Monday, July 30, 2007

Iraq - BBC shills for terrorists


"Clashes between Shia militiamen and a joint US-Iraqi force have left nine people dead in an Iraqi holy city. ...

Several civilians were reported to have been killed in the clashes, which saw helicopters called in to support the US troops. ...

The US military, which usually stays out of Karbala, has not commented on the incident. "

Nine people killed - terrorists or civilians? "Several civilians were reported to have been killed" - reported by whom? US Military has not commented - See here.

From the US report we learn:

"As the team defended itself with well-aimed fire, killing five insurgents, rogue JAM militants fired on a helicopter assisting the team in the operation. U.S. Special Forces called in precision aerial fires that resulted in approximately a dozen insurgents killed.

No Iraqi civilians were present in the area while the strike was performed. "

Just add it to the list. Man, that training al Jazeera gave the BBC is sure paying off - for the terrorists.

via Biased BBC

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