Monday, July 30, 2007

Academics oppose Israel boycott

A defeat for the jihadists. It's important to remember where this idea started.

"Thousands of academics from around the world have condemned plans for a UK boycott of Israeli institutions over its treatment of the Palestinians.

More than 10,000 academics have signed a declaration saying they would not join any project which barred Israelis."

Seeing this great defeat for the jihadists, the BBC comes to the defense.

"The UK's University and College Union voted in May to debate a boycott, and suspects this has been misunderstood."

Oh, there's no misunderstanding here as the BBC would have you believe. The fact that UCU even wants to debate the issue is bad enough but that's not what the UCU is talking about. The UCU is talking about debating how to bring about the boycott. This from their own website.

"That interim report accepted by the union this afternoon says: 'The commission believes, after careful consideration, and noting that we are not capable of policing the academic world in a pro-active way, that triggers for actions leading to greylisting and boycott can only result from a request from a legitimate organisation within the state, or within the occupied territory or institution in question. Legitimate organisations would include a trade union movement, a recognised higher education union or other representative organisation. Exceptionally, a decision to impose greylisting or boycotting might be taken following consultation with Education International in circumstances where legitimate organisations cannot be lawfully established within the state or institutions in question, or in circumstances where institutions or branches of institutions, are established in territories under unlawful occupation as defined by UN resolutions."

Things like this and not British foreign policy are what's behind British homegrown terrorists.

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