Sunday, June 19, 2005

Britain - Cleric Calls for Storming US Embassy

The mad mullah of Tottenham has called for the killing of the infidels, you and I, and the storming of the US Embassy.

Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammad called the Tottenham mullah, despite watch on him by anti-terror units, has reportedly again called on Muslims to kill the non-believers. He is said to have appeared on an Islamic website urging supporters to rise up and support a holy war.

Bakri was shown in front of a cheering crowd, demanding supporters seek out non- Muslims-Kafirs-and kill them. He also, according to a media report, appeared to suggest the US embassy should be stormed. He was quoted saying, " We're going to incite people to do jihad, incite people to hate the new pharaoh (President Bush). Why not do more? Maybe take over the Embassy."

And what is PC Plod doing about it?

Bakri, a former asylum seeker who lives with his family of eight, is already under investigation by Scotland Yard for similar speeches.

Nothing, because Britain is on the Muslim appeasement road. In fact, Britain is so far down that road that they want to enact laws making it a crime to criticize Islam.

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