You've disgraced the family," he said, and shot her five times in the head and chest.

Some people claim that Islam does not condone such murders. Mind telling me where these people get the idea from then? How else can a 14 year old get indoctrinated to such a degree as to kill his own mother? Or a brother his sister?

Buddhist couple beheaded.

Man beheaded in teashop.

It was the fifth beheading in just over two weeks, and is thought to be the first carried out so publicly.

Girls school set on fire.

There has been a spate of attacks on girls' schools across Afghanistan since U.S.-led forces ousted the Taliban in 2001. The former regime prohibited girls from attending school as part of its widely criticized drive to establish what it considered a "pure" Islamic state.


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