Friday, June 23, 2006

UK Muslim to Hold Conference on 7/7 Anniversary

Muslims in the UK and via video conference from Lebanon, are planning to hold a seminar and conference to, as they put it:

Anjam Choudry, a British lawyer and the secretary-general of the fundamentalist al Ghurabba movement, said the conference would discuss ways to prevent a repetition of the attacks and the reasons behind them.

This is the same Choudry who wants Britain to become an Islamic state.

And look who's organizing the seminar.

Al Ghurabba, led by the controversial preacher Omar Bakri Mohammed, organizes the conference. He left London after the attacks to Beirut and has been forbidden from returning to Britain.

Interesting they don't tell you why he's banned from Britain. Bakri has openly declared war on Britain and called for Muslims to rise up and turn Britain into an Islamic state. Here's the search results for my blog on him.

Look who else is scheduled to speak at this seminar designed to look for "ways to prevent a repetition of the attacks".

Abu Izzadin, an Islamist activist and member of al Ghurabba, is scheduled to speak at the conference. He is a regular attendee of fundamentalist conferences and meetings and is one of Bakri’s most prominent students. He blames Britain’s involvement in the Iraq war for last year’s attacks.

Izzadeen (or Izzadin) you may remember refused, on camera, to condemn the terror attack on 7/7. He had this to say.

Abu Izzadeen, a spokesman for al-Ghurabaa, has refused to condemn the July 7 bombs and said on the BBC Two programme Newsnight that it was “Mujahidin activity” that would make people “wake up and smell the coffee”.

And this should raise a few eyebrows.

Audio and video films will be shown at the conference and books on al Ghurabba will also be on sale, according to organizers. Representatives from the Shariaa courts and the Muslim lawyers’ union are expected to attend the conference.

There are Sharia courts in Britain??

These groups don't hide their admiration of bin Laden either.

And they attack gays.

In the wake of the Danish embassy demonstrations, al-Ghurabaa's website was offering a series of articles and essays, some harmless, others bizarre, and a few which will be seen as offensive.

One, entitled A Nation Built Upon Lies, declares that the "widespread" dishonesty of western society can be traced to children's stories about tooth fairies and Santa Claus, and to the failure to teach creationism in schools.

Another, headlined the Lion Roars Again, hails Osama bin Laden as a man of "honour and dignity", whose roar causes the US to "shiver with fear and panic".

An essay about the cartoons was entitled Kill Those Who Insult Muhammad. Others were entitled There is No Room for Homosexuality in Islam, Homosexual Today Paedophile Tomorrow, and Homosexuality: A Crime.

Contine reading more of the Guardian for what their undercover reporter found.

This seminar isn't about finding "ways to prevent a repetition of the attacks". This seminar is about planning more such attacks. For Muslims to organize the event on the anniversary of the Muslim terror attack on London, is not only an outrage, it shows just how enbolden they are.

Now do you see why it's called Londonistan?

The Police should put a stop to this.

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