Thursday, July 26, 2007

UK - Students who descended into jihadism

Of course Dominic Casciani toes the BBC line and calls them extremists.

There are some revealing bits of information in this story. One of the men left a note for his parents which said, in part: ""PPS if you want to keep my letter then cut from the dotted line, as these people (of UK) use everything against you."

Sounds like despite having been born and raised here in the UK, he had not integrated into UK society.

Then there's this: "When Raja decided he wanted to move beyond being sympathetic to jihadism,"Brother" Ali in New Jersey had pointed him in the direction of the Bradford four. They were planning to go to Pakistan to train to fight in Afghanistan, he was to learn. "

Here again, we see that jihadism is not, as Muslim leaders and jihad sympathizers would have you believe, an internal, personal struggle.

Then there's this bombshell:

"Back home questions were being asked about how Irfan Raja had got involved in this ideology. Irfan, the court heard, had been depressed and lonely.

The family were not the source of the ideology: Irfan's grandfather had proudly served in the British India police force. His medal, pinned personally on his chest by Lord Mountbatten in 1944, is a family heirloom. "

There's your key to the war on terror. The big question is, what is the source of the jihad idology? It comes from the Saudi funded Wahabbis.

This is something we see repeated time and again. "The five had all spent hours online in their respective bedrooms, or at college, talking to other radicalised youngsters in areas of the internet completely unbeknown to their parents."

How many jihadists have our universities already churned out? How many jihadists went into the media, Armed forces, government and security services or became university professors themselves? A quick study of the BBC shows they've been heavily infiltrated. The Guardian hired a jihadist sympathizer to write an article sympathetic to the 7/7 Muslim terrorists.

And what of this man? "Their key contact was another British man called Imran. In one online chat, Imran explained how they could come to his home in Pakistan's North West Frontier Province unnoticed. He also advised them on how to shake off any surveillance."

Who and where is he?

Most great countries are not defeated head on from outside but are brought down from inside. Britain and America, indeed many western countries, have been heavily infiltrated by jihadists; largely funded by the Saudi Wahabbis.

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