Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Iraq - Terrorists Fighting Each Other

Uh 0, looks like the left are losing another war.

On Sunday I posted about terrorist factions fighting one another. Now from, can you believe it, the lefts standard bearer, The New York Times, comes more reports of terrorists fighting one another.

Marines patrolling this desert region near the Syrian border have for months been seeing a strange new trend in the already complex Iraqi insurgency. Insurgents, they say, have been fighting each other in towns along the Euphrates from Husayba, on the border, to Qaim, farther west. The observations offer a new clue in the hidden world of the insurgency and suggest that there may have been, as American commanders suggest, a split between Islamic militants and local rebels.

A United Nations official who served in Iraq last year and who consulted widely with militant groups said in a telephone interview that there has been a split for some time.

And there are signs some of the terrorists want to lay down their arms.

The nationalist insurgent groups, "are giving a lot of signals implying that there should be a settlement with the Americans," while the Jihadists have a purely ideological agenda, he added.

Even the Sunni's are now joining the new government. There goes the left's hope for a civil war.

The local population have seen the tide turn are now turning in the terrorists. There goes the left's hope for a grass roots uprising.

In another devastating blow to the left's campaign to stop democracy in Iraq, their hero, Koffi Annan, now admits that progress is being made in Iraq.

All of which explains why the Americans are being so welcomed by the Iraqis.

O dear, the left are going to be devastated; their on the wrong side of history - again!


Winds of Change has lots more with links.

With the terrorists now fighting each other, the Sunnis joining the government, local Iraqis turning in the terrorists, Iraqi security forces growing in numbers and if Syria really is cracking down on the border, we may be seeing the beginning of the end for the terrorists.


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